The Next Twelve Seconds

The Next Twelve Seconds
By Jonathan H. Cole, P.E.

It was the end of the cold war, America won;
arms sales could plummet, something had to be done.
Expanding the empire, to the Mideast as a whole;
this, and the oil; for years their main goal.

Convincing the masses their first problem at hand,
to get what they wanted, they needed a plan.
Selling war to the public, the process too slow,
but with another Pearl Harbor, they’ll be willing to go.

To help find a solution was a group called PNAC,
and along with some others, they suggested attack.
The towers were losers, with asbestos galore;
kill two birds with one stone, to justify war.

And so they were leased, despite the low rents,
just a few weeks before the awful event.
So strong and well built, were those trade center towers,
to bring them all down, takes incredible power.

With security lax, explosives brought in by the ton,
some sol-gel applied, with construction spray guns.
The columns were prepped at the welds in the core,
the corners all rigged, with cutter charges and more.

Detonators were set, using remote control,
sequenced and timed from the top to below.
The tenth of September, three buildings ready and rigged,
media scripts were all written, this was gonna be big!

Each played a small part, not knowing the scope of the crime,
“Harley guy” was all ready, “structural failure” his line.
Patriot Act was all written, awaiting the terror and fear,
we’ll give up our freedoms, once fought for so dear.

Avionics all wired, replaced and re-fit,
regardless of pilot, they were vectored to hit.
The patsies were fooled, the planes ready to fly,
big money to be made, “puts” outnumbered the buys.

Then in crashed the planes! It was ruthless and cruel.
Our first “shock and awe”, those explosions of fuel.
Deep down in the basements, explosions were felt,
big heavy box columns, were beginning to melt.

As fires cooled down, smoke smoldering black,
it was time to begin the last phase of attack.
The fuses were charged, floors turned to dust with the blasts,
steel columns were cut, sequential and fast!

Explosions symmetrical, and nothing was saved,
sky lobby squibs blew, before demolition wave.
Toxic dust finally settled, molten steel in ground zero,
breathing poisonous air, in rushed the real heroes.

Cut steel whisked to China, complete and so fast,
most evidence destroyed, almost none that would last.
Investigations weren’t started for well over a year,
no criminal charges, as they kept us in fear.

And NIST halting their study at the critical time,
side stepping key evidence, that points right to the crime.
The “meteor”, the symmetry, the squibs and the spires,
stopping twelve seconds short, blaming only the fires.

Steel ejected straight out at fifty miles per hour,
orange metal that poured from the side of the tower.
Pyrocalstic dust flow, the antenna first drop
all NIST ignored, “collapse initiation” they stopped.

But some were not fooled, those with courage and talent,
they knew something was wrong, there’s an energy imbalance.
Deep mysteries found, steel like Swiss cheese
NIST never addressed, perhaps thermate the key.

In the dust came more clues, so obvious and clear,
what was formerly molten, small iron rich spheres.
And active nanothermite, is there by the ton,
those spheres the spent bullets, red-grey chips are the gun.

The twelve seconds after NIST quit, is the key to it all,
no pancake floors, no progressive type fall.
Yet they smear and they call those that do know, “insane”;
but the physics, the science and truth will remain.

Official Commissions, and “experts” continue to lie,
hide the crime of the century, while loved ones still cry.
Their media continues to cloak the truth in deceit
while the elite and the guilty, have their windfalls to reap.

But we know what happened, on that terrible day
and sooner or later those behind it will pay.
So study those next twelve seconds; you’ll see,
corrupt to the core, our system must be.

And despite what they say, how they laugh, how they cry,
Their myths do not fit, physics and science don’t lie.
To be silent is treason, those who cover will regret,
learn the technical truth, we must never forget!

Off topic but important.

Off topic but important. Has anyone else noticed that Alex Jones has become totally right-wing, unhinged and fringe lately? He's so committed to this silly and well debunked Obama birth certificate hoax that he has literally made a laughing stock out of 9/11 Truth seeing as how he claims to be the godfather of the whole thing. I for one am embarrassed to mention his name or show his films anymore. I have once adamant truthers telling me that they question whether or not 9/11 was even an inside job now based on his recent insanity. They believe that he just latches on to any kook theory in order to promote his website and sell films. It's getting harder and harder to defend Jones.


I could not agree more. Glad someone else noticed!

The Eleventh Day of Every Month

Fake 'truthers'

"I have once adamant truthers telling me that they question whether or not 9/11 was even an inside job now based on his recent insanity."

If anything these 'truthers' are the insane ones. They were part of the movement for an irrational reason.


This should be a watershed moment for those in the 9/11 truth movement who don't think AJ well represents our interests. The "birther" crap is absolute fallacy. So how is it that we can respect someone's participation in a truth movement who promotes fallacy?


