Blackwater Chief Accused of Murder, Threats

Democracy Now! had two important interviews regarding policies of corruption and terror in today's program:

"In Explosive Allegations, Ex-Employees Link Blackwater Founder to Murder, Threats"

In sworn statements, two ex-employees claim Blackwater’s owner, Erik Prince, murdered or facilitated the murder of individuals cooperating with federal authorities investigating the company. One also charged Prince “views himself as a Christian crusader tasked with eliminating Muslims and the Islamic faith from the globe.” We speak with investigative journalist and bestselling author Jeremy Scahill, who broke the story for The Nation magazine.

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"British Lawmaker David Davis Challenges US Threats to Suppress Evidence of CIA Torture".

A British court heard evidence last week that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton tried to prevent the disclosure of details regarding the CIA’s role in the alleged torture of former Guantanamo Bay prisoner Binyam Mohamed. We hear from conservative British parliamentarian David Davis about the Obama administration’s attempts to suppress evidence in this case.

Xe (formerly Blackwater)

I'm not sure why they changed their name to Xe (zee), but it was the name of "El Dorado", the fabled 'golden city' that Conquistadors such as Francisco Pizarro, searched for in South America. Pizarro was later assassinated in Cuzco, the capital of the Inca Empire. Karma, Mr. Prince?
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