"Collapse" - New documentary on Michael Ruppert coming soon

Chris Smith is the director of one of my favorite films, "American Movie". Not much info on this new project but here's what I have...

New Chris Smith Doc on 9/11 Skeptic:


found this at From The Wilderness (scroll down for film info):


and there is a website (unfortunately no content there as of yet):


intriguing! peace, L.A.

Chris Smith...

I absolutely love "American Movie: The Making of Northwestern"

They should make one with prof. Jones

And name it... "Demolition"

Just kidding, I still like Mike Ruppert's work a lot, despite his public deprecation of the nano-thermite paper.

Just by coincidence

I found that article by Ruppert.


Now that's interesting, isn't it?

One of the first and major sceptics was convinced from the very beginning that there were no explosives.

I've come to accept

that Michael Ruppert's talent lies in the "Air Defense", "Money/Oil/Drugs", "Cui Bono/Conflict of Interest/Legality" and "Geopolitical Why" aspects of 9/11, not necessarily the "How". Ruppert's not a scientist, he's a cop. Like so many in the truth movement, he feels compelled to police it, using the "I say so" argument.

Jenna Orkin...well...no comment.

Check out Arabesque's comment here as well...It seems Mike later changed his mind. He just disfavors physical evidence in his research, because of past disappointments.

Looking forward to this

Mike Ruppert and I have this in common; we dont care what people think of Mike Ruppert. Snubbed, scorned, and nearly forgotten, Mike returns with a brand new book this year and now the upcoming film.

Though he has left the 9/11 truth movement behind, I still follow his work and find many of his insights fascinating. Crossing the Rubicon was a monumental opus, not without its faults of course, but the first work that really opened my eyes to how Wall St, the CIA, the drug trade, and 9/11 all tied together. And its been a strange trip ever since ..

I am eager to see how this film turns out.

“The greatest purveyor of violence in the world today -- my own government.” -Martin Luther King, Jr.

Saw "Collapse"

at the Toronto International Film Festival.

Most of the film is an interview/interrogation with Michael Ruppert. The "Peak Oil" material will be familiar to people who have been paying attention the past 8 years. What's curious about the film is that it doesn't address Ruppert's 9/11 theories, which form the basis of his 2004 book Crossing the Rubicon. I wondered if the filmmaker omitted the 9/11 material because it would seem too contentious, or because it would seem tangential to the "peak oil" material. Of course, 9/11 is central to Ruppert's peak oil narrative; the "inside job" theory rests on the idea that peak oil was the reason for the inside job.

Check it out when it arrives on DVD.

Notice, also,

the film's logo (at the site above) seems to resemble two collapsing towers...

Mike no longer comments on 9/11

And will not do interviews about it. It is a subject he has 'moved on' from .. Peak Oil and the coming collapse of industrial civilization are his major concerns now, and even those he's pretty much finished with. I'd say he's retired from activism/journalism/writing at this point.

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