Between the Lies on

Since there were some problems with visitors using Firefox not being able to play the streaming version, I've uploaded it to It should be viewable for everyone now.

HQ AVI (874MB):

DVD image (4.1 GB):

The DVD contains a chapter menu and three extras (NYC-CAN promo, 10 minute presentation about WTC7 and the trailer from 9/11: Press for Truth. The AVI file contains only the film.

To burn a DVD, do the following:

1) Download this file (large file, will take some time)

2) Use your DVD burning software (Nero or similar) to burn the image to a disk. A free program that can do this is imgburn, which can be downloaded here:

3) Done. Put it in your DVD player and watch.

Steve Evans.

What ever happened to Steve Evans from BBC?
Does he still work with BBC and does he stick to his original claim about explosions.
He would be a credible witness.

Fine job Arie! I FINALLY

Fine job Arie! I FINALLY finished watching the documentary today, after having been swamped with personal junk while you were still working on the rough draft version, anyways, sorry it took me so freaking long to finish. Excellent compilation, there's a great deal there, and hopefully it raises a few skeptics eyebrows. Keep up the good work.

Best, Nate