Representatives of Davis 9/11 Truth, Sacramento 9/11 Truth and meet with Senator Feinstein Office Director.

San Francisco, July 21, 2009, Office of the Senator. Representatives of Davis 9/11 Truth Mark Graham, of Sacramento 9/11 Truth Leader Activist David Kimball, and Dr Richard Gage, founder of and Gregg Roberts, one of the authors of Nanothermite Report and member of AE911Truth, met in San Francisco with Jim Molinari, Director of Office of powerful Senator Diane Feinstein. - - -

The subject - debating the 9/11 Truth arguments, new nanothermite evidence, controlled demolition, request for the investigation.

The parties exchanged views and information on these issue, appreciated each other approach.

The 9/11 Truth group handed over a copy of Profs. Harrit, Farrer, Jones, Ryan et al Nanothermite Report, among others documents.,,,

The parties agreed to disagree, and to possibly meet on a later date again.

It was another success for 9/11 movement, in this seminal, big change, big event year of 2009, indicating that the movement is well, going strong, proceeding systematically to reach it's goals of educating the public, spreading the word, and demanding new independent investigation.

This year, we have learned the most important news since the towers imploded and pulverized with the speed of 10 floors per second, that of irrefutable, conclusive evidence of presence of military grade explosive nanothermite in the pyroclastic dust of WTC, given at lectures by Prof. Jones in Sacramento, California and Davis, California on on April 30, and May 1, 2009, where Prof Jones announced, analyzed and discussed the results and meaning of the Nanothermite study.

We have seen Vice President Joe Biden being handed this nanothermite report in Los Angeles, California, by courageous, inspiring and always polite group of We Are Change Los Angeles.
They also handed this report to several lawmakers in Washington DC.

Then we have seen Dr. Richard Gage on TV, Fox News Fresno, California, and RussiaToday TV, his was present at two Architects Conferences, in San Francisco and in Washington, DC.
There, Richard walked the halls of Congress, met with several lawmakers' staffers, and met one lawmaker in person.

Official media keep maintaining practically total blackout of any meaningful, factual information about 9/11, about new evidence and 9/11 facts in general.

It is necessary to say that revealing and accepting the truth about 9/11, the biggest event of our time, will have colossal, wideranging and potentially unforeseen repercussions and consequences for our country, will greatly influence the nation and practically every citizen, shattering or shaking their psychological security in their perceptions and conclusions regarding the public life.

Yet, not recognizing, not dealing with this reality, with the true nature of 9/11, would have much worse, much more serious consequences regarding the strategic interests of the country, its security and it's leading position and standing on the world scene.

Let me pause, and stress the previous sentence again, as it might not be readily apparent to many observers.

Petr Buben
Davis 9/11 Truth -

Rock on

Rock on.

Good Luck

You will need it with Feinstein. "The parties agreed to disagree" Unless a miracle happens Feinstein will disagree. She will promise the moon but will do nothing. They all know 9/11 was an inside job but none of them care. Or if they do care they are afraid to say anything. It's their bread and butter. I hate to be so negative but I am a realist. Pray that I am wrong.

You're right, Joe

Di-Fi is a grand obfuscator. She'll ignore and deny, along with everyone else, as it suits her.

Approaching our other California Senator, Barbara Boxer, would be much more effective. The woman had the cojones the stand alone (as the only Senator) with the Congressional Black Caucus to contest the certification of the second stolen Bush election. Boxer is smart, brave, and I believe she truly gives a damn. Di-Fi, not so much.


Feinstein has much banker backing and I have given up writing to her on issues as she's as corrupt as they come. I still have faith in Boxer, though and continue to write her on issues and always saying I trust her and not her cohort.

Definitely approach Boxer.

Richard Gage is many things, but he's not a PhD

so the "Dr." title is not appropriate.

I'm sure his mother wouldn't mind if we called him Dr. though.

I'm guessing that he's far too busy at the moment to pursue a doctorate, even if we wanted to.


The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Richard Gage, AIA

Got it :] ..... correction: Mr. Richard Gage, AIA, is an Architect, by his degree.

Perhaps me giving Richard a Dr., I was hoping he will give me an "Architect" ...... An Architect of Peace, of the Truth ... of even better tomorrows !

:] -