Port Authority of NY/NJ WTC Tower Asbestos Abatement Contract Records For 1995-2000

The following are Port Authority of New York and New Jersey records released on August 4, 2009 regarding contracts for abatement of asbestos containing thermal protection upon the structural steel of World Trade Center (WTC) Towers One and Two, for the years 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999 and 2000.

This work was cited within the December 16, 2000 Merritt and Harris Inc. WTC property assessment entitled "Due Diligence Physical Condition Survey - World Trade Center", including such work upon the supporting steel core columns within WTC One and Two.

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Damn Aidan

........ I am sure your not high on the list of favorites to those looking to hide the truth. THANK YOU!

Why No Turner Construction Records?

Very interesting that the PA of NY/NJ seem to have many pre-9/11 WTC renovation records, except for those that might describe what renovations Turner Construction was performing at the WTC up until the very morning of 9/11.

Recall that the PA of NY/NJ said Turner records were destroyed on 9/11. The head of Turner at that time was someone later appointed by G.W. Bush to a senior WH Fellows position, later participated in international trade meetings with G.W. Bush as mayor of Dallas, TX and currently lives very close to G.W. Bush in Dallas, TX. The good mayor is also the head of the Dallas chapter of the Council on Foreign Affairs, an affiliate of the Council on Foreign Relations. Before becoming VP, D. Cheney's Halliburton office was also located in Dallas, TX.

Thanx W.