Oliver Stone, the relaunch of JFK and the Unspeakable, and 9/11

(Contributed by Barrie Zwicker, Toronto)

Canadian-born James Douglass of Birmingham, Alabama is a Christian pacifist , a 9/11Truther and author of JFK and the Unspeakable: Why He Died and Why It Matters (Orbis Books).
The book rose to number 31 on Amazon’s best seller list two weeks after Oliver Stone appeared on “Real Time with Bill Maher” on June 26th last holding a copy of the 2008 book, which was shown on camera. Stone said it is a “great book.”

The question “why” that Douglass’s book addresses in the case of JFK’s assassination arguably is also the most important question concerning 9/11. Douglass recently has been added under “Religious Leaders for 9/11 Truth” on http://PatriotsQuestion911.com

Douglass’s book deserves wide readership. It’s a tremendously well-researched work, one of the best of the 400+ books on JFK’s assassination. Douglass conducted original interviews with people now able and willing to talk after decades of silence. He also drew on thousands of recently released US government documents to reveal the logic of the plot to kill Kennedy. The plot’s purpose was not only to assassinate a president who was turning toward peace but also to implicate the Soviet Union and Cuba in his murder so as to justify pre-emptive attacks upon them. The parallels with 9/11 are highly educative.

Douglass’s editor, Robert Ellsberg, feels the Stone endorsation is a peg upon which to “re-promote” the book. I agree and commend it thoroughly to all frequenters of 911blogger.com. For the Stone interview, go to

Part One:

Part Two:

I know James through our working together to publicize the trial in Memphis, Tennessee in 1999 to determine who assassinated Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in 1968. That trial and its outcome are little known because all the media except for Douglass and one Memphis TV reporter, Wendell Stacy (now deceased), ignored the trial. James Douglass’s report on the King trial can be found in Probe magazine at http://www.ctka.net.

The Memphis trial was a civil action brought by the King family. The purpose was not money. The family sought only 100 dollars; the purpose was the truth. At the end of six weeks, after hearing 70 witnesses, a jury of six black and six white people took just 2 ½ hours to conclude that Dr. King was murdered by a multi-layered conspiracy that included US government agencies.
In his introduction to JFK and the Unspeakable, James Douglass has described how Martin Luther King’s murder awakened him to the meaning of John F. Kennedy’s. Both Kennedy’s and King’s false flag assassinations (with Lee Harvey Oswald and James Earl Ray as the patsies) are in turn critically relevant to 9/11, especially regarding provenance, outcome and cover-up. JFK and the Unspeakable illuminates the murderous history of the 60’s that laid the ground for 9/11.

Amazon link: http://www.amazon.com/JFK-Unspeakable-Why-Died-Matters/dp/1570757550/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1247624425&sr=8-1

-Barrie Zwicker
July 14, 2009

No one can see bullets fly - everyone can see WTC 7 fall

Anyone can see that WTC7 was a controlled demolition.
No one can see bullets fly.

That's all I have to say this morning.

as relevant as the JFK and Dr King assassinations were

as relevant as the JFK and Dr King assassinations were in laying the ground work for 9/11, those occurred over 40 years ago...

We have a MOUNTAIN of visual evidence to demonstrate the truth about 9/11! Let's have some subpoenas, indictments, trials, and convictions THIS YEAR!

Everyone can see the explosives going off, too!

I met James Douglass when he launched his book tour...

in where else? Dallas! His chapter on Chicago and Thomas Arthur Vallee is astonishing.

excerpt of Review:

"While the coup in South Vietnam was being undertaken, the FBI and Secret Service were uncovering a plot to kill the President in Chicago (p.200-207).

“Thomas Vallee had been led along a trail that Lee Oswald would follow after him…” writes Douglas. The ex-Marine who worked at a CIA sponsored Cuban commando training camp in Levittown, Long Island. “Thomas Arthur Vallee and Lee Harvey Oswald, two men under the CIA’s thumb for years, were being set up, one after the other, as scapegoats in two prime sites for killing Kennedy.” (p.205)

In Chicago, Douglas visits the building on the parade route Kennedy would have used, and visits the assassin’s lair where Vallee would have been placed and branded as the assassin if JFK had gone to Chicago that day. Into the Nest of the Unspeakable.

Douglas makes the point that if Kennedy had been killed in Chicago on November 1, we might have known Thomas Arthur Vallee as his deranged, ex-Marine, lone-nut assassin rather than Oswald.

“Lee Harvey Oswald was being systematically set up for his scapegoat role in Dallas, just as Thomas Arthur Vallee had been set up as an alternative patsy in Chicago,” writes Douglas in Washington and Dallas. “Vallee escaped that fate, when two whistleblowers, Chicago Police Lieutenant Berkeley Moyland an FBI informant named ‘Lee,’ stopped the Chicago plot. Oswald was not so fortunate in Dallas. His incrimination by unseen hands continued…” (p.221)

Douglas also outlines the original cover story, that is still propagated in some quarters.

“Just as Chicago was the model for Dallas, Saigon was the backdrop for Chicago….” says Douglas, indicating a connection between what was going on. “…The legend created for the Dallas scenario of the gun-toting malcontent Lee Harvey Oswald followed a similar pattern. From the claims made by a series of CIA officers to the authors of widely disseminated books and articles, John Kennedy had been convicted in his grave of having tried to kill Fidel Castro, whose supposedly deranged surrogate, Lee Harvey Oswald, then retaliated. As a successful Chicago plot would have done, the Dallas plot ended up blaming the victim. ‘Kennedy tried to murder Castro, and got what he deserved.’” (p.218)

Douglas wrote that, “Those who designed the plot to kill Kennedy were familiar with the inner sanctum of our national security state,…The assassins’ purpose seems to have encompassed not only killing a president determined to make peace with the enemy but also using his murder as the impetus for a possile first strike against that same enemy.”

