Cause of destruction of WTC discovered - opinion piece, example of effective activism.

In an "opinion" piece published online and in print in News Chief, a newspaper from Winter Haven, FL, a citizen reports on the Nano thermite story. Even though it's not an opinion, after all, a peer reviewed paper was published, many people seeing this for the first time might shrug it off, but eventually they might start asking, "Why haven't I seen this story on CNN?". This story made it to the top of News Chief's most read list of stories.

I think it is pieces like this, letters to the editor, and similar responses to news stories in print and online even in a presumably small paper like News Chief, that go a long way to educating the masses that the MSM so far have managed to keep under-informed. The MSM has a stranglehold on most people over 50 as they tend to get their news from TV, radio, magazines and newspapers. Unless Anderson Cooper or Peter Mansbridge (CBC Canada) tells them it's true, it's hard for many people to take 911 truth seriously, especially when someone tells them they read about it on the Internet. But when a local paper reports the story, even in an opinion piece, it can be more real to many people. We should all try our best to get factual pieces like this in our own local or national newspapers. When doing so, try to include references to websites like 911blogger, ae911truth or patriotsquestion911 so new converts to the movement don't have to navigate the disinformation that is out there.

I might be a good idea...

...if you're a writer and can do some organizing of other's formal opinion...

To create, as accurately as possible, a debate script of the actual 911 argument itself - perhaps sometimes only two voices debating, sometime 3 or more.

It could be performed by neutral actors on YouTube, say, in 5 to 10 parts, covering different specifics of the most important and contentious aspects of 911.

By all means welcome that crackpot Fetzer in all his stinking underarm glory to be represented in the script. It should actually be created to APPEAL to college debating teams, and people like me who find the logic of 911 argument itself quite thrilling. Better than any prizefight. What a great academic subject is the actual features of the whole debate. You don't have to possess beliefs or have them threatened when you are just watching an interesting contest. You could take a lot of the politics out such a presentation. It wouldn't be hard to agree on the most important and interesting features of such a script that emphasizes the science and best evidence.

I would want to hear arguments from Griffin, Jones and Kevin Ryan more than I would an Illuminati believer or jew-hater something. And I would want some actor to portray the opposite side(s) of the debate as faithfully as possible.

You could sent THAT all around cyberspace, and you could update it.

Anybody got that kindd of talent?

Carl, a great idea

that you may not realize you just tossed out there. That is, 911 as a legitimate topic for academic debating.

My understanding is that academic debating is serious business for those who indulge in it. I was reminded of that when you used the word, "thrilling." Very descriptive. (I feel the same way about chess.)

I don't know enough about the area debate to know how someone might get the topic "into play" at the high school, university, post-grad (e.g. law school) levels, let alone other possibilities. But if you and/or others have the time and interest, maybe following up on your great idea could get some traction there. Any way you look at it, it's win/win. At the very least, making the approach anywhere - even if rejected - simply serves to sow more seeds.

NIce job...

...the little blurb you wrote reads well and spreads the word. I see what you mean... post opinion pieces.

I am thrilled to see this! Every action counts!

Good idea. There are many good writers on this board. The more that we speak out as individuals, the more prominent the issue becomes. Many people know about 9/11, but are timid because they often do not see mention of 9/11.
With repeated tries for over a year, this paper finally printed something. (Look at the opinion poll... 61 %)