Truth Action Ottawa and Mayfair Theatre screening Loose Change 9/11: An American Coup

NB: In my last post I advertised that we would be showing Loose Change Second Edition at the Mayfair Theatre on 9/11/2009. Earlier today, Microcinema International was kind enough to offer us the ability to screen An American Coup, so we have updated our plans to accommodate the new film. Please note the time change. Truth Action Ottawa and the Mayfair Theatre would like to express our gratitude to Microcinema and to the Loose Change team for allowing us to screen this film prior to its official DVD release. We would also like to stress that no copies of the film will be available at the screening. Please purchase a copy from the Loose Change website.

Truth Action Ottawa and the Mayfair Theatre are pleased to announce that we will be screening Loose Change: An American Coup at the Mayfair on September 11, 2009 at 9:30pm. This important documentary, the new sequel to the first Internet blockbuster, shows conclusively that the official story of 9/11 is a giant lie; a lie which has severely eroded our civil liberties and committed us to wars of aggression overseas.

Loose Change: An American Coup, narrated by Daniel Sunjata of the popular television series Rescue Me, is due for DVD release on September 22, 2009. Microcinema International has been kind enough to allow us to have this special pre-release screening, one of only a few in the world. Please join us as we present the first ever theatrical screening of a serious 9/11 documentary in Ottawa’s history, an event that will not soon be forgotten!

at the Mayfair Theatre, 1074 Bank Street, Ottawa
September 11, 2009 at 9:30pm

If you are planning on coming to Ottawa from out of town, please note that we have more plans in the works for that day. If you wish to join us, please contact us.

Looks really good.

Looks really good.

World premiere of new Loose Change at Nor Cal 9/11 Film Festival

on September 9th!

Here's the complete schedule for this two day event:

Film festival blog.

Wednesday Evening, September 9, 2009

6:15 Welcome Bonnie Faulkner

6:20 Film: Metal of Honor with ironworker Mike Daly.

7:00 Short Film: Blueprint for 9/11 Truth (10 min. WTC7 cut)

7:11 Richard Gage AE911Truth: Challenges & Updates

7:20 Dr. David Ray Griffin- Osama bin Laden-Dead or Alive?

7:30 Bonnie Faulkner, updates on NorCal 9/11 TA and NYCCAN

7:42 Dylan Avery or Korey Rowe

7:45 Film: Loose Change 9/11: An American Coup

9:20 Q & A with Dylan Avery or Korey Rowe

9:50 Film: 7/7: Ripple Effect

10:49 Gabriel Day - Peace Resource Project

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Noon Welcome

12:10 Film: Fabled Enemies

1:54 Ken Jenkins -

2:05 Film: Kill the Messenger

2:59 Mickey Huff - Project Censored

3:09 Film: The New American Century

4:45 Dr. Paul Rea

4:55 Short Film: Star Wars and False Flag Terrorism

5:06 Swami Beyondananda

5:30 9/11 Truth music videos

Thursday Evening

5:45 Evening welcome with Bonnie Faulkner

5:50 Film: Anthrax War

7:18 Q & A with author/filmmaker Eric Nadler

7:40 Update on NorCal 9/11 TA and NYCCAN

7:50 Peter Phillips – Project Censored

8:00 Dr. David Ray Griffin on WTC 7

9:00 Q & A with Dr. David Ray Griffin

9:30 Actions - how to get involved

9:40 9/11 Truth music videos

The 9/11 Film Festival is at the Grand Lake Theater in Oakland, CA.

Tickets are now on sale at these locations.

Film festival blog.

I highly recommend buying tickets in advance, as we expect these shows to sell out quickly.

Email Us For Tickets

I hope to see some of you 911bloggers there. Please feel free to say hello to me, I will be the guy racing around keeping the show on schedule, but will occasionally stop to catch my breath, probably near the table on the far left side of the lobby.


The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.


That's one hell of a lineup. Well done, guys! I don't think there are enough poeple awake in Ottawa to put something like this together, but you never know. Good luck with it!

Anybody know why Dylan did not say "allegedly?"

Last week Flicker commented:

"Looks great except at 1:20 it says "flight 77 crashes into the Pentagon" instead of allegedly crashes into the Pentagon."

Anybody know why Dylan did not say "allegedly?"