The inclusion of Northwoods in the Dealey Plaza operation is the lynchpin that proves that the bullets that killed the President came from the Pentagon, and the assassination is the most significant national security issue yet to be resolved."

James Douglass has several interviews archived here at Black Ops Radio:

I spoke to James about my involvement with the Truth movement and gave him 13 DVDs. He asked about Barry Zwicker (a friend) and I happened to have THE GREAT CONSPIRACY among the DVDs. Me mentioned David Ray Griffin and again 9/11: THE MYTH and THE REALITY was another of the discs I gave him.

If Not Me? Who? If Not Now? When?

Alex Jones documentary on JFK Murder

Funny thing happened yesterday. I ran across this Alex Jones documentary on the murder of JFK. I found it quite interesting. I believe the same NWO thugs who pulled off 9/11 had also killed JFK. Notice that Bush Sr. is one of them who is still alive. If we could prove what this video states 9/11 would be exposed also. It would be like a house of cards. You can find the video here http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-4315024059102108031&ei=gOtdSp-n...

Yes. JFK 2, the Alex Jones film, is a must see.

This is one of my favorite Alex Jones films. It makes some convincing arguments about the connections between George HW Bush and the Kennedy assassination.


Yesterday I decided to check out the Google top 100 video list to see where 9/11 films were ranking and I couldn't find a link, so i did a general search. I clicked the link under that heading and the page that came up was popular picks or some such crap. A few results below on the list was a page about why Google has quietly deleted the list. One major theory was that Alex Jones' "The Obama Deception" was running at the top of the list, not to mention all the other 9/11, NWO, Codex, Monsanto type films which regularly rank high.
It seems just removing films to reset the counters wasn't working well enough, so the only alternative was to scrub the entire page.
The people are having an effect and learning the truth, so Google made the only move they could...a check.
The next move is ours.

You bet we are having an effect

A few days ago I went to see my doctor for my bad back. We started talking politics and the financial 9/11. To my surprise he knew as much about what is happening in this country as I do. I was stunned. People are waking-up by the millions. Our hard work is starting to pay off big time. Our movement is growing exponentially. I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Lets just stay united and we can't loose. Good-by NWO. Hello freedom and peace.

Modded your comment up

but remember, the people who did this, are capable of anything.

(Including intimidation of the president using his own plane)

Co-worker wakes up and goes big for 911 truth

You bet we are having an effect. After Richard Gage, AIA , came to Encinitas a co-worker of mine woke up and is giving 911 presentations to everyone who comes into his office. He is a tax accountant of 30 years and is very influential in the community. In one month, he has perfected his 911 presentation. Bob starts off with the KMPH fox 26 Fresno Richard Gage video, then shows them his own VHS recording of WTC 7 he made on 911 (he taped 10 hours of CBS on 911) He says " this is my own video I stuck in my VHS recorder on the day of 911" He looks at them straight in the eye and says" there is no way that this is not a controlled demolition"

This is all it takes. He has their attention and trust. They literally stumble out of the office completely in shock. So far, almost none of them have seen WTC 7 before.

Bob had finally looked at the information I had been giving him since 2004. For him, the KMPH Fox 26 Fresno interview, with WTC7 falling multiple times next to a known controlled demolition, did the trick.


I saw him on his book tour. Very informative talk.

Interesting to watch the Oliver Stone on Real Time clips.

I think it was disgusting how Bill Maher kissed Oliver stones ass and mentioned how good Wall Street and Platoon were considering they both starred Charlie Sheen who Bill Maher insulted because he is a 9/11 truther. Maher fell all over himself smooching up to Stone even asking at one point if the new Wall Street film Stone is making will feature the same cast. Stone said I believe that Charlie will be in it and a few others from the first film. It is really too bad Stone doesn't have the stones that Charlie Sheen has because it would have been an excellent opportunity to give Maher the verbal dressing down he deserves for ridiculing 9/11 truthers. Stone apparently only has the guts to talk about semi safe topics such as JFK. His kissing up to Maher made me want to vomit. I have very little respect left for Oliver Stone and none for Bill (Truthers should be on Paxil) Maher.


and control your fission, AB. People don't need to share our obsessions to be worthwhile in this complex universe of critical issues. The program is very good, and Jim Douglass is a very welcome addition to the fold and to truth and history in general.

Not only am I not going to relax but...

I am doing my next Unspun Newz report about Bill Maher and his trashing of 9/11 truth. I have no use whatsoever for Maher. He is a gatekeeper and part of the controlled left which works in concert with the controlled right to further the agenda of those who committed 9/11 in the first place. The following clip from Orwell Rolls in his Grave (a great documentary by the way) sums up the situation perfectly.

Direct link: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-7034011960455457294

great clip, thanks.

Why is it such a tabu to state the obvious, that this is class warfare? Paul Krugman makes the point about the disparity between the increase in wealth of the upper one percent relative to the working class or middle class.

I like what Cindy Sheehan says. We have 2 classes, the robber class and the rest of us.

"Behind every fortune there is a crime."
Honore de Balzac
French realist novelist (1799 - 1850)