'9/11 was an inside job' - US poet JerryMazza RussiaToday August 02, 2009

'9/11 was an inside job' - US poet JerryMazza
August 02, 2009

New York journalist and poet Jerry Mazza speaks with RT's Anastasia Churkina about 9/11, Iraq and Afghanistan - and the effects they have had on the American psyche.

nice work Jerry!

nice interview

he had some good things to say - i'll have to check out his stuff

he's right 911 is central

that interviewer is hot too! hope to see more of her

No, Obama is worse than Bush

I like Jerry Mazza and what he had to say. I've read a lot of his articles over at OnlineJournal over the years too. But, I don't agree at all that Obama is better than Bush. Why? Because Obama has done nothing to change course, and at the same time, he has hypnotized the public into believing that he's on their side while the wars escalate, the looting of the treasury continues, the empire and the military-industrial-complex gains more power. Wouldn't you rather have an obvious tyrant like Bush as president, where at least there was much more public awareness of the need for real change, than someone who promises change and lulls the public into complacency? Where are the anti-war protests? Doesn't that speak volumes? And even though I'm terribly disappointed in the American people for falling for this charade, I lay the blame primarily on the ruling class, who Obama represents. And, amazingly, the vast majority of Americans don't understand or realize that the media is owned by the ruling class as well. Is it any surprise then, that in real terms, Obama is worse than Bush but most people just haven't realized it yet?

I'm with you on this one


I agree, Obama is worse

3,300 innocent civilian deaths in Iraq since Obama took over.
Hundreds more dead in Afghanistan.

All in the name of corporate profits, aka the military-industrial complex.

Obama is on pace to out-do Bush in body count, but nobody is paying attention anymore.



That's an entire 9/11 right there.

yet to be seen..

you make it seem like if he wanted to make the big change, he could.. but with the evidence of bush sr. cia-jfk assassination-banking connections.. bush sr. is the head of the public snake in the actions of the u.s. government since ww2.. but yes.. obama can be so deceptive, smooth talking.. so lies are not that apparent.. which means more work for us.. but what changes are in store for us.. a global collapse, depopulation, martial rule, or a genuine improvement for as many people as possible.. time is approaching swiftly, and our efforts with 9/11 truth is to force obama to deal with reality and real justice. Surviving Bush is not something to sneeze at, either.. jerry is a writer with a conscience.


There is no way that Obama is worse than Bush


We shall see how it all play's out & it does seem like O is unwilling to go after previous criminals & do the right thing in Aghanistan.. but there is no way he's worse than W.

My take on the TV quote

I read the caption and thought - right, Obama is better at manipulation than Bush because he's so charming and intelligent. Then I see "better" is used to compare their "goodness" or lack thereof.

Your take is correct, imho.

There are two reasons why Obama's charm diversions create a bigger risk for The Money Party. First, you can promise a lot but when your promises are to to a lot of people in real need, then failing to deliver will be noticed across the board. Second, it's one thing to get screwed by a truly vulgar person like GWB. That makes sense. But conned by a charmer provokes a real sense of betrayal.

I'm hoping that the Obama experience will end, for a good while, the politics of personality. It's dangerous and can't be tolerated.

I have an alternative. Politicians need to be given numbers and required to wear athletic jerseys like basketball players. They would only be referred to by their numbers and the jerseys would bear the logo of their three top corporate donors. Obama would be #1, of course, and have a Goldman Sachs logo, plus a couple of others. Then we could all go into the business of retiring jerseys.


A journalist who has the balls to tell the truth. I wonder how long he will stay alive?


I just read something I think answers this:

“The truth has been exposed again and again, but to what effect? What have forty years of correct analysis of the environmental and political state of the world brought us? The reason that the entire staff of Counterpunch, The Nation, and Truthout is not in a concentration camp is that it is not necessary. Words themselves have been robbed of their power.” -- The Ubiquitous Matrix of Lies, Charles Eisenstein: http://www.realitysandwich.com/ubiquitous_matrix_lies

Cynical but true

Also, there is this quote from Orwell:

Seemingly there is nothing left but quietism — robbing reality of its terrors by simply submitting to it.

So while words may be fruitless, still too few are uttering them.

There's one answer

That's something Griffin could have cited in his debate with Monbiot, when Monbiot asked him why he wasn't dead yet.

Jerry is very well spoken. He says a lot in a short time.

Jerry did a fabulous job of answering a bunch of questions. Very well expressed. It impacts hard with a soft gentleness of true concern.

Thanks to RT

This program is seen around the world I believe. The wall is cracking and MSM will become more irrelevant as the truth breaks out elsewhere. There will be a backlash.

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