Richard Gage, AIA and AE911Truth Staff at the Recent AIA Convention in Washington DC

Staff members from AE911Truth and architect, Richard Gage, AIA, interact with attendees at the recent AIA Convention in Washington, DC.

The Truth is Out There

Mr. Gage and like-minded others will find a fascinating article in today's New York Times. What follows is a snip from the piece entitled, The Checkered Career of Philip Schwab, Demolition Man"....

“In New York City, if you got the money and somebody is crazy enough to give you the job, you can take down the Empire State Building,” Mr. Schwab said in one of a series of interviews over the past several months.

I recommend you check out the article in its entirety. Illuminating reading. It can be found here:

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Mr. Schwab, having rebuilt himself after bankruptcy and jail, was still in the game: At least three of more than a half-dozen companies that bid on the job hired Mr. Schwab at different times as a consultant, and he said he had sought to do the job himself. One of the companies he consulted for regarding the Deutsche job, Safeway, was initially awarded the contract, but the City Department of Investigation strenuously objected, in part because its founder, Harold Greenberg, a Schwab protégé, had also been convicted in the 1988 inspector bribery case. (In response, Safeway signed an agreement that said Mr. Greenberg would have no role in the project and would not profit from it, except through a separate equipment company.)Decades earlier, Mr. Greenberg’s father, Leo, a union official, worked for Mr. Schwab. He was big, 400 pounds, and Mr. Schwab said he was a “problem solver” who would sit in a trailer at job sites and come out as needed.

The son, Harold, had earned a reputation as an effective wrecker, but also one who, an informant testified in an unrelated 2006 case, funneled $300,000 a year from another of his companies to the Gambino crime family.

Safeway ultimately lost the Deutsche Bank job. But its replacement, a new company called John Galt, included as top executives two men who had helped run Safeway. Galt was on the job when a standpipe at the bank building was dismantled, a mistake that contributed to the deaths of the firefighters in a fire there in 2007. The company and one of the former Safeway executives are now charged with manslaughter.

Feedback from the Hill?

Awesome bang-up job at the AIA Convention, guys! Could someone who was there provide a little insight into the meetings on the Hill and how they went? Richard was going to be showing 10 minutes clips directly to Congress members as I understand it.

Specifically, did you have a meeting with Dennis Kucinich? If not could someone from Ohio PLEASE arrange a meeting with Rep. Kucinich ON CAMERA in relation to keeping his promise to hold an inquiry? He should be given the nano-thermite paper and meet personally with Richard Gage regarding the nature and direction of a select 9/11 inquiry in the US Congress.

Feedback from the Hill?

I'm with you RL. While I love to see Richard Gage in action, I really want to know what happened in the meetings with so-called lawmakers.

Meetings with congressional staff

All the people we met with were polite, attentive and respectful. The subject of 9/11 is still taboo so they couldn't say much past "I will look at the material".

The purpose of this round of meetings, as I see it, was to lay the groundwork for future meetings and make it possible to discuss 9/11 openly. We established that AE911Truth is a professional organization of serious minded people who are presenting vital information in a respectful manner.

If we want to get any help from Congress, we must not put them on the defensive but rather meet them as equals and give them a chance to look at the evidence objectively. The evidence speaks for itself and will be the deciding factor in the end.

Thanks to Richard and to you Chris for your hard work!

I feel the momentum as the sunshine of truth renders the official coverup commission report and the NIST coverup reports grossly and criminally deceptive. You guys are moving mountains. The truth will be known. The perps will be exposed.

As a side note, I found it interesting that Kevin Weaver, the tall guy in the video, has dialogue with members of the Loizeaux family who owns and runs Controlled Demolition.

As I recall, one of the Loizeaux family members was an active participant in the extremely deceptive BBC 2 hit piece about building 7 "The Conspiracy Files: 9/11 - The Third Tower".

What do they say about that participation? I believe there were many scripted and rehearsed responses in that hit piece. After reading the article in the NY Times about Philip Schwab, it appears that some in that business are less than honest.

Where do they get their orders from?

The subject of 9/11 is still taboo...

Where do the congress critters get their orders from, I wonder. Who sets the agenda? Who decides what is a taboo and what is not?

Multiple reasons

IMHO, there is more than one explanation for this: e.g. group think. The same thing goes on in large corporations, so what I'm saying is that group think can be driven and encouraged by a top-down hierarchy and its "code of conduct".

So, in other words, there is both pressure from above as well as voluntary compliance from below. The basic human desire not to be ostracized.

Of course, you should never naively persist in believing there isn't any sort of concerted effort going on to hold this back. That much is extremely obvious. But I'm always astonished by the amount of unprovoked compliance. Reminds me of the "Five Monkeys" posting here on 911blogger again. That, in turn, relates to blind conformism and peer pressure. You can easily make a politician stop considering 9/11 with appeals to consequences. This works very well with politicians. They worry a lot about perception of the electorate.

