Barack Obama's "War Of Necessity" Historically Corrected By Reitired Elementary School Teacher

Barack Obama stated "This Isn't a War of Choice, It's a War of Necessity". Well Mr. No-Change I Can Believe In President your wrong because when the Taliban
Government In Afghanistan refused to make deals with the corporate oil companies before 9/11/01 the Department of Defense started making plans for an invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq so they could construct and secure oil & gas pipelines which they now have large military bases protecting.

The Neo-Cons working with, oil executives, Trilateral Commission members, Council on Foreign Relation members, Bilderburg Group members and a few other
rich elites hiding behind the curtain made the "CHOICE" to go to war with Afghanistan & Iraq because they knew there were huge profits to be made from that oil and gas. They also knew that this government would strategically maintain its power over other powerful nations that had their own plans to harness the oil & gas in this part of the world. They needed those pipelines going through Afghanistan. But first, they needed that New Pearl Harbor (9/11/01) to pysops the American people and other citizens from other Western nations.

This is not "A War of Necessity". The plain and simple fact is, "It's A War Of Aggression". Mr. No-Change I Can Believe In President you have just been historically corrected by a retired elementary school teacher. If I was still teaching, I would say go back and do your history lessons your failing but, I think you know your history very well Barack Obama so that makes you a war criminal. Your not a leader of peace your just another evil man who follows the orders of higher evil men and woman.

Matthew Naus
Retired Elementary School Teacher