911 truth Madrid in front of "El Pais", leading newspaper

We put up our information panel and handed out information to all of the journalists coming in and out of "El Pais", spains leading paper. The object of our visit was to get them to cover the Niels Harrit event on Tuesday http://www.investigar11s.org/nielsharrit Lets hope it works.

Great idea!

Love that you focus on representatives of the media. Great idea. ¡Viva la España!

With you in the struggle,
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Excellent! Spreading the word is cumulative!

Great job Spain!! Every action counts! All these actions are cumulative. They do add up. Like a small hammer against a wall, the wall will eventually be broken down.
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This is where we need to go: hit the media

Our enemies are no longer Cheney and Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz.
They are dimming into the past.
What is keeping the truth, now, from being exposed is the media.
The media EVERYWHERE, even all of the alternative media sites with followings of any size at all, are avoiding 9/11 truth at all costs.
We need to expose their censorship.
We need to find out just what keeps this censorship going.
Why do journalists fail to mention the obvious and glaring evidence that proves the official story of 9/11 is a fraud.
Even generally trusted venues, like Democracy Now, the Nation, MotherJones, antiwar.com, Counterpunch...........all of them avoid 9/11 truth, and many even insult the movement.
Alternet is one of the few that allow comments about 9/11 truth, but even there there are the trolls that fill up the comments with dozens of vulgar and inane personal attacks.

We need to know who is putting pressure on these sites, who is threatening, who is bribing, and what the journalists are told when they want to write about the evidence of 9/11 truth.

Our political leaders are criminal, of course, in covering up 9/11. But our media, even international media, is also complicit. We need to know how this is accomplished. I would say that any editors and journalists that are part of this movement are engaging in treason for purposely misleading the public about 9/11, every bit as much as Cheney.