NY Times on Demolition

Sunday's edition of the New York Times (8/2/09) featured a full page on professionals in building demolition, with many facts relevant to 9/11 truth (but without mention of that phrase). Some of the facts disclosed included the following:

In NYC demolition remains unregulated, and organized crime dominates.

Safety regulations are routinely cast aside.

Companies count on making money from selling off scrap.

For extensive details, see "Demolition Man," by William K. Rashbaum and Charles V. Bagli.

Lot's of crooks & ties to the mob



Front page material

How Many Degrees Of Separation Between....

How many degrees of separation between The Mob and Kroll Associates?.......which leads to AIG......which leads to Goldman Sachs........but I am just a lowly US citizen, so who am I to question the motives of these Masters Of Finance.

Birds that flock together

If there were mob involvement in carrying out 9/11, it wouldn't be the first time the mob has helped the feds with a covert operation.

Controlled Demolition

Looks as though the lords of the establishment are maybe gonna pin this on the family owned business, Controlled Demolition. They'll color this one a straight up mafia involved with Al Qeda. Which is false and true at the same time. Because it was the mafia involved with Al Qeda, true, but the Controlled Demolition Family are not the lords of the establishment sitting on top of both groups, excuse me, created both groups.

Considering 9/11 was most likely planned years in advance, it makes sense that they've primed all of our minds with The Sopranos and Good Fellas and all the rest of the queer mafia sagas.

mafia-pirate-terrorists rule the world

We all know 9.11 was the ultimate criminal act

in America, why wouldn't the mob play their part.

Any police detective worth their salt, should be able to find out "who dunn it?"

Que, Police Detectives for 9.11 truth.



Everybody check this out!

Trippy, no one has ever stated that the evidence that was recycled post haste to China wasn't identifiable. And that's not even getting into the steel that was apparently stolen by the mafia; strange that they could manage that when the rest of it was kept such a close eye on, don't you think?

Source: http://www.sciforums.com/showpost.php?p=2276515&postcount=1016

Is there any substantiation for this claim? I guess we should find out. (It certainly fits right in with this blog post)

Here's some (weak) substantiation (History Commons):

Investigators believe the theft was organized by one of New York’s Mafia families.

Connecting Dots

SnowCrash, Thanks for your excellent research in the edit link. If you will click on "avid's blog," and locate "Items of Evidence," you'll find information and names about who ran the the cleanup (and who didn't but should have), according to a New York Times article entitled "Ground Zero Illnesses, Clouding Giuliani's Legacy," dated May 14, 2007. Your link and this article go well together for investigational purposes.