Congressman Barney Frank Dismisses Scientific Report About Explosive Residue in 9/11 Dust

Congressman Barney Frank Dismisses Scientific Report About Explosive Residue in 9/11 Dust

Some truths are simply to

Some truths are simply to painful for some people to acknowledge. Imagine the consequences if it was proven that 911 was an inside job.
The United States would implode. I am sure that just as many politicians know that both the Bush elections were fraudulent. many also know that the official story of 911 is also full of holes but they are terrified to look into the abyss . It takes more moral courage than almost any of them possess.

The United States as a moral force has already imploded

Acknowledging the truth would begin the process of healing.

Notice how he says nothing

Notice how he says nothing of substance to refute the interrogator, just waves his hand in dismissal. The big wigs are scared, there is no doubt about it.

By the way - wasn't Barney Frank implicated in a pedophile case a few years ago?

He is also rude and dismissive of Ron Paul in finance meetings

Nevertheless, it will not do any good to go after his character.
We should stay away from the temptation to attack him on personal grounds.

It is also impossible to talk to people in hallways as they are running away.

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Barney Frank seems like a

Barney Frank seems like a slime ball to be, he reminds me of some kind of democrat version of Newt Gingrich with a weird voice. The guy is apparently a homosexual paedophile as well linked to the Larry King (not the CNN one) case. He needs to be confronted on his connections to paedophile rings the creep.

Bawny Fwank

(sorry -couldn't help myself)
Barney isn't a friend of the Truth movement. He's entirely compromised and knows compromising things about his fellows. Thoroughly entrenched part of the Establishment machine. If he supported the information his 'party' would be over.


Days until an investigation was ordered into the Pearl Harbour attack: 9
Days until an investigation was ordered into the Kennedy assassination: 7
Days until an investigation was ordered into the Challenger disaster: 7
Number of days until an investigation was ordered into the sinking of the Titanic: 6
Number of days until an investigation was ordered into the 9/11 attacks: 411

Bravo, as we are improving in doing these video interviews.

Herblay FRANCE

bonsoir ,

thanks for this post which gives us courage after
Hirschhorn’s 911 mind swill Jerry Mazza Infowars August 17, 2009 ==>

It was Congressman Barney Frank who was jumping the gun by linking the non exploded nano thermite chips with George Bush. As you said you are just talking about non exploded nano thermite chips. He was running away and you were doing your job. The end for me is not so good. For me we need something like "Sir, we are doing our job asking you the hard questions and you are not replying correctly to the internet public who are waiting for your replies !!!

Thanks again and keep up the good work.




And this was the genius from the House Banking and Finance committee that brought us the bailouts of the financial industry? Touche Barney. Strike two for another worthless democrat.

Just call him Barney.

There are two other famous Barney's that I know of, a dim-witted purple dinosaur and a bumbling sheriff's deputy. He seems to imbibe the qualities of both.

Nil, Nothing, and More Void

What is there to say about this barely coherent old political horse as we see him in this video?

He does not want to broach the topic

He obviously has not read the paper, and does not feel any obligation to do so, and will never read it

He really couldn't care less about the matter

He tries to make the interviewer look like a "conspiracy nut" by imparting to him the claim that "Bush is behind 9/11".

Sorry, folks, but I must say it -- as I believe that we are in a time when these things must be said -- the dude is a f*cking dirtbag. It's that simple. With people such as these, there is no sense in arguing or discussing. One waits them out until they drop dead or one votes them out of office.

Later addition:
Regarding the argument that it would be painful to face the issue of 9/11. the only thing that would be painful to our Barney guy is if he did not get his paycheck every month or had no more funds left in his bank account to buy his porn videos and his Cheez Doodles.
Regarding the argument that it takes courage to probe into 9/11, Barney Goofball is beyond freedom and dignity: the category of courage does not apply to him.

Dear We are change

..Try this next time. Ask whoever Why is it that the majority of Americans know we were lied to about 9/11 and you don't?