War on Terror: Foreign Policy


Could it be that our foreign policy decisions are determined by the most powerful corporations on the planet?



Thanks Abby

Thanks Abby, I actually cheered out loud when you took the sledgehammer to the TV. I'm glad that a clip of that introduction alone is available on YouTube. I'll be posting it to my FaceBook, to get people's attention. If the feedback is good, I'll post the reports too. :-)

posting it to my FaceBook as well


Keep Making Similar Videos

This is a well produced and articulated work focused on likely the greatest problem facing the public today - highly intelligent criminals manipulating the world in which we live to the furtherment of their own power and detriment of us all, mostly via economics and propaganda.

Would enjoy seeing a similar work further exposing the bi-partisan monopoly that is the CFR. Cable TV would have us believe that Democrats and Republicans eternal foes, yet the most powerful of each are CFR members.

And virtually no one realizes this.

Thanks to everyone!

I am overwhelmed by the amount of support and encouragement on this thread from my fellow comrades- you guys seriously rock! Keep spreading love, peace and TRUTH!

I think I'm in love.

I'm sorry, what were you saying? I was lost in your eyes.

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Sorry you can't hear the content because of my outfit. Part of the show is trying to appeal to a younger audience, and I am not going to change who I am and wear a business suit or something just to get my point across..

Pay no heed.

Abby. Pay no heed to your critics.
I have no problem separating the message from the messenger.
As a matter of fact I find the message comes through loud and clear because of your conviction in the cause and your enthusiasm.
Let's face it, network news and entertainment shows rely on blatant sex appeal and beauty to capture our attention and all they sell us are superficial distractions, subtle propaganda and sensationalist "news" stories.
Please don't change or be made to feel guilty for your style. You have done nothing but good for a noble cause from day 1.

Your words speak for you

Sure you look very beautiful, but what you are saying and the way you are saying it is what speaks to me. You are intelligent and have done your research, and it is refreshing to see that you are not willing to compromise yourself to make your point. Thanks for putting this very informative report together, the information is great and I look forward to the next installment.

The love that you withhold is the pain that you carry

Sure you look very beautiful

But it is the inner beauty that counts. What impresses me the most is that there is so many young people that can see through the big lie. The young people hold in their hands the future of this beautiful planet. In my eyes all truthers are beautiful.


Nobody is asking you to change your style. you're hot and we all like it. Heck, every time you put out a great video like this one we all have two choices: either we block out the video and just listen to your excellent reports or we simply watch you and become mesmerized and absorb all the information the old fashioned way - in a trance, the sheeple way!

All compliments on your appeal aside, this is an excellent job. It's because of people like you that I sleep better at night, confident that we will defeat the bastards.


I didn't think you guys would take my comment so seriously. It was an awesome video and I was just trying to be nice/funny. You guys should lighten up a bit.

Nail on the Head!

Radical means "root", and you are certainly getting to the root of the whole problem with this series.
I think you handled a complex subject quite effectively. Being radical is not a left or right label, but rather a focus on the heart of an issue. Show no mercy folks!

radical |ˈradikəl|

ORIGIN late Middle English (in the senses [forming the root] and [inherent] ): from late Latin radicalis, from Latin radix, radic- ‘root.’

Thanks so much for watching~

Thanks a lot for re posting, this segment is by far my favorite! We tried to really spell it out for people that defense corporations are the main drivers of our foreign policy. Hopefully some people get pissed when they learn that Dems and Repubs are all in bed with the same corporations and people.

Nicely done!

You really crystalize and detail an important validation of Eisenhower's warning about the Military Industrial Complex. I didn't realize how blatant it was. Thanks for the post. Well worth watching and sharing.

Gangsters With High IQs

Possibly the quickest way to begin deconstructing this global organized crime operation is to eliminate massive private funding from public elections.

Two entirely controlled parties control America. Equal public funding for all movements could begin to break the monopoly.

As John Perkins has said, the western Anglo-American establishment have created the world's first global empire via economics.

Information, economics and ideology are simply means to an end and all controlled by the same interests.

(By the way, this video is a very good short lesson on reality)

Campaign finance is the problem

You are right about campaign financing being the root of the problem.

Even if a politician wanted to do the right thing they can't get elected without being beholden to special interests due to how money is raised for campaigns in this country. The problem is systemic.

With public financing, if a candidate has the required number of endorsement signatures for a given position they should be eligible for funding.

