Affidavit in support of April Gallop...

Attorney William Veal asked if I were interested in supporting April Gallop's lawsuit against Cheney, Rumsfeld and Meyers and if I could make some statements from my perspective and analysis being a pilot and former Air Traffic Controller. I agreed to do so and provided a lengthy [and less than professionally written] affidavit covering the aviation, NORAD, radar and other data research and conclusions which I have accumulated so far.

Its important to note that I believe that the FDR for AA77? has been tampered with and any conclusions based upon that data is subject to such errors, but I made some points based upon the FDR anyway. The same goes for the RADES radar data that I have been able to analyze...I believe that the RADES radar data has been scrubbed or compromised also. However, it is data that has been made available to us and we need to look at it for what it is.

I worked with a rather secretive/interesting? fellow named John Farmer [perhaps a cover name and not the one we know of in the 9/11 Commission...I think?] when helping Mark Gaffney out with his book: "The 9/11 Mystery Plane:...". Farmer also may be on the wrong side, but, the radar data and analysis was still accomplished and it is enlightening.

There are three major questions and three points that I would like to present before you read the affidavit.

1. What is the source of the understanding that AA77? began its right turning descent from 7000 feet? Where did 7000 feet come from? It wasn't the FAA radar because the CIVILIAN transponder was not operating...was it the altitude readout from a military transponder?

2. What radar data, sources and facility was Cheney getting his radar "updates" from? Its the radar positioning that we know about because of the Cheney-Mineta dialogue...aka...50-30-10.."do the orders still stand...". We know that Mineta was getting his radar position information from FAA sources.

3. And, exactly how "far out" did that radar facility begin following that primary radar target? We pick up the story at 50 miles out and I suspect that the target was being monitored for many, many more miles out that that. The farther out we establish that the target was being monitored or followed, the more of an inside job it is.

Danielle O'Brien at Potomac Tracon-Dulles Tower was "conveniently alerted" a few moments before seeing the high speed primary target to be on the lookout for that exact thing. A curious coincidence?...I think not.

The three important points to consider:

1. Although the CIT fellows have problematic behaviors and attitudes, I cannot, and will not dimiss the fact that they have discovered more eyewitnesses to the events that happened at the Pentagon and the alleged AA77? Eyewitness accounts cannot be summarily dismissed. This is a tactic and meme that the HI PERPS always use when they need their tails covered up...aka...TW800 and the American Airliner that was blown up after departing JFK a short while after 9/11.

2. The work that Barbara Honegger has accumulated about the first explosion time at the Pentagon being 09:30 or 09:32 seems very credible and is a MAJOR game changer for the events at the Pentagon. Again, if this is true, then clearly 9/11 was an inside job and most standing concepts and theories about what happened at the Pentagon need some revisitation.

3. I suspect that when we get to the end of the study of AA77? and the events at the Pentagon, the story will contain elements of ALL the information and scenarios that we have uncovered so well as many more elements that we have not yet seen. The AA77? and Pentagon element of 9/11 is the most tightly kept secret and the most hidden set of events on 9/11. Which is why we got a Hollywood movie about UA93...distraction and national psy-ops.

We are all still learning more and more every day and I hope that some of my work will be helpful in further study, questioning and analysis of 9/11/ least providing an interesting prespective anyway.

Love, Peace and Progress with:


...just for starters as we collectivize to throw the criminal politicians out of office...

Robin Hordon
Kingston, WA

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Testimony Confidence

I wish to offer my vote of confidence in you, Robin. I place you in a catagory with David Chandler; two experts in their fields with down-to-earth demeanor. Not quite an aviator (a wannabe, I suppose), I DO understand the dynamics of aeroplanes. Your observation in another thread was seemingly glossed over; the pressure exerted by the airfoils at ground level. The only thing you didn't mention was the probable existence of a thermal due to the plane of grass, which would cause an unexpected lift. Since I not only know the area around the Pentagon, but was in the area 9/11, I can state with certainty that the thermal rises and depressions are fairly unstable. (Aircraft entering RNA are required to fly over the Potomac). Your input is quite valuable, and deserves serious consideration.

Those in the Movement who have become "experts" without humility are the ones I'm beginning to shy away from. I agree with the people who urge us to stay with the basics; the details will unfold accordingly. The fact that aircraft were used in this event requires an insight on how aircraft function under all variants. This information is just as important as a handful of wreckage.

Thank you for providing this information. Love and Light, royster
Pearls are made from annoyances

Better questions to focus on than "what hit"

might be these, almost entirely ignored by news sources, or whitewashed in official reports:

* How was it possible that the Pentagon was hit 1 hour and 20 minutes after the attacks began?

* Why was there no response from Andrews Air Force Base, just over 10 miles away and home to Air National Guard units charged with defending the skies above the nation's capital?

* Why did F-16s fail to protect Washington on 9/11? Was the Langley emergency response sabotaged?

* Why did Flight 77 hit a part of the building opposite from the high command and mostly empty and under renovation, with majority of victims being civilian accountants?

* Why were Pentagon workers not evacuated or warned that Flight 77 was approaching, despite those in the bunker tracking the attack plane as it closed the final 50 miles to the Pentagon?

* How could Flight 77 have been piloted through its extreme aerobatic final maneuvers by Hani Hanjour, a failed Cessna pilot who had never flown a jet?

* Why did the flight instructor who certified Hani Hanjour, a former Israeli paratrooper, disappear a few days after his 9/11 Commission interview?

* Why was a war game drill used to vacate the National Reconnaissance Office for the duration of the attack?

* How was a C-130 pilot able to intercept the plane incoming to the Pentagon while NORAD was not?

* Did the Pentagon, the nerve center of the US military, really have no missile or anti-aircraft defenses?

* What were Vice-president Cheney's orders when Norman Mineta described him speaking to a young man in the presidential bunker as the plane approached, saying, "Of course the orders still stand, have you heard anything to the contrary?"

These questions are from this paper.

And, of course, the obvious question

Why were the videos from around the Pentagon scooped up by the FBI, and remain secret to this day, with the exception of a few frames of video.