The Northern Virginia Daily July 14, 2009
Regarding Karen Hill’s July 10 letter;
The war machinery I refer to is also called the “Military Industrial Complex”. At this point in history, it is composed primarily of several huge corporations which provide goods and services to the Pentagon.
The U.S. owns 11 aircraft carriers at a cost of $45 billion each, a yearly operating cost of $160,000,000...that’s $438,356.00 per day, each. We have in service 89,129 military aircraft with an additional 29,700 helicopters, all needing fuel and maintenance. There are 8,800 tanks, depending on whose numbers you believe. All have parts that wear out. All of the above required research, development, testing, upgrading, transportation costs and yearly makeovers. America claims 737 military bases worldwide, but that number rises well past 1,000 when secret bases are taken into account. They had to be built, maintained, people fed and clothed (military), provided computers, desks and pencils. Regarding the secret bases; prison hardware, “interrogation facilities”, electricity and water, heating and cooling (for the interrogators).
Approximately 1,840,062 U.S. military personal worldwide make up the manpower of the above machinery. All must be fed, housed, clothed, transported, educated, trained, and some require bullets. Tomahawk missiles at $1.5 million each require expensive launchers. The research and development of weaponry alone is in the billions.
The electronic aspects are staggering, with NORAD and Global Hawk technology fed into several million computers and defense mechanisms. Infra-red gizmos and gadgets adorn our soldier’s lives in varying aspects, and then there are radar facilities and satellite manufacturing. A variety of simulators for a variety of training needs.
There are corporations who, like General Electric, have shifted entirely to the needs of the defense industry. Halliburton and Northrop are household words, and during the Bush years, privatization of military supplies increased.
World peace would bring this manufacturing to an abrupt end, irritating corporate interests.
If all this “defense” is designed to keep us safe, 24/7, under most any variant an enemy could possibly dream up, I have only one question, Ms. Hill:

Where was this Defense industry for two hours on the morning of September 11, 2001?

Roy A. Stokes


Great letter.

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Pearls are made from annoyances

Many thanks. I will post Ms. Hill's letter. I seldom get published responses to my letters, but her's is typical of sheeple-think.

I again invite anyone to copy my letters for their own local newspapers. I only get to publish one per month at 350 words, so efficient wording is critical.

Ms. Hill's letter

Pearls are made from annoyances


I just finished reading Roy Stokes' letter (June 20 issue) concerning the recent shooting at the Holocaust Museum. The first two of his paragraphs made sense. After that -- not so much.

It's hard to tell whether or not Mr. Stokes believes the Holocaust Museum should even exist. What stands out as perfectly clear, however, is that Mr. Stokes firmly believes our country is quite capable of committing atrocities on its own citizens (9/11) in order to feed the war machine. While at the same time, Mr. Stokes also seems to believe we should not resort to extreme measures to extort information from those who would not think twice about putting our own dead and wounded soldiers on display for the sake of mockery and beheading innocents for all the world to see.

Mr. Stokes needs to realize that there are people such as my own nephew putting their lives on the line every single moment of every single day to give him the right to share his opinions (and I use that term "opinion" because using the word "ignorance" would just be rude.)

It's difficult to tell which side of the fence Mr. Stokes is on. One can only hope that in straddling it, he's doing it quite uncomfortably.

And by the way, Mr. Stokes, a new Holocaust Museum has recently opened near me in Skokie, Ill. I fully intend on visiting it and paying the proper respect and homage it deserves.



Pearls are made from annoyances

Comment from my home site;topicseen#ms...

Typical boilerplate right up there with "I will fight to the death for your free speech". How dare she make me a complicit beneficiary of "freedom" in these imperial wars of lies! I never asked her nephew to fight for my freedom, how presumptuous can you get.
Skokie. That's an interesting location. I wonder how ignorant she is about Frank Collin, I mean Cohen, and the Nazi's of Skokie. Maybe she'll think twice about the possibility of psy ops regarding Holocaust shootings.
Frank Collin - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


(1) Fighting for freedom? What freedom? Freedom to be tortured?

(2) Where was Karen when my grandfather was hiding under the floor from the Nazis?