34 storey and 104 meters high building demolished with explosives in China

Vuelan el edificio más alto

In southern China,a 34 storey and 104 meters high building has been demolished with explosives. It has been the tallest building ever demolished (I suppose they are refering to China). The building, which dominated the skyline of the city of Guangdong, was a block of flats uninhabited since 1997 as long as it didn't comply with fire safety and its investors lost their money before it could be inhabited.

Coincidence it appears so similar to WTC collapses ...

.. because the Chinese building was brought down by explosives and controlled demolition techniques, while the WTC towers collapsed due to combination of fire and physical damage due to jets' impacts ..

.. blah de blah de blah..

Its just SO fricking obvious .... WTC 1, 2 & 3 WERE controlled demolitions.

See it. Believe it. Find the conspirators. Arrest them. Fair & just society ruled by law. Case closed.

Those upward - and - over

Those upward - and - over banana peel style explosions are pretty much 100% identical to the collapse of the Twin Towers.

Interesting to note...

It's interesting to note that since this was a legitimate demolition, several zones of "banana peels" are clearly visible.

That's not the case at the WTC. The only banana peels we see basically started at the very top to help create the optical (and psychological) illusion that the plane impacts caused the buildings to collapse.

These images from China are clearly an excellent example to show people who still don't understand what we're talking about. It's important to explain the peripheral info, ie. context etc. to help them get out of denial mode...

banana peel / streamer comparison pic

Might somebody please put up a banana peel / streamer side-by-side comparison pic showing both the WTC and this demolition? Now that'd be a picture worth a thousand words.


That looks exactly like the towers. Any download by chance?

To compare....

In this video it appears as if the two main sets of charges in this demolition were set around the *outer* edges of the building; the explosion flashes can be seen. In the Twin Towers, the initial detonations in the demolition sequence were most likely set to destroy the 47 columns on the *inner core*, at the same elevation as where the planes impacted. Destroying these innermost load-bearing parts of WTC towers would have been an effective way of bringing the buildings down, and concealing the telltale flashes of the first blasts. The massive amounts of cascading debris obscured the subsequent downward moving sequence of explosions.

In the China demolition, notice that there are large pieces of *non-pulverized* concrete piled up in a rough mound. In the WTC, there is relatively very little in the way of "large chunks" of non-pulverized concrete, the debris pile consisting of mainly fine dust and twisted or severed steel. The WTC demolition appears to be a much more thorough job than what happened in China.

It would take 7 years for NIST to write a report on this one.

With this video as a comparison to 9/11: NIST sure looks silly. Popular Mechanics looks like a fantasy comic book. And our government looks like crooks and liers.

Popular Mechanics

is a comic book. The whole "Official Story" of 9/11 is comic book stuff. It sure looked like the controlled demolition of the twin towers to me. Wow, when are people going to wake-up. 9/11 is the main reason this country is in the mess we are in right now. We must stay united until the truth about 9/11 is exposed. It's the key to all our troubles. NEVER QUIT!!!!

What we are witnessing here is a...

"What we are witnessing here is an obvious case of Thermal Expansion!: -- Dr. Shyam Sunder
/sarcasm off

"A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves" – Edward R. Murrow

The More We Show..

either demolitions (successful or botched) OR building collapses vis-a-viz the World Trade Center, the clearer it is.... and the stronger our case becomes. It is key to overcoming the denial, as was just said. Above and beyond the science is the basic visceral reaction that ordinary people have and can relate to. OK, this is what a demolition is..... and this is what a collapse is. This is your left shoe, this is your right shoe. This is your head, this is your ass. Questions?

If we only had a real news media in the US!

Within the past year we've seen three videos of building fires and demolitions that would wake up all but the most stupid or corrupt American citizens to the realities of 9/11.

1. Compare how the Mandarin Hotel fire in China withstood incredible fires and still remained standing as compared to WTC 1, 2, and 7.

2. Compare the recent control demolition of the building in Turkey that fell over onto it's side and then came to rest on it's roof. It still remained intact clearly demonstrating the strength and stability of a steel structure building when it collapses.

3. Compare the obvious explosive nature of this building in China and how closely it resembles the explosive nature of the collapse of the twin towers.

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The building in Turkey

wasn't a steel structure was it? I thought it was a concrete structure?


The steel holds the structure together under tension, assuming the concrete has any/enough steel in it. In essence, modern concrete is a hybrid of steel and stone held together by cement (glue). The Turkish building was concrete (a real brute), with doubtless steel reinforcement.

another you tube


Did you make that clip, scubadiver? The first one is well-done and has an excellent sound track. It's the best comparison clip of the towers v. a demolition to date. Very useful. I'm going to post it on my paper's news board for the locals to chew on!

7 can be shown side-by-side other straight-down implosions or side-by-side typical collapses for contrast. Either way for great effect, but this is the perfect way to show the towers, imo.

hi from london UK

just emailed this to my friends and family:

"streamers look the same as 9/11 the twin towers
ie where explosions project stuff outward in various directions with trails of smoke looking like a jester's hat


so how did bin laden achieve the jester's hat effect and instantaneous global structural failure due to fire for the only time in history with vertical gravity freefall aceleration collapse in both buildings despite the planes striking the buildings totally differently- ie one smack in the middle and one hitting a corner ?


keep up the good work and donations to nyccan!!!

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The so-called debunkers say the plumes are normal

The so-called debunker Mark Roberts tried to ridicule me for saying the plumes in the collapses of the twin towers were suspicious.

He said it just looked like a building falling down.

The only way to get the upward and outward flow is with explosive energy and this controlled demolition demonstrates that perfectly.

Mark Roberts...

I've noticed he's fallen off the radar lately...

...come to think of it, does anyone else get the impression that the "debunkers" have lost the wind from their sails in more recent times?

I noticed a deafening silence from them regarding the failed demolition in Turkey where the building somersaulted onto its roof.

He was completely off the screen for awhile

But a few months ago started posting on the JREF forum again.

His crude act has worn quite thin and whoever employs him probably isn't getting their money's worth.


"He said it just looked like a building falling down. "
Examples please..
He might as well have said it looks just like a kitten since without proof or evidence the comparison is equally true.


They must have the story wrong! Obviously fire must have brought that building down because it looks so similar to the way the twin towers fell, and everyone knows the only reason the twin towers fell was because of fire... specifically, a fire that was so big that it was about to be knocked out by two fire hoses according to recorded testimony of one of the firefighters!!! America are we that stupid??!! Fellow citizens, get off the fluoridated water and wake the f**k up!

Compare the two for yourself!

Here are the two side by side:

Controlled Demolition of High Rise in China Resembles WTC Destruction

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