Invisible Empire Official Trailer

The official trailer for Invisible Empire, written and directed by Jason Bermas, and produced by Alex Jones.

Fabled Enemies is excellent. Invisible Empire should be as well

Fabled Enemies is excellent. Invisible Empire should be as well. It is for our good that these
docs keep a coming.

They are integral to the movement.


I'm sure the material is as good as Fabled Enemies but I kept hoping the TVs would get off the rubble, and the screen would be filled up with politician bombast at full image.

Great job guy's

I've been buying your work for a long time and will continue to. Keep up the great work. You both are great patriots.

Note to filmmakers regarding duplication

Please make sure that we are able to duplicate your films if you are allowing it. I've noticed many films will not duplicate, including Loose Change Final Cut, many Alex Jones films, and probably Fabled Enemies as well, even though the filmmakers encourage it!

Make sure we have the ability to spread the word! Go Bermas! The film looks great!

I will always purchase a copy from the filmakers, then....

a week or so later I go to ebay and search for it. If you find a copy selling for $1- $5 you know it is a copy already shrunk to fit a standard 120 minute disc. There you have a working master copy!