Update on WTC7 collapse computer simulation FOIA

Lawyer letter has been sent to NIST requesting ANSYS computer model of WTC 7 collapse:

Dear NIST FOIA Office:

I am writing on behalf of our client, Mr. Geoffrey Walter Ritchey,
regarding the current status of the above referenced FOIA matter,
which was received by your office on February 4, 2009. My review of
the correspondence file in this matter indicates that our client sent
your office payment for processing the ANSYS computer data for this
request back in February ‘09, and that Mr. Ritchey has made numerous
email follow-up inquiries to your office regarding the status of your
processing and sending the responsive materials he has requested for
this FOIA request.

As you may know FOIA requires all federal agencies to make a final
determination on all FOIA requests within 20 working days, and the
2007 FOIA amendments expressly require a responding agency to provide
a requester with an estimated date for a final determination on a FOIA
request. See 5 USC 552(a)(7)(B)(ii). Therefore, I would appreciate
your assistance in either providing a final response to this FOIA
request at this time, or in providing a date by which our client can
expect to receive a final determination for the above referenced FOIA
request. I am hopeful that your office will provide our client with
the responsive records requested in this matter at this time, as these
records are clearly appropriate for release under FOIA, and
particularly in light of the US Attorney General’s recent FOIA
directive and President Obama’s 2009 Executive Order mandating all
federal agency’s to employ a presumption of disclosure in responding
to public FOIA requests.