That story above about people questioning their views because AJ isn't kosher is simply pitiful. We don't need charismatic leaders and father figures in a movement for truth. But AJ promotes that kind of dependent desire for external authority. He doesn't promote literacy. He promotes himself as an adequate source for all truth.

I'm furious! Skeptical AJ fans could really do a lot of good right now by expressing some respectful dissent. There will be diehards that will inevitably call you a traitor. But some may agree.

And on topic, I always appreciate any creative output related to the movement. It's a very accessible way to get the massage across.

Feel Free to contact them with your concerns as well...

Self-promoting hype

I'm with you on this one, Jules. You nailed it. AJ is a self-promoting shyster in my opinion who exaggerates important points and promotes unhelpful paranoid crap. He is like a Rush Limbaugh. I recently tried to post a youtube clip about War Games but I didn't because AJ was on there ranting about how the "CIA was running war games of planes crashing into the World Trade Center and Pentagon on 9/11." It was a great clip except except for the parts with AJ that discredited the whole thing. And in one of his docs he lied about what the May 9 Executive Order said and he stated that "Atta's passport was found at the WTC" and not Satam al-Saquari's. On and on....

He reminds me of one of those right-wing paranoid militia men in the 1990s. He's fast and loose with this facts and a drag on 9/11 truth.

**Great poem Jon. Thanks for sharing.**

If you try and contact him

If you try and contact him in such a manner he'll go on air and claim that he is under attack by undercover CIA agents and so forth.

Treacherous foundations, again

This sounds familiar - Hufschmidt, Wood, Shayler...

I'd suggest all adamant truthers choose science, engineering and logic as foundations for their work.

Has AJ given airtime to the 'Advanced Thermitic...' paper yet?

9/11 Truth booklet PDFs:

Yes I believe he has. Steven

Yes I believe he has. Steven Jones, Richard Gage, Niels Harrit.

its a much longer list:

- global warming is a hoax
- FEMA concentration camps
- Radio shows with Dr. Deagle
- Radio shows with David Icke
- Obama doesn't have a birth certificate
- the election will be suspended and martial law imposed.
- AJ waving a gun around in his videos


what's to debate here? who in their right mind - who is not INTENTIONALLY trying to discredit 9/11 Truth - would hand out this clown's DVDs?

this movement needs an enema

"We need to move beyond conspiracy theories and slogans - and return to our roots. 9/11 Truth is no less than a constitutional battle to ensure our rights as citizens to demand full and honest answers from our appointed representatives in Washington." JA

"this movement needs an enema"


“The greatest purveyor of violence in the world today -- my own government.” -Martin Luther King, Jr.


Doesn't it just.

You people have no class.

Does John Albanese want Alex Jones to only promote 911 (which he obviously does a lot), or is it OK for Jones to have an opinion on other stuff too .. as long as he agrees with Albanese?

I couldn't care less.

I believe the Global Warming

I believe the Global Warming issue is a legitimate avenue of debate so long as it's not turned into a Gaia Worship Vs. Oil company shill free for all.

Agree too

I've lately been afraid to quote his site because he seems to pick up on insignificant issues and exaggerate. I'm starting to feel sorry I recommended his site.

I also agree ...

... I've noticed at the same time as Jones becomes totally unglued, he's been taking more and more credit for "starting" the truth movement. I don't even consider him a leader, let alone a founder. He's really just the leader of The Alex Jones Show. I'm glad his listeners are starting to speak out. They should form a group or something.

Buru... I found this in the

Buru... I found this in the latest article.

'Alex Jones and Infowars has remained neutral on the “birther” conspiracy from day one, simply because at this time it is unproven conjecture. Just six months into the presidency, Alex Jones produced a full length feature film documenting the problems with Barack Obama. Everything contained within The Obama Deception is certified fact, thus the birth certificate issue did not even arise within the documentary.

Other researchers such as What Really’s Mike Rivero have warned that the flames of the “birther” movement may be intentionally fanned by Obama aides in order to later capitalize from disproving the rumors, which would have the knock on effect of silencing legitimate criticism of the Obama administration in general.'

I agree, the Birth Certificate fiasco isn't a credible point of attack at all.

He certainly isn't the father of 9/11 Truth, that made me cringe.

