Jean-Marie Bigard: 6 Episode Bumper Bonanza ft. Bin Laden, Guantanamo & The Hijackers!

Before going on vacation, Jean-Marie Bigard treats us to a 6 Episode Bumper Bonanza

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Here are all 6 episodes:

The Association ReOpen911 France is a voluntary citizen initiative, independent from all political, philosophical and religious movements.

Colossal screw up - thank you

Whoever tried to shut Jean-Marie up no doubt now wishes they hadn't.

He is clearly sincerely pissed and is retaliating by exposing the lies our government and his government have been telling us as only a comedian can. I hope this is widely viewed in France and the rest of Europe.

Viva la France, viva la Jean-Marie!

As in America, the news is a joke and the comedians are the only true journalists.

My only criticism is; the white subtitles on a white shirt are difficult to impossible to read. No worries, the message is clear. Thank you for posting them here.

Perhaps with some video readers with text color can be changed

Herblay FRANCE

bonsoir ,
I always make copies of important video in format .flv and read them with the free universal video viewer VLC.exe

It seems with VLC you can personnalise the text color

I have not yet managed to do it. Perhaps someone on this blog who has already changed the text color and can help us out.

Thanks for any help

Yours John

PS Jean-Marie Bigard is a very close friend of the French president Nicolas Sarkozy.
Hey there FRANCE how about doing a WeAreChange interview with Nicolas to have his reaction to his pal's video.

JM Bigard is great...

...for allowing us to laugh in this otherwise grave situation. Thank you!