There could also be a ban on corporate funding, a limit on what individuals can give a specific candidate, and a prohibition on candidates accepting money from anyone who isn't a constituent.

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you guys are acting like i am wearing a bikini, and it is pissing me off. have you ever been outside your house? or do you live in saudi arabia where women are all in burkas?

Doubly pathetic.

Doubly pathetic is the fact that the thread with the most comments in a long time is about Abby and her attire. (of which I am guilty.)Both the admirers and detractors come across as juvenile. Look outside or in the malls guys, that's how millions of normal girls look and dress every day.
I keep coming back to this blog because the most credible and professional seeming people post here and come here to catch up on the latest news in the 9/11 Truth info war. Unfortunately threads like this, while amusing give credence to people who would like to portray the 9/11 truth movement as unsophisticated, paranoid basement dwellers huddled around computer monitors at all hours of the night and day.
I wouldn't blame Abby and friends if they avoid this blog next time they have a message to share, but I hope they can rise above it all and continue to show us all what they have learned in an entertaining fashion.

Show "Phaedrus: You seem like a thoughtful person" by zmzmzm

Immature and juvenile

I try to view this from an objective point of view as I have with the whole 9/11 issue and what I see here is an immature debate about a pretty girl (one of millions BTW) and her attire.
I don't know the reason but it comes across as a bunch of prudes and puritans on one side and some smitten school boys on the other side who are unable to get past the superficial aspect when they should be thanking Abby for shining her light in the darkness of lies and deceit that cover the 9/11 story.
This is a very thought provoking video (and website) that can be shared with anyone regardless of political preference or affiliation and that is what the discussion should be about. It can also be a wedge to open the door to the real issue of 9/11 Truth.
This is my last word on this thread. It has passed the stage of ridiculous already.

Show "Thank you for your thoughtful reply" by zmzmzm

Don't get it do you??

You just don't get it do you?
This is not about Abby and her attire.
It's about the immature and juvenile comments about Abby and her attire.
When I commented that I don't know the reason, it was referring to the immaturity.
Can we move on now?
There are a lot more important things to discuss.
This is for sure my last, last word this time:-].

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abby Marzi doesn't like

abby Marzi doesn't like your jeans! they don't conform to Marzi's world view about what type of pants a reporter wears. i would take this person request very seriously. In real life i take people very seriously who criticize my pants, it is a very deadly serious issue.

this is America where women

this is America where women are free to dress however they wish. But America is a free country where sheltered sexually repressed people like yourself can be too distracted by a young female dressing normally to watch a news report.

A New Era in News Media...Independents claiming their markets.

Sexy. Young. Diverse. Music. Interest. Down to Earth. Hot. Regular people involved. http://yournetwork.tv/index.php
Attract attention and capture interest from a specific audience. "theN3TWORK" is latching on to a new era of audience who have been forsaken by the conventional, Walter Conkrite rendition of corporate-defined media. "theN3TWORK" is capturing a void in the marketplace.

Cleavage, youth, informal apparel, interactive involvement, music, good looking presenters, diverse but deep subjects.... We are seeing the beginning of a new media company capturing a niche in the marketplace by defining its own image.

Jane Baek, CEO and founder of theN3TWORK, might spark controversial comments when she relays the news while wearing a low-cut neckline. Knowing that the Internet is the final frontier for truly free speech, Ms. Baek is creating the equivalent of a television network for the iGeneration.

Personally, from an entrepreneural viewpoint, I think that people involved with theN3TWORK have identified some characteristics in the marketplace which will help them build a unique image as a Media Provider.
Have you ever walked into a Freshman college class on government?...students doodling, not intent nor really interested in a dry, old man's lecture on aspects which have little relevance. Watch a classroom of young adults sometime. Watch what young people are doing. Many young people are mistaken to be shallow when actually, in reality, they would prefer a different mode of communication.

More than a decade ago, Alex Jones was carving out a defined audience. The "Alex Jones rant" became a famous identifier for the unique niche in the marketplace which he carved out. However, not everyone identifies with this segment of audience in the alternative media. theN3TWORK is carving out a defined audience.

9/11 Truth -- theN3TWORK has addressed alarming aspects of 9/11 in some of their previous news pieces.

