Uzbek officer says Tashkent bombings falseflag

Ikram Yakubov, who has defected from Uzbekistan, claims he was forced to fabricate evidence against innocent people and witnessed people being tortured.

He also says the Tashkent bombings in 1999 were a falseflag operation. The reporter uses the word "classic" so the BBC recognises false flag operations do exist.

Easy to believe.

Well, of course it's easy to believe something like that can happen "over there."
But it could NEVER happen here. Could it?
Surely our media and politicians would be saying something. Woudn't they?

That is the thinking of most of our fellow citizens who have been conditioned to trust the authorities and believe we are governed by "the Good Guys" while "The Bad Guys' are all in North Korea, Iraq, Cuba, Venezuela and of course, Russia and Uzbekistan.
And that is the main impediment to educating the public about false flag operations IMHO..

Go to 8m45s

That's the first time I've ever heard a BBC reporter casually referring to something as a "classic false flag operation", by the way.

We are change

..............awesome effort as usual........Sorry to say the typical response....So to all Americans .. Those who we elect to represent us , and turn there backs on the truth.... Well let's just say in the next term they won't be remembered..

Interesting, thanks!

Interesting, thanks!

Very good!

It is great to see the term "false flag terror" out there in the conventional press--that's a good thing. The sheeple need to become thoroughly familiar with this term so when the next one hits they will know what to call it. ...and who to hang it on.