911 TRUTH for World PEACE

In early 2007 when I traveled to WDC to help dc911 create some "9/11 presence" at a huge peace march and to sneak into the NATCA [National Air Traffic Controllers Association] the successor to PATCO [Professional Air Traffic Contollers Organization] and perform some gorilla activism seeking and encouraging current ATCs to speak out about 9/11. When there I had a chance to see Webster Tarpley at his divisive worst. At every single event created by dc911 Tarpley was actively and effectively building antagonistic fences between the 9/11 Truth Movement and the Peace Movements and pumping up the concept and emotions about 9/11 Truth GOON Squads and the tactic of continuous confrontation as a way to be...and I had NONE of it.

Since that time I have spoken AGAINST him and FOR a conjoined effort between these movements as such a relationship was always a no-brainer for me. But I did not really know at that time what Cindy Sheehan is now acknowledging...that cointelpro has been hard at work.

Here in the Puget Sound area I have continuously attempted to reach out to the Peace Organizations but their "comprimisation" is indeed complete and uniform and I have always been shunned.

So what to do?

Go around them that's what to do!!!

I think that its time we look at 9/11 TRUTH as a planetary process, and shape our approach as: 9/11 TRUTH for World Peace.

Since us citizens give the Penatgon more money for guns than ALL of the rest of the world combined, and since the Penatgon attacks any country anywhere for any reason that they may trump up at any time, and since its totally clear that 9/11 was a "false flag attack" which provided cover for just such attacks, and since the 9/11 Truth Movement is getting such competent and dedicated support from citizens all around the world, it seems to me that we should now embrace the entire idea and make 9/11 TRUTH for World PEACE a commonly held view...and goal!

Leftright is one of the most reliable contributors to the 9/11TM and his words are basically that "love" is the only way forward. I agree because there is going to have to be alotta love and understanding spread around this planet once 9/11 TRUTH reaches a critical mass and citizens of the world come to understand what all of us already know...that 9/11 was indeed an inside job in support of:

... the Military Industrial Complex in the creation of a massive new enemy-terrorism at the hands of Arabs and Muslims...

...Big Oil in controlling the distributuion of Iraq's underground oil supplies...

...[and of course from my view, to protect Israel...just another quid-pro-quo deal in the belly of congress...]...

Its time that we take this movement global and I hope to see more and more PEACE signs at all the public events that we create in the future.

Love, Peace and Progress...with:


...just for starters as we "throw the crooks out of office"...

Robin Hordon
Kingston, WA

Dallas...the same

"Here in the Puget Sound area I have continuously attempted to reach out to the Peace Organizations but their "comprimisation" is indeed complete and uniform and I have always been shunned."

Dallas is the same. The Dallas Peace Center is so obviously controlled they are more like a caricature. I'm sure their leadership is to blame. They resemble warm, fuzzy, EGO driven Chomskyites. I'd say most of their volunteers (devotees) are well meaning but clueless.

The Partners for Peace 9/11

The Partners for Peace 9/11