WoW! All the comments! "theN3TWORK" is a unique Media Provider

"theN3TWORK" is a unique Media Provider. http://yournetwork.tv/index.php
Jane Baek, Abby, and others involved in this televsion network designed to reach the iGeneration have hit upon some fantastic marketing aspects in their approach to communicating matters of substance.

Certainly their target audience is not every individual who reads 911Blogger. However, "theN3TWORK" is targeting a younger generation who normally might not have an interest in the relevant events of our time. The approach is unique. "theN3TWORK" stands out in its mode of communication with which many of the iGeneration identify with. One aspect of the "theN3TWORK" approach is how gracefully relevant news or subjects (such as music) are presented in segments. If a viewer becomes interested in one area, this might lead the viewer to search other areas.

"theN3TWORK" is reaching a target audience which has been untapped. I am thrilled to see this adroit method of disseminating unrevealed truths. "theN3TWORK" is the alternative Media Provider for the MTV type viewer, the iGeneration.

This is a dynamic niche in the marketplace which no other alternative media provider has filled. I am thrilled at this marketing concept! Fantastic venue for inching-in 9/11 Truth to a targeted audience who normally would never be reached.


I saw an intelligent, confident, informed, compassionate young woman telling a generation
about the state of things. Now that is a model to emulate.

If Not Me? Who? If Not Now? When?

Show "This video is a PSYOPS" by zmzmzm

No. It is NOT a psyops. You are just not an audience.

Not all media is designed for all types of public.
You are just not the type of public that this media company is marketing to.

Not all books are written for all readers... ...different readers have different interests and preferred modes of style. (Example: I enjoy pictures or graphics when I read. I like big print. I like to have words defined or references footnoted. I like a certain range of topics or subject area. I enjoy some fiction books, but not all types. Etc.)

Alex Jones markets to a specified audience. Some people appreciate his alternative media style / stories, while other people bash his platform apart.

Some people enjoy Fox News, while other people slam Fox for their tainted approach.

Look at the history of MTV. MTV received tremendous criticism throughout its evolution. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MTV

A MEDIUM TARGETS A SPECIFIC AUDIENCE. A MEDIUM TARGETS A TYPE OF GROUP OR PERSON. If a medium does not appeal to an individual, then that individual is not a targeted audience.

Important components in marketing a message...

Two key elements in marketing a message:
Attract attention.
Create interest.

That there exists controversy on the approach, definitely shows that "attract attention" is working. I am impressed on how matters of substance are integrated within the marketing of this unique business model.

Show "Attract attention is working?" by zmzmzm

You are not without a point,

You are not without a point, but the attire is not that unusual and it is suitable to a large audience.

Just as the clothing sends you one way, it will send others the other way.

I work a good deal with yet another kind of audience and have learned, as we all must, to tailor my messages to that audience. There is no one way to present 9/11 information because there is no single audience.

This is a very reasonable video and I thought it was very effective. I did not fall in love with the presenter and I was not distracted by her clothing. Compare to Faux news with the cold babes in short skirts.

An engineer friend of mind thinks the world of Richard Gage because Gage thinks the way he thinks. I am partial DRG.

The creator of the video probably will take your comment into account, and that's fine. But I am adding mine to say maybe don't take it into account too much. Go with your inspiration and what you think is right.

zmzmzm, this video looks kind of CA to me. Where do you live?

JFK on secrecy and the press

Show "I live in Maine - originally from Long Island, New York" by zmzmzm


Maybe I wouldn't have to be on screen, If we had money and time to use full screen graphics the whole time and I didn't have to memorize these facts and recite them on camera to put these episodes together. But for now, I have to. I will dress like a fucking NUN next time so hopefully the information can sink in without everyone's panties getting in a twist

Oh, Abby

Dont listen to the puritans. You look lovely and its not a distraction in the least to people who have healthy views about equality among the sexes, not to mention healthy sexual relationships.

Although if you insist on dressing like a nun Im sure theres a certain segment of the population who would get some kind of kick out of it ;)

“The greatest purveyor of violence in the world today -- my own government.” -Martin Luther King, Jr.


So true :)

'Dissonance' be damned

Let the ugly truth come out through as many varieties as possible.

Can't agree..