Another thing you should take into account is the phenomenon of "party discipline".

By having only two significant political parties, you have only two significant party disciplines. So, the two-party system works to the 9/11 truth movement's detriment. (And by extension, to freedom's detriment). You've probably noticed that this is why 9/11 truth finds its way in via the libertarians and the green party. It's also why Michael Ruppert once supported the candidacy of Ross Perot. See this quote for example:

In 1990 as the Kurds were once again being massacred and Brown & Root subsidiaries increased their operations in Turkish Kurdestan I wrote to Ross Perot who had opposed Desert Storm and he called me. I shall never forget what he said.

"Mike, I must know forty or fifty former military officers and law enforcement personnel who have discovered what you have. They have all had their lives ruined, been called crazy and forced into poverty. You'd think they'd do something different once in a while but they don't because it works."

Then he said something which has haunted me ever since. He said, "Even with all of my resources I don't know why I pursue it. I can't seem to get anything done. And they do the same thing with me and it works."

However, in my opinion the biggest problem is the Hegelian trap. If you can get two opposing camps going, they'll only concern themselves with overcoming the other, at the cost of higher principles. This works just fine in parliamentary democracies with many significant political parties (such as in my country). Just draw a line in the middle, people will want to move to one side or the other.

Animosity will quickly increase and reaffirm camp loyalty. This is the divide & conquer strategy.

Everybody forgets about their common interest (democracy, human rights, privacy, civil rights, social justice, pluriformity, the seperation of powers (trias politica), secularity, accountability, transparency, peace).

Malevolent third parties profit from this disarray, and they use the whole spectrum of techniques outlined above for this purpose.

Finally, I shouldn't neglect mentioning Machiavellianism. Machiavellianism cunningly exploits many of these weaknesses in order to obtain and maintain power. And power, is of course what it's all about in politics, even for those who want to do good.

Which parties?

'Malevolent third parties profit from this disarray, and they use the whole spectrum of techniques outlined above for this purpose.'

I'm guessing that in this instance, you do not have the Greens and Libertarians in mind when you say 'third parties.'

Not political parties

I don't mean political parties, I mean those interests behind the scenes that seem to always prevail. The "power brokers" slash evil men and women. Partisanship or the false left wing/right wing paradigm is used as a distraction constantly.

If you torture, and then blame partisanship as the root cause for anybody wanting to investigate you, you can quickly mobilize camps against each other, completely sidestepping the fact that torture isn't a partisan issue at all, it's a human rights issue that goes to the core of what a free society should be and not be.

In the case of 9/11, the failure of the 9/11 commission is blamed on partisanship/elections. Again, this is a red herring. The failure is institutional and systemic.

More on group-think

Last winter, because of the state of the economy, a local movie theater decided to run a series of films from the early '30s, the worst years of the Great Depression. I still remember one I happened to catch then, called 'Washington Merry-Go-Round.' At one point, while freshman congressmen and visitors to the Capitol were busy discussing whether or not there was a 'secret government,' an elderly Congressman is asked from whom he receives his orders on how to vote. He replies, 'One never receives orders; one gleans, through observation, what the favored course of action is.'

I don't know about 'never,' but my guess is that this sums up a lot of how control is actually exercised, both within the government and in the news media.

Great work

Richard is doing this so well. Not only is he a good presenter, his people skills are working magic in my opinion. (Though it must be a bit tiring to enthusiastically repeat the same message over and over, every time you talk to somebody new)

John, btw, part of this video has only sound on one speaker. Mostly from 00:10 on to somewhere in the middle. I believe this happens more often, just FYI.

Thanks, I enjoyed watching it.

Speaking of demolitions

This event should generate some discussion here.

When demolitions are not done right, the buildings don't collapse into their footprint. If the twin towers really dropped from plane impact and fire, you would expect to see similar asymmetrical collapse.

Thank you


Great job Richard and AE911Truth team!

The booth looked fantastic, Richard and the team looked professional. Richard really has perfected his interviewing skills using questions, logic, and evidence while walking newcomers through these shocking explosive controlled demolitions. The other ae911truth volunteers are also quite polished!

Superb Work, Richard and John!

This is possibly the most important outreach effort going on right now. I'm so impressed.

Richard, you might be interested to know that a transcript and recording of that fateful interview (Explosive Testimony – The 9/11 Oral Histories) is now online here:

John, awesome video! Maybe consider mixing all the audio to both channels?

You guys rock.


right on the audio mix guys. Had to bang this one out fast so sorry about that. Also things were chaotic at the convention, as always.
Gonna buy some new gear for the next convention and we have a super live streaming service now.
Yarrow hope we can work together at the 9-11 film festival.

Thanks for the comments