Ex-ISI Chief Says Purpose of New Afghan Intelligence Agency RAMA Is ‘to destabilize Pakistan’

August 12, 2009
by Jeremy R. Hammond
Shahid R. Siddiqi contributed to this report

Then Maj. Gen. Hamid Gul, Director General of the ISI (far left), with William Webster, Director of Central Intelligence, Clair George, Deputy Director for Operations, and Milt Bearden, CIA station chief, at a training camp for the mujahedeen in Pakistan's North-West Frontier Province in 1987 (RAWA.org)

In an exclusive interview with Foreign Policy Journal, retired Lt. Gen. Hamid Gul responds to charges that he supports terrorism, discusses 9/11 and ulterior motives for the war on Afghanistan, claims that the U.S., Israel, and India are behind efforts to destabilize Pakistan, and charges the U.S. and its allies with responsibility for the lucrative Afghan drug trade.

Retired Lieutenant General Hamid Gul was the Director General of Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) from 1987 to 1989, during which time he worked closely with the CIA to provide support for the mujahedeen fighting the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan. Though once deemed a close ally of the United States, in more recent years his name has been the subject of considerable controversy. He has been outspoken with the claim that the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 were an “inside job”. He has been called “the most dangerous man in Pakistan”, and the U.S. government has accused him of supporting the Taliban, even recommending him to the United Nations Security Council for inclusion on the list of international terrorists.

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yes indeed

Since the US lost ist favourite dictator,its decided to do what it did in Yugoslavia and Iraq: act to break up the country into more manageable units....they had to kill Bhutto to do that. The pakistanis should kick the US out of their country..so long as they are there using the War on Terror (REGD TM) as their excuse,.the greater the danger to pakistan.


Off Topic...New Kurt Sonnenfeld Photos?

Where can they be viewed? frustrating that there was entry on new photos , but still do not know where they can be viewed.

Some of what he says...

Is very interesting. For instance, I can't remember reading about "Shariah." There are only a few articles that talk about the Taliban and "Shariah," but there is reason to believe it's true. So there's another reason we went in it seems... However, he always sounds like Pakistan can do no wrong, or have done no wrong, or had no part to play in anything whatsoever... and he is very anti-India (which is typical for a Pakistani, and vice versa an Indian). Musharraf was Bush and Cheney's lapdog. He could do no wrong. Look at him today. Zardari is interesting. He recently "blew the whistle" on Pakistan's relationship to terrorism. The U.S. just "reassured" Pakistan that we will have a sustained partnership. They also just upped the amount of aid we are sending to them. However, Pakistan has asked the U.S. to stop the drone attacks several times, and obviously, we have refused. They ARE causing havoc in Pakistan. I don't quite understand how we can support them, give them money, and try to destabilize them at the same time. Unless the aid is to give the illusion that we are trying to help, when in fact we are destabilizing the country. Maybe because some in our Government don't like the new leadership. After we just admitted that the ISI had links to terrorism (with no mention of ours). It's hard to say. I still think it's a "we broke them, we bought them" kind of thing.

On a related note, Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh was just moved. He was apparently running a terrorist network from prison.

Do these people deserve to know how and why their loved ones were murdered? Do we deserve to know how and why 9/11 happened?

My source was right

It seems that my earlier comment (28 July) was right on the money. It's being corroborated:

And President Karzai’s own brother, Ahmed Wali Karzai, has been accused of being a major drug lord. So I asked General Gul who was really responsible for the Afghan drug trade.

Not to mention my other comment!



Just consider it corroborated again, Jon. I get/got this from a primary source, not the news, including inside details...

P.S. Thanks, Justin, for an excellent post


Lieutenant General Hamid Gul (Urdū: لیفٹننٹ جنرل حمید گل) is a retired Pakistani general most famous for heading ISI after the Soviet War, and for instigating the Kashmir insurgency in 1989 with the support of mujahideen that fought in the Soviet war.
Gul worked hand in glove with the American CIA during the Soviet Occupation and considered them to be close allies following the tradition of other ISI directors, when Pakistan first allied with the United States. He has since moderated his views on the United States, declaring in 2003, "God will destroy America," for their unjust policies.

Interview from 26.09.2001 cached:

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