Famous French Comic Bigard To Address Obama About 9/11

You may recall a previous article about the famous French Comic Jean-Marie Bigard published here on 911blogger in October 2008. Jean-Marie Bigard was fiercely criticized for publicly claiming that the 9/11 terrorist attacks were an "enormous lie". Since then he has become persona non grata in the media because of his “deviant thinking”.

However, Bigard isn’t letting all of this get him down: “Opening my big mouth cost me a lot. But I think what has cost me even more was keeping my big mouth shut. So now I’ve decided never to shut my big mouth again”, Bigard said recently.

Jean-Marie Bigard has decided to return to the subject of 9/11 with a series of weekly video clips published every Friday on his own account at the video sharing website DailyMotion.

Below are the first two episodes with English subtitles:

The Magical Passports (Episode 1)

The U.S. Jet Fighters (Episode 2)

Enjoy and stay tuned for the forthcoming episode to be published this coming Friday, July 17th on Bigard’s DailyMotion account. Bigard will address Obama directly in that new episode.

Also, please support by viewing, voting and buzzing Bigard’s videos on DailyMotion.

Bigard’s videos can also be found on his YouTube account.

The Association ReOpen911 France is a voluntary citizen initiative, independent from all political, philosophical and religious movements.

Enorme merci, Monsieur Bigard!

What a great idea! Bravo!!

We need the scientists and the architects and the researchers and the authors and the firemen and the pilots and all the other brave and competent individuals who are doing their best to open the world's eyes to what happened on September 11, 2001. And we need the comedians. Your clips are the perfect complement to the ever-growing body of work which is making a difference. Together we will triumph in the name of truth. Thanks for making the courageous choice to "ne plus fermer votre grande gueule" (never to shut your big mouth again).

I Agree Wholeheartedly

I couldn't agree more with you milongal.

Bigard is to be applauded for his most courageous comeback. Humour is a great tool for spreading 911 Truth and I can't wait for his video this Friday when he'll be addressing Obama directly!

The Association ReOpen911 France is a voluntary citizen initiative, independent from all political, philosophical and religious movements.

This shows courage.

I think this is his YouTube channel. (not verified)

Correct YouTube Account

Yes this is the official Jean-Marie Bigard YouTube Account.

The link has now been added. It got lost for some reason.

The overreaction

of the French government and the French establishment in general to alternative 9-11 theories makes one wonder whether that country played some role in the events. Or perhaps they were taken to task by the Americans when the first major book about the subject appeared within a year of the events.

France has real Muslim population

problems, maybe that is a reason for their refusal to believe. I know when I visited Italy recently, many people where happy we were at war. & had the same anti-muslim immigration stance. i also witnessed this first hand in the UK & Denmark in 2001, before 9.11

I personally think that is why many Countries either assisted in 9.11 or were willing co-conspirators.

Maybe, maybe not

'...makes one wonder whether that country played some role in the events.'

Personally, I'm not inclined to read that much into incidents like this. Remember the flak caught by that Japanese schoolteacher for teaching alternative views of 9/11? Does that mean the Japanese were involved in 9/11?

Yes, it could partly be the anti-Muslim sentiment that has already been noted; but I think it could also just be the result of a kind of anxiety not to have one's country get too much of an 'anti-American' reputation, lest it quickly find itself ostracized in international affairs. Remember the immediate aftermath of 9/11, when Chirac (I think it was he anyway) said, 'We are all Americans now'? And then Bush warned the UN members, 'not to tolerate outrageous conspiracy theories' about 9/11? Just as at home, so abroad it apparently hasn't been so easy to shift from one understanding of those events to another one that is so totally divergent from it.

But, if you're interested, I do recall once coming across an article--actually written back in 2003, by one Chaim Kupferberg for Global Research--which does take the view that participants in the 9/11 plot did include continental European intelligence services (in fact, he thought these may have been even more involved than Israeli, or Saudi, or Pakistani intelligence).

You can find that article here:


It's a pretty involved piece as I remember, but interesting. Yes, it's worth considering I suppose. Moussaoui was known to French intelligence; then you have the German and Swiss connections to Atta and the Venice flying circus.



Usually like CD, but passport story solid.

This is very solid evidence and easy for newcomers to understand. Bravo Bigard!

Left him a thank you message

Left him a thank you message in my best French.




Bigard is a great and courageous guy for letting it all hang out. My hat is off to him. What kills me is that so many people know that 9/11 was an inside job yet nothing of importance is done about it. Lets face it, the future of this planet hangs in the balance. The truth about 9/11 could turn the tide and change this planet into a peaceful paradise.

Laughing at 9/11 with Jean-Marie Bigard

Another good article over at World911Truth.org :

Laughing at 9/11 with Jean-Marie Bigard

"Comedians for 9/11 Truth" would build our ranks!!

Because looking in the direction of 9/11 can be morbid, like going to a funeral... "Comedians for 9/11 Truth" can open the door for many.


We need Dave Chappelle too. He would be a great asset for Truth. Always hoping.

Time to jump in...the water's finally warming up!!

If only Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert would stop dipping their big toes in the pool of truth and jump right on in, things would really get moving! I can only suppose that having their paychecks issued by Viacom has something to do with how they choose to handle the subject. Not to mention the behind-the-scenes negotiations that must have taken place prior to Colbert's arrival at the base in Iraq for a week of on-location shows.