Richard Gage, AIA at the July Washington DC AIA Convention

Richard Gage takes us through a tour of the DC booth. More videos to follow

God Bless

these guy's, simply great work.

I hope new architects from the San Francisco & DC trade shows, are doing their American moral citizen part & spreading the word.


Thanks. We have more videos coming soon and more conventions planned. Also, better, higher quality live streaming.

Richard Gage is masterful

I had the pleasure of meeting him at the DC Convention Center and attended the programs at Busboys and Poets (packed audiences, both times). His work is truly inspiring.

Thanks for posting this. Any reports from his meetings on Capitol Hill?

Do you have an estimate of

Do you have an estimate of the number in the audience?

Do not go gentle into that good night.
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

Not a big space... about 90

It was held in the Langston Room (seats 75; 100 standing), with an overflow crowd waiting for the second show. It was also webcast live, but I don't know how many people watched it. I assume it will be posted here soon.

FYI, the crowd was mostly on board. Richard did his usual poll at the beginning and has the numbers. But I remember the 7-8 who raised their hands in support of the official story dwindled to 2-3 at the end, and you could tell they were nervous. There was one outburst, just as Gregg Roberts got up to talk about the nanothermite paper. The guy started yelling it was the same old stuff, nothing new after 8 years. Gregg asked him to leave or have him bounced. A half hour later he walked out saying, "Spiritual battle! Spiritual battle!" I have no idea what that was about.

Perhaps the guy yelling was

Perhaps the guy yelling was trying to delay his own awakening, if not the awakenings which took place despite his efforts. I await his peer-reviewed paper with interest... ;)

9/11 Truth booklet PDFs:

The guy was right

It is a spiritual battle. It has nothing to do with facts. The facts, as so clearly presented by the Architects at, are obvious and incontrovertible. It is a spiritual battle - waged on the battlefield of the collective world consciousness. We are ALL in it - "truthers," "deniers" and "ignorers."

That guy was a messenger of the deeper reality --- that we are in a world-wide spiritual battle.

Gregg Roberts is a low life. I'm betting he's CIA, MI6 or Mossad

Perhaps it is a Spiritual battle for many, most definately it is for you, but I don't think that Gregg Roberts was channeling the Great Spirit. He was grabbing for straws, shaking in his boots, spewing Propaganda 101 to try to leave a label "spiritual," so to open the way for a cult conception of the ae911truth group. A failed attempt to sway the audience on his way out the door. This guy Gregg Roberts is a low life. I'm betting he's CIA, MI6 or Mossad, not a high level scumbag, but a cheap and chincy level scumbag.

NO!NO!NO! Gregg is one of the authors of the nanothermite paper

Gregg Roberts was introduced by Richard Gage to talk about the nanothermite, and that's when the guy in the back started yelling.

Sorry if that was confusing.

Yes it was confusing. Thanks

Yes it was confusing. Thanks for clarifying who Gregg Roberts is. I was assuming it was a reporter involved in the cover up and harassing Richard Gage. I believe there is one guy that often attends Richard Gage events and acts as a heckler or disruption. That is who I thought you meant. 911Blogger can remove the mistaken comment.

I heard the commotion as I listened to the c-c-choppy live feed

as it happened. I had wondered what was going on.

If Not Me? Who? If Not Now? When?


ok joe, can you go softer on at least 3 of those "c-s"? is iffy. We had a better alternate live stream going on too that now has all the bugs worked out.

Hey, my heart went out to you...

as I knew those doing the video were doing all they could to make it right.
Must have been infuriatingly frustrating.

If Not Me? Who? If Not Now? When?

GreenBack, where did you come from Dude? Gregg is a personal friend and a boon to any truth group he joins. He was and is the writing force behind Jim Hoffman's excellent web site. He keeps AE911Truth honest and factual. If he's cointelpro or CIA or Mossad, then so too are DRG, Steven Jones and Richard Gage.

Greenback -

I do believe you're confusing Gregg Roberts with Mark Roberts.

The former is a very hard-working 9/11 researcher and writer, the latter is a very shady 9/11 denier and occasional NYC tour guide (or so he says).

Mark Roberts does strike me as a paid disinfo agent, perhaps an undercover intelligence operative similar to the one recently outed in Washington state. He also seems to have completely dropped off the face of the earth, not that I miss him much. I quick look at his website shows that he pronounced the 9/11 truth movement to have "dried up and blown away" back in February as part of his semi-retirement. It's worth noting that his withdrawal came just before the peer-reviewed nano-thermite paper was published, not a bad time for this science-illiterate hack to run away and hide. Enough about him...

Gregg Roberts ROCKS!!!

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Spiritual and Factual

I'll certainly acknowledge the spiritual aspect of good vs evil, but certainly not to the exclusion of facts. The 8 years of the 'same old' facts have brought millions worldwide to this battle. Facts are vital, for dissemination to laypersons and professionals alike. Without facts, there would be no or
And as regards the thermite paper being decried as 'nothing new'... it does sound a bit desperate.

9/11 Truth booklet PDFs:

I recognize that

"nothing new after 8 years"

There are a few reoccurring slogans. This is one of them. The problem is, I can't think of one singular source for these "debunker" soundbites, yet they are increasingly prevalent.

To me (it sends chills down my spine to be honest) it sounds like orchestrated cointelpro soundbites.

Otherwise, somebody please tell me why so many of these trolls all sing exactly the same song.

I can name you some distinct (and suspect) ones: (prepare to be annoyed, sorry)

  • They're con men, and they're in it for the money
  • They're embezzling donation money (used against NYCCAN, WAC and Rudkowksi)
  • They've come up with nothing new after eight years
  • They haven't got a single solid piece of evidence
  • Les Jamieson showed his audience pictures of bestiality, his 9/11 truth audience was disgusted and left.
    Les Jamieson promotes NYCCAN, should you really donate?

I'm convinced that most if not all of these slogans are cointelpro soundbites.

Many of these toxic memes are straight out the CIA's playbook for Warren Commission propaganda, such as "monetary gain" and "nothing new"

Of course, these are in addition to the "nutjobs", "conspiracy theorists" and "holocaust deniers & terrorists" propaganda we're already used to.

Gage and AE911Truth is a juggernaut of 9/11Truth

This group will go down in history as one of the most dynamic forces in impacting the course of our planet. AE911Truth is a juggernaut which keeps becoming larger. Anyone who opposes it looks silly. The media is becoming more and more embarrassed / remiss by ignoring it.

Just getting better and better!

If this isn't inspiring, what is? Is this doesn't make you proud to say "Hey, I'm part of this movement", what is?
Sure the deck is stacked against us, but if we keep pulling out aces like this from our collective hand, the game is far from over. In fact, I think it's getting quite interesting. Richard is excellent. Much deserved thanks go out to him and his whole team. Thanks for everything you do. And for doing it so well.

Yes it makes me proud..

Anyone who has listened to Richard speak knows that we are not a bunch of nut jobs grasping at weak inconsistencies. At first I did not want to accept that he was right but it was impossible not to. The facts pointing too controlled demolition are incontrovertible and he presents them in such a clear and intelligent manner. So yes it makes me proud.

Amazing Booth!

Great Job Richard and AE911truth team on the wonderful booth. You sure did get a lot of evidence of controlled demolition in thae space provided. I love the 50" screen. That little tour would be good to show anyone. I can't wait to see the rest of the video of people waking up on the spot like in San Francisco.