Unspun Newz story - Real Time problems with Bill Maher?

For some years, HBOs satirical talk show host Bill Maher - of Real Time, has repeatedly vocalized his ill opinion on his weekly live cable television show, of those who question the governments account of the events of September 11th. Whether its directed against a Real Time guest or used as a punch line to his entertainment offerings, activists known as 9/11 Truthers have been lambasted as tin foil hat conspiracy theorists. But, then again, Bill Maher also publicly states the Twin Towers burned for more than two hours. This would make little impact on national opinion if it were not for Mahers impressive viewership numbers. Ratings are the mark of a TV man and Bill seems to be holding the high cards however, when it comes to documentation of what actually occurred on that tragic day and the alleged evidence that has since surfaced, it seems, the time has come for Maher to rethink his hand and callor fold. Countless viewers and fans have contacted Real Time - and its producers over the years out of frustration and hope of getting any one - of a growing number, of experts invited onto his show as a guest to openly - without bias, discuss new evidence that appears to contradict most of what we have been told. Maher and his team have not only refused to respond to any of their correspondence, but have also continued the live derision of a people, on a topic he has refused to research in any reputable way. So much so, that even after a $250,000 cash challenge issued by Jock Doubleday (to merely study the evidence), Maher continues his refusal to acknowledge on his show, the possibility, of malice, ill intent, foreknowledge, cover-up, and/or the potential involvement of the United States government in these attacks. After more than a year of honest attempts, these viewers were done being belittled and used as television fodder for a comedian who to them, seems to have taken on the 9/11 challenge and their message as a pet project of sorts. In 2007, the real battle of witsand wills began. Mahers viewers fought back with little notice or mention in main stream media. UnSpun Newz has picked up the challenge. This is their story *UnSpun Newz was refused comment(s) by deadline from Time Warner, HBO, Real Time, and/or Bill Maher. UnSpun Newz believes - after investigating the Bill Maher 9/11 story, that there could be higher powers pushing the proverbial censorship buttons on Real Time. In viewing this newscast you will better understand the upcoming UnSpun Newz SPECIAL investigative report that will dig deeper into who signs Mr. Mahers paycheck and what exactly their ties areto 9/11 then and 9/11 now.

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Great Stuff guys

Excellent work.. bravo, kudos, encore encore...

Can't wait to see the next installment.



"Those who can make you believe absurdities can also make you commit atrocities." - Voltairre

Nice piece

I like the approach here, seems to be quite professional, just makes me wonder how far these folks will get with this. I like the idea of exposing people for their ties to corruption, hopefully they can make some meaningful connections that can be brought to the public attention at large.

The love that you withhold is the pain that you carry

Bill Maher - He Cool

If Bill Maher says that 9/11 was not an inside job, than it must be true. Bill Maher is da man - HE COOL.

Most excellent. I look

Most excellent. I look forward to the day when we get past the executions of the 9/11 culprits and begin moving through the ranks of coverup specialists. Bill Maher is certainly on that list. It's only gonna get progressively worse for him to go out in public. This guy has no idea what's in store for him. He's such a wee man with no backbone that when he's thrown into prison it's likely he's gonna be somebody's bitch.

Bill Maher's checks signed by Time/Warner like CNN

You see what Time Warner thinks of challenging any of the stories CNN runs by purchasing adtime on CNN. CNN flat out refused to run ads that were bought that were critical of Lou Dobbs pushing the Swift Birth nonsense. Let's not forget Time magazine was FoxNews before Fox was uncool. The Luce family are right wing views are well known.

Bill Maher is also possibly the most easy to manipulate broadcaster going. Bill Maher openly broadcasts his habitual pot use to a national TV audience, and we're supposed to believe he's never gotten pulled by a cop?

Put this in "How stupid do you think we are?" file next to the magic bullet.


wish you would have waited till you actually had the new info before you posted this

i've seen all the other stuff already which has been previously posted on 911blogger

then right when you get to the part about the said new info on time/warner ceo - it's over

does anybody watch "maintream" tv anymore anyway?


Thanks for the "pathetic" comment glo.

By the way the report spells out that we uncovered the new information about Time Warner's CEO while preping this piece on Maher so it isn't in production yet. Secondly, none of us get paid anything for this glo. If you have some constructive criticism I would be glad to hear it.

Great work...

Please keep going...
I have always wondered what's the problem with Maher who is otherwise intelligent. There must be another explanation than him just being selectively dumb.

Isn't it interesting

Isn't it interesting that Bill Maher encourages people to question religion and seems to advocate it as his top priority, but when people use that same reason and question the "religion" that is the 9/11 official story, he labels them as stupid and insane? What a hypocrite.