I watch Headline News in the morning because of Robin Meade. No doubt, I think she's hot, but that's never the only reason I watch. You are saturated with sex in media everywhere. You find nice looking girls/women everywhere as well; malls, concerts, walking downtown, driving down your neighborhood, so I don't see why it would be such a distraction here. If you really get THAT fixated on it that you can't hear the message then try it again. It wears off. I think we all as humans grow past such fixations as we reach certain points in our lives or share common experiences (just my personal societal belief there, I'm not painting anyone here by any means). And if you do like the message, you should pass it on. Enter your own caveat to it you like, but you never know who will take to its message. Maybe a hard working female exec relates to it better or young grad student. It is about audience.
Yes, I think its working.

peace all


"To be persuasive we must be believable; to be believable we must be credible; to be credible we must be truthful." - Edward R. Murrow

Dana Perino

While I appreciate Dana Perino for the gifts that nature gave her, I could separate her looks from her right wing talking points. I would use whatever you have to work with. Abby has a lot to work with- I'm glad she's not an airhead, nor a Cokie Roberts clone.

"Not all media is designed

"Not all media is designed for all types of public.
You are just not the type of public that this media company is marketing to."


JFK on secrecy and the press

Show "Comfortable with a brain" by marzi

Actually, I am!

I am extremely comfortable with having a brain. I am not influenced by Hollywood- I also am not influenced by you trying to insult me and bring me down.

Show "Next?" by marzi

it's my job

to present the way i choose, not cater toward your psychosis. spend more energy on helping the cause, not hating :)

Actually Abby it's not

Actually Abby it's not psychosis, it's reality. And dare I say you should have more respect for your audience? If some in your audience suggest that something is up with your attire please don't dismiss it as psychosis. Instead, do some research and test it out on friends, colleagues, family and other journalists and see what they have to say. And I don't think anyone is saying wear a business suit either. The problem with your top is that it was showing way too much skin to put it quite frankly. And so, I found myself watching the piece for a few beats and then going, hey is that her belly that's showing. It made me wonder why you were wearing such a slinky top. I thought, is this supposed to be sexy alternative news? Then, there's the 'Elaine Xmas card issue to boot' for the few Seinfeld fans out there who know what I'm talking about. You can call me every name in the book but just know that if I'm thinking this, then others are.

I just think the casual meter it was way too low. You just need to adjust your casual meter otherwise the piece becomes about you and you alone. Please keep in mind that I have experienced many years of mass brainwashing and conditioning from popular culture and mainstream media so I have been internally told what to expect my news presenter to appear like. Now if you want to go against that meme, that's entirely up to you but just know that if you continue to do so, I will continue to be distracted by what you wear. And it cannot be helped. And it is a fact of life. Incidentally, I checked out one of your other pieces and found another woman who was showing a lot of cleavage. This, I'm sorry to say, I just can't understand. The first thing my subconscious said was, hey that's a lot of cleavage. Why is she showing so much cleavage? Did she come from a dinner party? Was she at a wedding? Was there an outing of some sort and she's just rushed into the studio to do this piece?

Clothes can be hip but they need to be neutral and not distract the eye. If anything, they need to draw us to your eyes and face and not to your belly, cleavage or elsewhere.


Give me a break man. It's a problem in today's society that people like you and others cannot take the information for what it is without obsessing about my shirt- which is actually appropriate in southern california in 100 degree weather in our green screen room. I don't know if you have ever had a girlfriend or have ever left your computer or house for that matter to see what women wear these days, but that is far from "inappropriate". Casual yes. This is who I am and this is the way I dress, so if you don't like it, don't watch it. The videos we make are geared toward the MTV audience of kids who normally don't give a shit about politics.

Ok. I see that you are

Ok. I see that you are unable to appreciate any sort of constructive criticism and are basically telling me to FO thereby telling approximately a hundred other people or maybe the thousand that I'd represent as well.. Since, that you emphatically stated that it is for the MTV audience, you might consider moving the camera more like tilting it from side to side and offer up some flashier graphics as well as prefacing that in your comments for your uploads. Perhaps something like: not intended for anyone over 25 or something like that.

Not being in the MTV audience bracket, a person like me, the most vile individual you can imagine, shall avoid your spots and no longer pass it onto all of my ignorant 30 something friends who are swamped with careers and families. Sadly, they are also people like me. May God help them. I wish you continued success and good fortune with the brain-dead short attention-spanned youth.

sadly, missing the point

sadly, missing the point

(50s mentality)

Cant wait to see the video you come up with since Abby did such a terrible job and all

“The greatest purveyor of violence in the world today -- my own government.” -Martin Luther King, Jr.

thank you!

to everyone who gets that this video is about important information. thanks for your support and for passing it on :)

you are a sick, sick person zmz

good luck with that...

