Disinformation? Same boy who predicted 9/11 "predicted" crash of AA 587 on 11/12

I found the following interesting paragraphs in an article about prior knowledge of 9/11 by Jeffrey Scott Shapiro, dated October 1, 2002.[1]

I don't have the resources to continue an ongoing investigation into who had prior knowledge of the attacks - but I am sure someone out there does. Many things have happened since I broke my first story. On Nov. 9, 2001, my sources informed me that the same boy who predicted the attacks told school officials there would be a plane crash on Nov. 12. I decided to inform an FBI agent I knew who told me that, without specific information, there was little they could do.

Once again, the boy's prophecy came true. Three minutes after American Airlines Flight 587 took off from JFK International Airport to the Dominican Republic, its tail snapped off and both engines fell from its wings, dooming the plane to crash in Belle Harbor, located in the Rockaway section of Queens. None of the 260 people aboard survived. To date, authorities suspect the crash was an accident. I'm not so sure.

This one raised my eyebrow. Can Shapiro lend credence to his story by identifying the FBI agent he informed? I attempted to verify. Apparently, questionable sources say Al Qaeda eventually claimed responsibility for the crash of AA 587.[2] Wikipedia has an entry on one of the rumored-to-be-alleged perps.[3] Official sources, however, assert that it was a failure in the rudder system that downed flight 587.[4] So is this claim of a terrorist attack on 11/12 2001 reality or hoax? For lack of reliable sources, I choose the latter option.

Shapiro, however, has much more to tell us, specifically about prior knowledge of 9/11 in NYC's Arab-American community. He cites an anonymous source:

One New Utrecht official told me that of the 509 Arab-American students who attend the school, many have come forward with their own stories about having prior knowledge. "Kids are telling us that the attacks didn't surprise them," she told me. "This was a nicely protected little secret that circulated in the community around here. I guess they were talking about it among themselves, but they didn't share it with us - at least not before the attacks.

Although highly suggestive, it seems perfectly believable. Until you watch a Youtube video [5] on the front page of his blog [6], where he explains how much of a visionary George Walker Bush has been for the United States and the world at large. At one point he even has the balls to exclaim:

"Lincoln had a vision to end slavery in America, I truly believe in my heart that president Bush has a vision to end slavery around the world"

Amazing perspective Jeffrey. I won't even be tempted to think about those defrauded African-American voters in 2000 and 2004, one of whom bitterly commented:

"It felt like I was being catapulted back into slavery"

Nor will I think about what his mother, Barbara Bush, said on a tour of hurricane relief centers in Houston after Katrina wreaked havoc in New Orleans [7][8]:

"What I’m hearing which is sort of scary is they all want to stay in Texas. Everyone is so overwhelmed by the hospitality. And so many of the people in the arena here, you know, were underprivileged anyway, so this--this (she chuckles slightly) is working very well for them."

No. Forget all of that. Let's think for a moment about what Jeffrey Shapiro just said. Yes. I can picture it now. This must be how it approximately went:

The Iraqi and Afghan slaves begged Bush, the tormented visionary, to smartbomb them into freedom. The messiah of preemptive regime change obliged (and even attempted to free the Palestinian slaves with his continuous political and military support for the Israeli slave masters and their lobbyists.) In return, the freed slaves rewarded their heroic liberator by surrendering their fossil fuels out of sheer joy and gratitude. And they lived happily ever after, celebrating their new found Western style puppet democracy among the ruins while burying their family members.

All hail George W. "Spartacus" Bush. Those Weapons of Mass Destruction gotta be somewhere! [9]

Despite his unwavering admiration for the worst (unelected) president in the history of the United States, Shapiro also reveals that he "worked on John Kerry's legal team for the presidential election". Which begs the question: with campaigners like that, who needs opponents? Ah nevermind. I don't think two members of Yale's elite secret society are true opponents anyway.[10]

Shapiro's judgment is severely handicapped, but is it unintentional? One must wonder if his prior knowledge research suffers similar problems. I recently stumbled across a quote which read something along the lines of:

"Never forget: the best disinformation is 90% true".

I agree. The remaining 10% might include unconfirmed reports of children with unlikely inside knowledge of multiple Al Qaeda operations, one of which is (according to official sources) only rumored to be one. I don't put too much trust in official sources, otherwise I wouldn't be here. However, I suggest to 9/11 researchers to keep the Latin phrase "caveat lector" in mind and triple-check and find corroboration for every single one of Shapiro's claims. Better safe than sorry.

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Note that

the first warning was of course confirmed to be true by Jonathan Alter (See [B]) but I have my doubts about the second, pertaining to flight 587.

If anybody could dig up a reliable source for Al Qaeda claiming to be behind 587's crash, that would be useful.