We Want The World To Know About Barry Jennings

As part of a worldwide effort to commemorate the first anniversary of Barry Jennings' mysterious death, a few of us here in Dallas headed downtown to the steps of the Dallas Morning News. We displayed our signs to the passers by and got the attention of the people inside the building. We were greeted by security, who were cordial and respectful. We were later met by an editor of the paper who interviewed a couple of us. He was friendly and respectful. We gave him a DVD compilation of all the pertinent Barry Jennings information and urged him to get a reporter to review it. We were told that they concentrate on local stories, especially since there have been layoffs there at the paper. I think this was code for "don't expect any ink on this subject." We will see, but I am not holding my breath.

Later in the day we took our signs and remaining DVDs to Dealey Plaza. We shared information with several visitors including a couple of guys from Italy who were familiar with the 911 Truth movement and had seen Loose Change. Since no one knew about Barry Jennings, we piqued the curiosity of many people without the knee-jerk responses we sometimes get when carrying 911 Truth signs. I am sure there will be a flood of hits on www.jenningsmystery.com after today's action across the globe.

We will never forget you Barry Jennings!

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Good Job Rob.

If the world knew of Barry Jennings we would be on our way to a new beginning.