Abby don't take comments frm

Abby don't take comments frm ZMZ and his ilk personally or even seriously for that matter.
He seems like the type of person who goes on boards like 9/11 blogger to fiegn his passion for 'free speech' and 'freedom of choice' but when the rubber meets the road i wouldn't be surprised if this guy would have a good time with state sponsored religion like a theocracy that can tell women how they can dress when they read news.
If they can't watch you because they are too distracted by the way you look they are very very sheltered and disturbed people. I would be scared in the same room with them watching a Seth Rogen comedy, they might be so offended and so shocked they would probably call the police.

Simply, valuable information

IMHO. This is just valuable information. There's nothing wrong in it. Besides, it wouldn't be wrong if we paid attention to the fact that there's another presenter. I personally prefer these two ones rather than the old dinosaurs we are used to seeing. Anyway, valuable data.


Im going to post this to FB -- well done to everyone involved!

“The greatest purveyor of violence in the world today -- my own government.” -Martin Luther King, Jr.

Revolving Door

The revolving door needs to be jammed. The antitrust laws need to be reinforced. Companies that are too big to fail are too big to exist. Great job pointing out the conflict of interest by connecting the dots using specific examples with nice graphics. Well done!

For those of you...

Criticizing Abby for her outfit, compare it to someone like Glenn Beck, Bill O'Reilly, etc... who constantly lie, and lie, and lie... I would much rather have the beautiful Jane and Abby tell me GOOD information than have to listen to the stuffed shirts sprout their lies. They are extremely YOUNG and professional. Their attire suits them in my opinion. Abby does a lot of good work, and she works REALLY hard. I think you should cut her some slack for her style.

Do these people deserve to know how and why their loved ones were murdered? Do we deserve to know how and why 9/11 happened?


If Abby were to appear on "What Not to Wear", Stacey and Clinton wouldn't have a word to say. Jane, Abby, and the other gentleman who appeared in this segment were all dressed professionally IMO.

The shutins here have made it all about the fashion and not about the message. Give me a break.

“The greatest purveyor of violence in the world today -- my own government.” -Martin Luther King, Jr.

people of such a

people of such a puritanical nature can pretend to preech freedom of speech and freedom of religion when deep down inside i believe they would embrace state sponsored tyrannical Christianity.

Another way to look at this

Another way to look at this whole thing is we just have the best-looking, smartest people in the USA on our side!

JFK on secrecy and the press

Show "I just scanned 46 comments" by zmzmzm

Abby is an extremely beautiful woman...

And Brett was trying to be nice with a compliment. You're the one that brought up her attire, and how it's a distraction, etc... etc... etc... starting the "topic" of discussion in this thread.

Here's my take on the video... it's a well known fact that corporations care more about the bottom dollar than the people or organizations they sell their products to. If the people who serve in Government are interchangeable with their corporate counterparts, then why should their priorities be any different? Guess what? They're not.

Do these people deserve to know how and why their loved ones were murdered? Do we deserve to know how and why 9/11 happened?

Show "No Jon - I am not the one who brought up her attire" by zmzmzm
Show "Infantile analysis" by marzi

Thanks Jon

I'm glad someone noticed that. And Abby, good work! seriously. I was informed about things I didn't know before. Now, onto the next episode!

They covered that

in the video - that's what she was SAYING, not what she LOOKED like. The video disseminated the relationships between corporations and politicans fairly well and quite neatly. The "attire" thing seems to have been some stupid side topic people have been getting all in a hoot over - open the clip in a different window or minimize the thing if you can't focus. I feel sorry for you folks if this ever happens in an academic setting, you'll fail if you find any of your teachers attractive because you cant discipline yourself enough to stay on task. Pathetic. Stop wasting time and get the facts out there.

The love that you withhold is the pain that you carry

This is unbelievable!

I am in utter shock at the number of inane comments there are in reference to Abby's looks and the outfit she is wearing. Has the content of her presentation made any impression on you people AT ALL???? Do you hear the statistics she is relaying to you???? Do you understand the implications of this material to your lives???? Right here, these stupid and pathetic comments epitomize all that is wrong with our country; a citizenry so, so easily distracted. This program is put on by young people who are trying to make a difference in our lives and in our country and instead of giving constructive criticism you point out the jeans she is wearing???? I am utterly disgusted by the sheer absurdity of it all. You should get off your asses, get out of your mom's basement and try to make a difference, put yourselves out there and see how it feels to get bombarded by total lunatics.

