Truth Action Ottawa - 9/11 Truth Action - July 11, 2009

Truth Action Ottawa went to the main gate of Bluesfest with 1000 discs and interfaced with thousands of people in the pouring rain on July 11, 2009. This was's 30th International Day of Action, Amer's 1 year anniversary with TAO, and Henri-Pierre's birthday, so we had a lot to celebrate despite the rain. We spent four hours out there and had a lot of fun. We can see the mass awakening happening on the front lines; people were eager to get a DVD and learn the truth.

Music by Jimmy Vaughan. Visit us at

That's how it's done.

For anyone questioning how to go about handing out DVD's in a public square.

Great work everyone up in Ottawa.

Something we noticed...

when a group of people approached, if we offered a DVD to the first person and they refused then the rest of the group would refuse (herd mentality of course) and if the first person took one most of the others would take one as well.

So when sizing up an upcoming group try to read them and give the first DVD to someone who looks like they will take one.

Of course when you are in an area where there are thousands and thousands of people walking by it doesn't make too much difference because well... we still managed to get rid of over 1000 DVD's.

It was just a little observation we had made, and it might help with other such events

Noticed that too

noticed that too, I found if we greeted folks with a smile and a soft hello , if that person took our hand-out others behind would too...weird stuff!

What is on the DVD's you're passing out?

Just curious, and do you have contact information on everything you hand out?

Keep up the great work!

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

We have I think 4 different DVD's at this point

Yes we have our groups website on our DVD's.

We have 4 different DVD's at this point (well 5 if you include the french version DVD we also have some months, when we remember to bring copies)

Let's see if I can recall what's on them...

Disc one
- 9/11 Press For Truth
- What Really Happened (William Rodriguez)
- The Myth and the Reality (David Ray Griffin)
- 9/11 Mysteries
- Terrorstorm
- The Third Stage

Disc two
- Loose Change Final Cut
- 9/11 Revisited
- Martial Law 9/11: Rise of the Police State
- Blueprint for Truth (
- 9/11 Justice

Disc three
- Respond (7 min first responder promo/support)
- 9/11 Press for Truth
- Fabled Enemies
- Truth Rising
- Zero

Disc four
- Respond (7 min first responder promo/support)
- David Long Interview (local resident who was an eyewitness at the twin towers)
- Richard Gage on Fox (the 7-8 minute interview he recently know the one "Your getting it!!")
- Press for Truth

French Disc
- 9/11 Mysteries: Part 1 Demolitions (French Subtitles)
- 9/11 Press for Truth (French Subtitles)
- The Myth and the Reality (David Ray Griffin) (French Subtitles)
- The Third Stage (French Subtitles)

We used to switch back and forth from month to month with Discs 1 and 2, then last fall we made Disc 3 and the French version disc.

But the new disc we just made we decided to go for something a little different. We decided to go with shorter and more meaningful clips like the Gage interview and our local eyewitness interview and add at least one full length documentary.

For me personally I think I would like to make one similar to our 4th version we just made, with more of those interviews like the Gage interview and add a Niels Harrit interview (there are a few good ones out there) and some others if I can think of them and add them, plus I would add as a full length documentary "Wake Up Call", I like Press for Truth and all but maybe have one disc without it :}

It was a great day

and we had fun there, though I personally think last years Bluesfest Truth Action was more fun simply because we were in the hot sun all day long and always had 400-500 people around us at all times, whereas this year with the rain it was slower going.

However it was a great success, even saying it was slower than last year you can still see that there were a lot of people there.

It's too bad I spent a few hours tiring myself out there because later that night Loreena Mckennitt was going to be playing and I'm a big fan of hers

Sweet! OTTAWA!

Let it rain or let it sunshine the people , There ain't nothing that can stop the truth behind 9/11!

The Day After July 11Th. 2009

People Get It!