New Ground Zero Photos from FEMA Photographer Kurt Sonnenfeld

FEMA photographer Kurt Sonnenfeld (recently interviewed by Voltairenet) has released a new set of World Trade Center disaster site images. Some were previously available, but the majority are new and high quality.

Wide Format Image of Steam Rising Off WTC Debris

Image of Steam Rising Off WTC7 Debris

The large (675MB) archive is available on bittorrent. If you need a bittorrent client, two popular options are:

After installing, click the following link to begin downloading:

EDIT Aug 29 2010 - New Torrent:

We would like to thank Mr. Sonnenfeld for his continuing effort to bring this information to the world.

Glad to hear something about him again

i am very interested in this person and i hope we learn more about him and what he saw and experienced as well as what has haapened as a result of what he knows.

I wish he could be involved in some way for this year's 911 anniversary. I'd like to hear him speak but I know he can't step foot here again----unless something has changed to make him feel safe in doing so.

Downloading and Seeding...

Might I also recommend to download/use µTorrent- a (very) tiny BitTorrent client

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I hope someone who is adept at this sort of thing can download t

I hope someone who is adept at this sort of thing can download the photos and then
post some of the most astounding (must see) photos here at blogger.

From the two posted I will say Kurt Sonnenfeld is an excellent photographer.

5 inches thick

It's hard to believe that those massive steel core columns failed due to jet fuel fire.

And Produced So Little Wreckage!

110 stories cannot just fall down into 2 stories of wreckage. A collapse cannot explode concrete to dust.

I don't have an opinion of these pictures yet, but I guess it shows this guy is who he says he is: FEMA photographer who was at some point down at Ground Zero taking pictures. Let's see the rest of them.

Downloading now

.. Via Transmission ..

When I get the chance I'll start posting various images here.

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what's going on with the orange

fires, to the left,in the first picture?


fire (or molten metal) is a possibility...

...I zoomed in on it myself...looks like a brite rescue light someone set up...underground.

edit: I zoomed in on the yellow

& actually might just be a flock of people in yellow.

sorry for the b.s. post.


This upload was encouraging but so far I don't see anything to get really excited about. Where's the molten metal, CIA empty garage details of beams at break points?
There's gotta be more.

check out pretty much every

check out pretty much every column. sliced and diced.

Which picture

are you referring to specifically? I've looked at them looking for signs of explosive ripping and discoloration, such as Gordon Ross described. I found only a few.

Bending and twisting can also be a feature of a "collapse". This is what happens to a column when it suffers deformation when the load exceeds capacity...according to Anders Björkman...
bent column

Three Hours Later

As both my aged Mac and I don't know how to work BitTorrent, downloading this massive file took a little over three hours, but it was well worth the wait. The photos are stunning, and the level of access Sonnenfeld was granted is amazing. I reread his voltairnet interview to refresh my memory, and the way he contrasts FEMA's response time to the 9/11 attacks versus Hurricane Katrina is pretty indicative of foreknowledge. He was dispatched to New York before the second plane hit the towers and FEMA had already set up shop on the pier the day prior, yet our intelligence community couldn't have ever predicted that planes could be used as missiles? Please.

One thing that stood out for

One thing that stood out for me was the fact
that almost every hole in the verticle column connections
is empty. No damage to plate where bolts would have ripped
through, and no damaged bolts stripped of threads where
the force would have sheared the connections at.
Wouldn't there be some sort of visable damage at
the connection points if they were still bolted together
at collapse initiation?

good point. yeah, if it were

good point. yeah, if it were just "weakened" by the jet fule, there would be bendding & such and their pancake theory that the weakened beams broke away from the bolts and collapsed--there would be evidence of that somewhere. Instead, we are faced with evidence to the contrary. The physical evidence is very clear that it did not simply weaken and collapse, it was definitly controlled demolition. There is no question, we have known this and we have evidence to show it---nano-thermite, the wreakage, the beams etc. It is absolutely rediculous that we even have to argue this--if people would just LOOK at the evidence we already have. So frustrating!

jet fuel, pancake

NIST is currently neither claiming that jet fuel weakened the steel nor are they putting forth a pancake theory. The pancake theory has been abandoned. (Are there still authoritative official sources supporting it? Not that I'm aware of.. )

They are claiming the fires, ignited by the jet fuel explosions and the impacts, in combination with "widely dislodged" fireproofing eventually weakened the structure to the point of "collapse initiation". NIST does not research any further than "collapse initiation". The leading official theory explaining the "collapse" is that of allegedly independent researcher Bazant, who claims the structures were crushed top-down by the upper blocks acting as indestructible pile drivers that accreted mass as they accelerated downwards. He ascribes the explosions heard (e.g. in the Naudet video) to sonic booms.

Just a FYI w.r.t. to the OCT.

Does anyone know what the

Does anyone know what the official explination is then for the lack of a top section in any picture of ground zero? Or the fact the lower facades were left standing? I know the whole thing is silly since there isn't a top section in any picture of the 'collapse' past the first second or so anyway but I've always wondered how the OTCers explain away the missing pile driver .

Missing pile driver

That's just the thing....according to the OCT, whose main proponent is Zdenek Bazant, the indestructible pile driver ceased being indestructible when its work was completed (= crushing the lower structure) ....It then proceeded to destroy itself. This is of course testament to the absurdity of Bazant's model. As for those lower facades still left standing... If one were to speculate from a demolition perspective, one could say that there were no explosions just above, at or below level at that time, so no explosions that could rip the supports from under those remaining facade sections, causing them to tumble down.

Currently, the exact accelerated behavior of the destruction front is being investigated by (among others) Tony Szamboti, David Chandler and Graeme MacQueen. I believe a hardfire debate is coming up: Ryan Mackey & possible partner vs. Tony Szamboti & David Chandler. However, the host of Hardfire is extremely biased towards JREF and the OCT to the point where he will lose his temper and starts to uncontrollably insult people in private communication. Hardfire is probably a bad venue because its host simply can't be impartial. I wonder how a debate can even be achieved in such a charged, biased environment. David Ray Griffin refused to go there.

Nevertheless, I'd like to see Mackey try to defend the OCT without all the ad hominem yelling and screaming of the Mackey lackeys at JREF. After Hardfire, he can come visit a venue of our choice. FYI: Mackey's theory is that of the bouncing upper block: since the ST block lands at an angle and the NT block lands at a slight angle, the blocks bounce around on the lower block, causing local failures to occur because the weight of the upper block is applied on only a limited interface with the lower block. This means the force per square meter (pressure) is much larger than in the case of full contact between the upper and lower block.

I propose to name this theory: the Thumper theory.


Not much to add other than I

Not much to add other than I concur. Despite the pile of random and chaotic debris, columns within appear to be intact and sheared off at their original lengths without signs of stress from what I can see. Also, it all seems to be folded in on itself as well.

Where Are The Photos?

Seems kinda weird that there is no simple way to see them.