So I'll stick to Scientific journals, facts and calling for an independent investigation with subpoena power.!

his birthplace is irrelevant

all these lawsuits alleging that obama wasn't born in amerika are crap and a total distraction from the real issue. all the obama administration needs to do to quash these lawsuits is produce a birth-certificate, whether authentic or forged, and they'll do it if they really want to. the REAL constitutional challenge to obama's presidency is the fact that at the time of his birth, regardless of where he was born, his father was a subject of the british throne, meaning obama held dual citizenship at the time of his birth and he therefore can never be a natural born citizen, which is what is required to be eligible to be president under the constitution. it's clear from the language of the constitution that the framers saw a distinction between a natural or naturalized citizen and a natural born citizen. although there is no case law on this issue since it has never arisen, there is a valid constitutional challenge based on legislative intent. there's no way anyone can argue with a straight face that the founders would have wanted a person born with british citizenship to become president of amerika. no way. the only lawsuit so far to raise this issue is the one brought by Leo Donofrio, which was sabotaged by the courts in new jersey and even a clerk of the US supreme court and was quickly disposed of. this, coupled with all the attention the MSM is giving to the ongoing birther lawsuits, is very telling. Donofrio's lawsuit also sought to disqualify John Mcain and the socialist workers party candidates on similar grounds.

now, i don't think anyone is eligible under any circumstances to be president of any country whatsoever, i don't give a damn about the constitution, and i have zero respect for alex jones, but let's not all forget how vehemently we advocated for following the constitution when bush was president. I'd also love to see obama thrown out of office. i really would.


and back to Jon. Jon, you are a gentleman and a scholar. It was an honor meeting you at the DC convention and I don't mind telling the world about it.

Great poem too! It would be nice if someone reads this at the upcoming 9-11 film festival in Oakland.

Keep it going man!


Excellent poem John

Your poem summed up 911 events nicely. Thanks for going to DC as well.

Another 9/11 Poem

When the student is ready the teacher will come.

I enjoyed your poem Jon. Here's one I wrote recently:

Take A Stand! Take A Stand! Give 9/11 Truth A Helping Hand

Take A Stand! Take A Stand!
Get your head out of the sand

If you don’t know what I’m talking about
Then listen to them TRUTHERS when they scream and shout

They’re talking about murder, they’re talking about treason
And they do it for a very good reason

It was the greatest US crime in our recent time
Conspired by those some refer to as, "filthy slime"

Just ask those leaders of our nation
Why they have no legitimate explanation

Just ask those leaders of our nation
Why we had no criminal investigation

Take A Stand! Take A Stand!
Clean those eyes and ears from all that sand

Those Twin Towers, they fell at about free fall speed
Just watch them Youtubes, DVD’s, Investigate and READ, READ, READ

Flashes! Explosions! More Flashes! More Explosions! What could that be?
Were they controlled demolitions for all the world to see?

They heard from the first responders about these mysteries
Just read the New York City Fire Department’s oral histories

There were steel ton beams that flew 400 feet
They parked themselves in buildings across the street

At the top of a bank building they found these tiny pieces of human bone.
Why were they so tiny? How in the hell did they get thrown?

Take A Stand! Take A Stand!
I hope that head is almost out of that sand

Building 7 came down later that day
No plane hit it is what they say

It was 47 stories tall before it took that fall
Mainstream media forgot about it, they dropped the ball

It fell into the path of greatest resistance
It took only 6.5 seconds to cover that distance

There are many people who don’t know it fell
The 9/11 Commission Report sure wouldn't tell

Take A Stand! Take A Stand!
Is that head still buried in that sand?

Well, we’re not finished with all this shit
We still haven’t talked about the Pentagon hit

That jet plane that caused all that destruction
They say it had a terrorist pilot, that we know had little instruction

He made these maneuvers that professional pilots say were unable
Then he mastered the air that should of made that plane unstable

What’s most surprising was the highjacker’s DNA
It survived that crash to see another day

But those steel titanium engines, they didn’t make it
They disintegrated, they didn't find one bit

Take A Stand! Take A Stand!
Please tell me your head is now out of that sand

Last but not least we have Flight 93
It crashed in Shanksville where no one could see

But wait a minute, they found debris 8 miles away
It must of been a strong wind that carried it that day

They found, in a field, a very large gash
They said this was the spot of the jet plane crash

But where was the debris? The bodies? This should of been found
They said it all went down in the deep deep ground

There’s a lot more to say
About that terrible day

But don’t believe me, I’m just rhyming here
Besides, I'm just your regular guy who likes a good beer

Take A Stand! Take A Stand!
Wow! You finally got your head out of that sand

They say that the truth is often hidden and that you have to search
So get off your butt, investigate, and do your own research

When you do that way, you own it and it’s yours to keep
I hope you do it, I also hope you don’t lose any precious sleep

Now if you find that you had a change of mind
Then do something, do something to help mankind

Take A Stand! Take A Stand!
Thanks for getting that head out of the sand TAKE A STAND! TAKE A STAND!

Written by: Matthew Naus
Founder of: Take A Stand For 9/11 Truth

Jon Cole...very well done...

Dear JC- I read your poem again and the same rush of emotion came over me. Your words are clever, well written and full of truth.

You are a great American patriot and friend. Thanks for leading and showing me the door. I walked thru, there is no turning back or turning my back.

Your pal.