War on Terror: Expenditures


Coming to terms with a global war on terror is nearly impossible given the incalculable human and financial costs.


As long as the 9/11 myth survives

Some very good points were made ---- but as long as the 9/11 myth survives we remain a country in fear-based mass delusion.

This video re-inforces the 9/1 myth. Too bad.

I agree

The so called "War on Terror" is a myth just like 9/11. The real terrorists are the men in black suits. The ones in positions of power like Obama, etc. People better wake-up soon while we still have a chance.


i understand that the war on terror itself is bs. but the show we produce is trying to approach the subject in a different manner, by first introducing the fact that there is NO threat, and to show how much money and lives are being wasted on these wars. we never say we were attacked by muslims or OBL. we are just going about it a different way: trying to make people open their minds first before scaring them off.


we focus on 9-11 truth and wearechange in the segment for solutions to help end the war on terror. im doing what i can to get the info out there. thanks for watching and for your input!

This report is designed for a different audience-good marketing

Good marketing. From having been involved in marketing of wholesale and retail items, I understand exactly how this video is designed. One message won't appeal to all audiences. You are targeting a specific audience which will agree on aspects presented. This keeps them on your side. If they watch some of the previous episodes you have made, they become more enlightened. I am glad that you are doing this Abby...and it is your gig. If someone wants to do a different approach, they can start their own gig.


tom- and actually jane (the first woman in the vid) produces the show, I am just a mere writer/researcher/correspondant!

The Three Trillion Dollar War

Actually, some economists have tried to estimate the cost of the Iraq War. Nobel Prize winner Joseph Stiglitz and Professor Linda Blimes published a book in 2008 entitled, The Three Trillion Dollar War: The True Cost of the Iraq Conflict. A trillion here, a trillion there, eventually you are talking about some real money. It should be noted that this was just for the Iraq War, not the entire War on Terror.


Does the three trillion include projected costs of future conflict/ occupation?

I believe so

The authors do use projected costs based on current circumstances to arrive at that figure. They also include some of the rise in oil prices that occurred after the invasion of Iraq.

A review from Publishers Weekly,

"Using "emergency" funds to pay for most of the war, the authors show that the White House has kept even Congress and the Comptroller General from getting a clear idea on the war's true costs. Other expenses are simply overlooked, one of the largest of which is the $600 billion going toward current and future health care for veterans....Figuring in macroeconomic costs and interest-the war has been funded with much borrowed money-the cost rises to $4.5 trillion; add Afghanistan, and the bill tops $7 trillion. This shocking expose, capped with 18 proposals for reform, is a must-read for anyone who wants to understand how the war was financed, as well as what it means for troops on the ground and the nation's future."

p.s. click on the link in my previous post to purchase or read the Amazon reviews.

Nice work!

Nice work Abby to you and your team. Each video looks better and better.

At Fox Channel 4

It is up to all of us to disseminate the real news.

You go, Abby!

Keep doing what you're doing.......you're correct in that some people need to take in
9/11 Truth with an eye dropper......one drop at a time......until it finally (hopefully) sinks in to
their closed, fearful brains.

All it took for me was watching Loose Change once and I was convinced.....but I'd had doubts
from 9/11 anyway.

Hey, what happened with Truther.org?


Excellent job, Abby and Jane. I dig the tactic youre using to eventually bring people around. Very nice!

“The greatest purveyor of violence in the world today -- my own government.” -Martin Luther King, Jr.

Thanks Abby and Jane for a

Thanks Abby and Jane for a great video. I plan on sharing this.