Operation Green Card Congress: (ACTION)

9/11 activist Aidan Monaghan just proposed an idea for a national direct action campaign to provide notice to Congress of the nano-thermite evidence -AND- their duty as federal officials under the US Constitution. To quote Mr. Monaghan:

"Satisfactory notice of the nano-thermite evidence upon federal figures can apparently be achieved via certified mail. The signed and returned USPS notice (green card) is deemed valid evidence of service during federal litigation for example."

"Effort Should Be Nationwide. National legislators generally only respond to their constituents. Legislators and their staff are likely highly motivated to open and read all correspondence, and it should be assumed that they do so. In light of this, confirmed receipt (signed USPS confirmation) of the nano-thermite research material and a note regarding ones duty under "CHAPTER 115-- TREASON, SEDITION, AND SUBVERSIVE ACTIVITIES-- See 2382. "Misprision of treason," may compel these federal figures to act.

And this may eventually lead to a wider federal probe."

To participate in this national campaign requires one to print and mail *3 certified letters* containing the Nano-thermite paper and the above *personalized note* to your Representative in Congress and your 2 Senators. A very simple and potentially effective action. Thanks Aidan!

"Active Thermitic Material Discovered in Dust from the 9/11 World Trade Center Catastrophe"

Contact Information for US Congress:

Will Research Enforcement Options

At least in the case of 9/11, those who might prosecute misprision may also be guilty of it in this case.

But this does seem like an interesting way to put Washington, DC on notice and getting the matter of 9/11 officially back on the table so to speak.

In the world of federal litigation, signed-for certified mail is considered served and the recipient liable.

Credit to WACLA for pursuing the misprision of treason approach.

Putting Washington on Notice

I agree-- this does seem like a great way to put Washington on notice, which is the primary goal at this point. It might not be the best approach in a sit-down meeting with a Congressperson or for an on-camera interview, but this campaign does have a place in my view. We can't simply hope Congress acts in good faith. Their feet must be held to the fire. We are activists, after all.

Yes, credit to WACLA for the misprision of treason approach and to you for the certified mail component. Sorry if I jumped the gun with this a little. I got hot on the idea and wanted to promote it. I could have checked with you first, Aidan. Please re-submit if you feel so inclined.

Regardless-- we can ALL mail the nano-thermite evidence to Congress along with whatever cover letter we feel most appropriate.

I would suggest sending the "Fourteen Points" paper

along with the "Nanothermite" paper.

It would also be wise for people to send along Jim Hoffman's laymen's guide to the nanothermite paper and a very well-written cover letter.

This is why I want to create a booklet that can be easily replicated and sent, as it will make it much easier for people to send something very professional that has the greatest chance of success.

I will be posting something when it is ready to go.


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