A funeral mode needed

Lockheed, Boeing and the various military contractors that the presenter talks about are all merchants of death yet the presenter was dressed like she' s going to a disco.

Show "An amputee soldier or wounded Iraqi citizen" by zmzmzm
Show "Great Questions!!! Excellent Observations !!!" by zmzmzm


take her content & make you're own video.

please stop the distractions & waste of everyone's time.

enuff is enuff, I think the mod's should make sure you add something to the cause, or ban you.



Hey, guy, wow....

I'm stunned. Guy, you really need to put things in proper perspective and get a life. You are the type of person who argues for argument's sake. I'd hate to get stuck talking to you at a party or function.....WOW.

May I interrupt

this scholarly debate to observe that the substance of the program reveals a state of affairs in close approximation to what Mussolini called "fascism."

The Corporate State

Fascism is when corporations effectively control the government, which is very close to what we currently have. Oil companies literally wrote energy policy during the last administration as part of Cheney's secret energy task force. Lobbyists write legislation routinely - - health care reform is being blocked by insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies--- and of course defense contractors have hugely benefited from the whole War on Terror.

"Beware the Military-Industrial Complex" warned Eisenhower.

BTW. Abby does a fantastic job as correspondent. She's a great presenter and has compelling information. And there's not a damn thing wrong with looking good. She could easily work as a correspondent for some media conglomerate, but she chooses to be real and serve the people. That's called integrity. Thanks.

It's sadly amusing...

...watching how such a stellar piece of cutting edge, monumentally important, and nicely crafted video is received by some . Here's the bottom line as I see it:

Abby and her crew are beautiful and authentic individuals representing the content as themselves; Not as some contrived personification of what is marketable or expected. Kudos Abby. Please don't feel compelled to conform in any way, to compensate for anyone's perception impairment issues.

The old paradigm of artificially fabricated persona, strategically constructed to help sell bullshit, has expired. It's time to embrace what is true and what is genuine across the board. Period. Anyone having difficulty with that has a personal challenge to work out on their own.

I really thought the clip was great on many levels, and all of your work to date is much appreciated.



"Few victories can rival the initial one of parting company with the spectators and stepping into the arena" - Stewart Howe

A pity...

...this informative presentation inspired a gripefest. I trust the sight of an attractive woman will gradually become less jarring to some of the commenters, after they're paroled.

Are there any sociologists or psychologists here?

If so will you please point out that it is a FACT that comments pro and con about Abby's attire have generated 10 times as much interest as Abby's video.

I am apparently not able to make that point successfully.

Will you also please point out that lashing out at the people who have attempted to be helpful by offering their perspective, and that rushing to defend the presenter indicates that they have not been captivated by the content of the video - but rather they have been captivated by an imagined attack on the pretty girl.

If they were captivated by the video, that's what they would be discussing.

So obvious. Just like building 7.

Judgement out the window

The defenders of the presenter - so irrational and angry - just like the presenter defending herself and attacking us, and unable to write about the issues in an analytical way. The left has plenty of individuals with hard-wired brains just like the right according to John Dean's The Conscience of a Conservative.

Show "I'd like to say that I'm" by Cornelius

Well Done

Great job, this is effective communication of important information.

Awesome video !

This young lady, and man are exceptional speakers! Great job !
Just went through and read some comments, so this part i will add.
I guess your name is Abby. I will be honest here. My first thought was you are a very attractive young lady, but
i was very impressed with your speaking ability. Clear, and to the point. The young man did a very good job as well.
I see why your upset. These are serious issues, and should be taken as such. So come on guys.

incredible video reporting

abby has done such an amazing job exposing the truth for years now and it is remarkable to see a few useless individuals who have never offered a single thing to this site attack someone like her. please lets all not respond to their mindless dribble and lets all realize that their efforts to turn this site into an issue of US magazine will not be tolerated. if you do not possess the mental capacity to watch a seven minute video with out having inappropriate thoughts about the girl doing the reporting, than possibly you should go seek professional help. lets bare these individuals no mind and never comment on their posts again. lets try to comment from this point on about the content provided and the hard work people have put in to make these videos. thank you yournetwork.