Keith Olbermann On Blackwater

This Is Just Horrible...

A.B. Buzzy Krongard sat on the advisory board of Blackwater.

We can end this Hell on Earth we are creating...

It CAN be stopped.

Edit: Cofer Black was the Vice-Chairman of Blackwater.

Two former high-ranking CIA officials. One who apparently knew something was going to happen before 9/11, and one who is connected to a bank that allegedly took part in 9/11 insider trading. Interesting.

Do these people deserve to know how and why their loved ones were murdered? Do we deserve to know how and why 9/11 happened?

In there at 30 seconds

We had about 200 truthers and marched through Balboa Park, which is in the heart of San Diego's military industrial complex, last year. I am next to Luke Rudkowski with a bullhorn in one hand and a sign in the other at 30 seconds. My wife, Laura, had a cool orange peace sign and command of the bullhorn at one point, but she is not in this shot. I believe Abby and David were the organizers and Luke came along for the ride while in California. We ended the march on the corner of a major intersection in North Park and handed out DVD's and brochures. Then we saw David Ray Griffin speak at a local church. Great day, great people. Thanks for the video Jon.

I hope it ALL hits the fan

I wanna see some indictments

The lawsuit is a civil one

A criminal one needs to be brought up, for Mr.Prince.


This is insane. It's like a horror movie. And the ENTIRE Bush administration is complicit in this mess. At the Blackwater rally in San Diego two years ago when we were trying to fight their base here, I met Erik Prince he was a prick and when we marched by him, he and his Blackwater minions simulated shooting a machine gun at us.

I have so many articles about Blackwater...

I should make an archive.

Edit: Here it is. I'm still in shock over this.

Do these people deserve to know how and why their loved ones were murdered? Do we deserve to know how and why 9/11 happened?

San Diego

I remember you guys went out there. The story sounded scary then, and it sounds scary now. This is like a horror movie. You and your team of truthers sure have showed a lot of courage.

You bet

the entire Bush administration is complicit and should be in jail where they belong but with our new savior Obama it will never happen. I have never seen anything like it. This isn't what America should be about. What happened to our constitution and bill of rights? The founding fathers must be turning in their graves.

"The founding fathers must

"The founding fathers must be turning in their graves." -- or cheering as they see their policies toward Native Americans living on and continuing all the way to the Middle East.


Thanks Jon for mentioning the Krongard 9-11 put option connection.

Paul Zarembka writes about that in his book “The Hidden History of 9-11”. p.74 ”Krongard’s position [at Bankers Trust Alex. Brown] was to oversee “private client relations”... In 1999, Bankers Trust was bought by Deutsche Bank, the latter becoming the largest bank in Europe and, coincidentally (?) the same bank which handled that large UAL put option reported by Arvedlund (2001)”

The Reagan administration learned the value of by-passing congressional oversight of covert operations and their funding by establishing connections with secret organizations with high level peripheral connections to government agencies. Some of the same players from that era, found their way into the Bush 2 administration- Cheney, Robert Gates, Eliot Abrams, John Negroponte and others. They found a lasting benefit in using secret organizations to accomplish dark deeds that perhaps even the CIA didn’t want to get dirtied by. To add religious zealotry into the mix is the perfect equation for ensuring the longevity and sanctity of secrets. Catholic convert, Eric Prince is thought to be a member of Opus Dei, the right wing secret Catholic organization, in charge of Vatican banking and tied to assassinations ( Roberto Calvi and the Banco D’Ambrosio scandal, Hutchison ) .
In the past, Opus Dei received funding from the CIA to counter Western European communism.
(“Their Kingdom Come”, Robert Hutchison) To give a religious excuse to extreme acts of violence has been done repeatedly in the past by the Catholic Church most notably. Other religious groups share the same dark logic. Eric Prince’s anti-Islamic hatreds fall in line with this historic diabolical reasoning.

The investigation of Blackwater and Prince may uncover a hornet’s nest of other dark deeds, that wouldn’t be surprising if they connected in some way to the events of 9-11. The Krongard brothers disturbing connections and activities in this regard are certainly investigation- worthy.

Shock Doctrine

I am about two thirds of the way through the book. Naomi Klein is a gate-keeper and accepts the 9/11 myth. Otherwise it is a good read, especially in the last part of the book about the privatisation of the war on terror and Iraq.

The first part of the book is about how human rights were abused in South America to escalate free market economics ("The Chicago Boys")

I believe Naomi Klein

has recently talked with Alex Jones. I think she might get what really happened on 9.11, now.

Somebody should ask her.

Mainstream media is picking

Mainstream media is picking up the story. Not good news for erik prince.

Story of the rape of Iraq

To get some more horror, please go to this site:
and search articles by Max Fuller. (It doesn't seem possible to link separately, so you'll have to check out the articles by yourself.)

"The Brussels Tribunal will be a hearing or a commission of inquiry composed of academics, intellectuals and artists in the tradition of the Russell Tribunal, set up in 1967 to investigate war crimes committed during the Vietnam War."

About the Russell Tribunal:

About Bertrand Russell:

In the 1960ties, Russell enjoyed a position like Noam Chomsky today, but unlike the latter, Bertrand Russell did not shy away from "conspiracy theories", as you will see here:

Prince of Darkness!

Yes, the tide is turning folks, we are swarming around these criminals like bees. David Davis and the Torture front, Siebel Edmonds news, and now stalking the Prince of Darkness himself. Keep it up. I called in on a NPR local affiliate today while General Anthony Zinni was promoting his new book "Leading the Charge" something about leadership in the battlefield being used in corporate boardrooms. What a bunch of crap. I thought of at least ten questions I wanted to ask but I decided on something like " What comment does the General have about the " failed leadership " on 911 when an hour can go by and a hijacked airliner can penetrate our defenses and hit the Pentagon our command center. And especially in light of the testimony of then Sec of Transportation Norman Mineta regarding the same airliner approaching while in the PEOC the presidential bunker. How can something like this happen? I wanted to keep the question within main stream media parameters so it would make it on the air and hopefully raise the question in the minds of the general audience. Well the General treated it "generally" and side stepped it with the failure of communication among our many intelligence services. I was cut off before I could make a follow up comment. Then the host took a break and came back to the show with some boring crap. But when they finally took another caller the fellow says something like " How could all these hijacked planes get past NORAD on 911? Where was NORAD? " It was great because you could tell this guy was playing the game the same as I had to keep it within acceptable parameters but still on target for 911 Truth. More bull shit came out about how we had been looking for incoming planes from outside not inside the country etc. I felt like; Oh yeah what about the wargames that day! Soon after that the host wrapped up the show and didn't take any more calls but read a fully screened email that changed the subject. Zinni is planing on touring to promote his new book (retirement bonus) so I hope we can keep on hitting him with more questions etc.


Great strategy peacefulwarrior. Keep it up. Ask the dogs of war question after question after question and never stop.

Can I see this video anywhere else?

I would love to watch this video but I am living in China now and Youtube is blocked. I have a proxy server but it is too slow to stream videos. Any suggestions?