Australian "Journalist" claims posting about NYCCAN is peddling an absurd conspiracy theory.

Lately I've been posting and directing people to and to support the victim's families, first responders, survivors and citizens in their effort to get an independent investigation into 9/11 with subpoena power.

I had posted this link and other 9/11 related material including the peer-reviewed thermite paper and documentary 9/11: Press for truth on many occasions on a daily open forum Andrew Bolt has. Andrew Bolt is a columnist / blogger for the Australian newspaper 'Herald Sun' which is owned by News Corporation; Rupert Murdoch.

In the past he was quite open in his opposition to my views and subsequently proclaimed that any more such postings on 'conspiracy theories' would be blocked. I replied in a calm and concise manner explaining that never once did I break the rules and that I should be allowed to continue to post in the open forum without fear of being censored so long as I followed the rules.

Recently I attempted to post again about NYCCAN only to find my entries not posted. I emailed Andrew Bolt regarding this: (Here is the exchange)

To: Andrew Bolt
From: Mr-Anderson
Date: 21 July 2009 00:36


I can understand your moderators wanting to keep the open forum free of anything that may go against the usual postings regarding how it's all the lefts fault.

By now you would know that I'm neither for left nor right and certainly not for anarchy or oversized government.

Yet my posts regarding NYC CAN were blocked, hardly the most the most outrageous (According to the regulars) website I've linked to.

What I wanted to bring to the forum's attention to is an organisation set up by 9/11 victim's family members, first responders & survivors calling for an independent investigation into 9/11 with subpoena power.

Perhaps a mention to support the families, first responders and survivors. To date first responders are still struggling to get even basic health care after being misled by former EPA head Christine Todd Whitman about the air quality in New York; Ground Zero. And here

Despite our differences if this doesn't tear you up then truly it's just another day at the office... NYCCAN - Vote for Answers

Please check it out for yourself.


To: Mr-Anderson
From: Andrew Bolt
Date: 21 July 2009 09:50

I've been more than generous in allowing you and others to peddle this absurd conspiracy theory, but enough is at long last enough. I can't let the blog descend into a madhouse. Reason must reign.


To: Andrew Bolt
From: Mr-Anderson
Date: 21 July 2009 12:38


Indeed you have and I thankyou for it but is hardly conspiratorial and the only people willing for the blog to descend into a madhouse are the rude & close minded forum regulars who make it their duty to disrupt any democratic debate.

It's a shame that those that have been directly affected by these attacks are being called conspiracy theorists. Just for wanting an independent investigation with subpoena power.

I do suggest looking at that website, even once.


Of course Andrew Bolt doesn't shy away from the subject of 9/11at all:

Equal opportunity hater
Labels switched
9/11 conspiracy : Hate fries brains
Bilderberg’s microchipped members did 9/11
UN shames itself again

Please politely and concisely contact Andrew Bolt ( about NYCCAN, telling him asking questions & demanding answers isn't conspiratorial, wanting justice for the families, first responders & survivors isn't conspiratorial and offering factual evidence that challenges the official story isn't an absurd conspiracy theory!

Remember how much money Murdoch possesses...

Easy enough to pay off "journalists" to gatekeep on 9/11.

Re: Adam Syed

His forum gatekeepers are as worse, if I was them I would want some form of financial assistance to derail any debate on 9/11 or 7/7 ;)


If I did e-mail this treacherous scumbag, I wouldn't be able to keep my cool, so I won't.