Movie "New American Century" translated into english

The New American Century is an italian movie made by film-maker Massimo Mazzucco, recently translated into english. The movie presents the historical, philosophical, economical and political background (some of which is practically unknown to the general public) to 9/11 attacks and the wars that followed. Full version is linked here, DVD is available for purchase here.

  • "Historically accurate, narratively captivating, The New American Century is one of the best films about the facts behind the 9/11 attacks". -- Webster G. Tarpley
  • "The New American Century is a stunning film. It should be seen as widely as possible, in cinemas, bars, clubs, at meetings and, of course, through the internet. I'm sure the film will continue to be a source of debate and political education for many years." -- Ken Loach
  • More on "New American Century" DVD here:

    Massimo Mazzucco's NEW AMERICAN CENTURY Now Available on DVD