White supremacist radio host Hal Turner was an FBI informant

White supremacist radio host Hal Turner was an FBI informant, as hackers claimed a year ago

White supremacist radio host Hal Turner was an FBI informant, his lawyer revealed in court today. The announcement is a confirmation of what hackers claimed nearly a year ago after allegedly gaining access to his e-mails.

Turner was arrested on June 24 for allegedly calling for the murder of three judges who supported the Chicago gun ban. The confession by his attorney came at a bond hearing Tuesday.

"Attorney Michael Orozco [...] said his client gave authorities information about a plot to assassinate President Barack Obama," reported the Associated Press.

However, prosecutors said they had no information about the alleged plot, but did confirm Turner had a relationship with the bureau. Attorney William Hogan told the wire service that relationship had ended "some time ago."

His recent arrest came after a complaint about an overt call for the murder of three judges...


Two Versions Of Reality

1.) The overt, make-believe version presented by the corporate media.

2.) The covert version within which events and information seem manipulated for effect.

In terms of information, it seems manipulated on a broad scale in order to generate public preoccupation and division on an emotional level (i.e.: the petty, media manufactured controversy between the arrested black Harvard professor, white police officer and the president). Matters of race, gender culture, bias and other orientation are continuously exagerated or manufactured, needlessly preoccupying and dividing the public.

For power to retain its power, it must control its environment of which the public is a part.

As for events, there is a long history of tampering by powerful, unchecked interests.

And Radio Talk Show Host

And Radio Talk Show Host Michael Reagan called for the murder of 9/11 Truth activist Mark Dice. I don't recall hearing that Michael Reagan has been arrested though?

"A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves" – Edward R. Murrow

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