One Of The "Perks" About Being A Conspiracy Nut ... Saying I Told You So.

Other than being outside the bubble and in the "know", there are not many fun things about thinking outside the box (at first). You do a lot of "debating" with people, some arguing, a little fighting and generally have to be ready to stand your ground at any given moment. People say things and call you names like tinfoil hat wearing conspiracy nut and will go out of their way to try to single you out in a conversation about your "different" thoughts.

But there is one perk...and although it may sound a little shallow. but it's really not...You must clain your victories, acknowledging them...If you don't, the debunkers sure as hell will not..

It's the "I Told You So" factor that I have experienced over the past 6 months...It's amazing and now all those poke-funners from before are begging for advice now.

Bush's whole Presidency was an I told you so

I told everyone back in 2004 that the economy would tank out before 2010, and everybody was like "You're crazy, just another conspiracy"...Well, I told you so.

I told people that they would run a messiah President after Bush, a hand picked, feel good kinda guy...Told you so

I told the Obamanoids (I work with SEVERAL HARD CORE ONES), that he was nothing but a corp puppet...they all said I just didn't want to see a black man in the white house and that Obama was differnt, not of that corporate ilk...well, once again, told you so. (Now all those Obamanoids are starting to see the err of their ways)

And, when I heard Madoff get 150 years in jail, I said he would get cancer in the next couple of months...Good point is, that I told this to LOTS of work people who once never believed anything I said but now are believers...So, when several dozen people I told about Madoff found out he has cancer, they are like...Holy Crap, how the F do you know this shit ahead of time?

So, I am now "beyond" the I told you so stage and actually having serious, EDUCATED debates with people who were arguments before, but now calm debates that they actualy agree with most everything I say now.

I consistantly break news storys days and even weeks to people before it hits mainstream, and that lends a lot of credibility.

If you just keep HAMMERING away, day after day after day, they break.

Their efforts are futile, they too will be assimilated. They shall become one, of the informed.

So, take advantage of every I TOLD YOU SO you can...if you do it in a manner that is not like a know it all, it will build respect.

There is no shame in acknowledging you were right about something because it just builds your credibility...just as long as you don't gloat and roll around in it like a dog on a kill

There are no democrats, no republicans...only haves and have nots. The people are FINALLY starting to see this.

Over and out!

Thank you

I noticed you hadn't been very active on the blog lately. I always appreciated the humour and often the outrage in your comments and postings, Could be something down to earth about you or something like that. I always remember a great vid you made on utube too.

So thanks for this blog