9/11 Revisited: The Enemy Within Mike Berger 2 Hours on Williams & Williams Real Talk Aug. 15th

9/11 Revisited: The Enemy Within
Air Date: 8/15/2009 10:00PM
The "Experts" are starting to say the 9/11 conspiracy wackos might be right and with the 8th Anniversary of September 11th fastly approaching, many are still looking for the truth. Show Guest Mike Berger, media coordinator for 911truth.org, has appeared on ABC World News Tonight, CNN Showbiz Tonight, and Scarborough Country as well as hundreds of radio appearances. It took Mike Berger nearly 18 months before he began to question the official 9/11 story, but when he read about the significant purchase of put options on companies directly affected by the events prior to 9/11 that implied foreknowledge of the attacks, he began to research. We invite you to join us in looking at the theories, as well as the new evidence that has surfaced ... Don't you want to know the truth too? Special 2 Hour Episode!

Additional Information:
In 2006, Mike Berger founded Connect the Dots LLC., a video production company. Berger produced and directed his first documentary, Improbable Collapse: The Demolition of our Republic. In his most recent documentary, Life on the Edge of a Bubble: Blowing the American Dream, he teamed up with filmmaker William Lewis of Bridgestone Media Group to examine the financial crises that have plagued our nation for more than 200 years. The repeating pattern culminated most recently in the greatest bubble and financial panic in more than three quarters of a century but we have yet to learn how to stop playing the same old game.


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“The greatest purveyor of violence in the world today -- my own government.” -Martin Luther King, Jr.


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Mike Berger

...did very well, as usual.

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More Debates?

Any more 9/11 debates lined up, Kevin? I thought you did an excellent job before against Michael Shermer and would love to hear more.

Follow the money: put options and a path to the 911 masterminds

Its a pity more hasnt been done to identify who made the put options...as that would be a way to learn who perpetrated the attacks!
Has anyone any idea who made them?????

I had the honor of meeting Mike Berger once...

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Boris Epstein

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Is one of those people who should get A LOT more airtime. Like me. :)

Do these people deserve to know how and why their loved ones were murdered? Do we deserve to know how and why 9/11 happened?

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Boris Epstein