Does NZ PM John Key agree explosives were used on 9/11?

Does NZ PM John Key agree explosives were used on 9/11?

19 August 2009

John Key's comments during an interview on 10/08/09 on tvnz 1. The idea of explosive devices being used on 9/11 is considered a conspiracy theory by the cowardly mainstream media, who's interest's prevent them from publicising declassified documents such as Operation Northwoods, which prove the intent of western governments to engineer falseflag terror events.

Thanks to tvnz and Loose Change Final cut for footage
Intro and final comments by Will Ryan

Your Date of the Interview is Wrong

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Just noticed your date for the interview is in the future you might want to correct that.
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The date is correct

depending on where you hail from. I believe that in some areas of the world, it goes day > month> year

“The greatest purveyor of violence in the world today -- my own government.” -Martin Luther King, Jr.


All the talk of EXPLOSIONS packed into a small space.

Explosives on the plane?!?!

I thought it was just boxcutters!