Government-Run Abu Dhabi Media Company Invested $100 Million To National Geographic Entertainment To Finance Feature Films

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Yesterday we saw the second attmept by the National Geographic Channel to create confusion among the masses about real facts concerning 9/11. I received this article from a reporter about a funding source of National Geographic Entertainment. As the saying goes, " follow the money". Here's a few words from the article and the link:

Despite the drawbacks, the region’s ambitions to house world-class centers for creation and production cannot be written off, partly because of the sheer sums proponents are willing to spend. Last fall, Imagenation, a subsidiary of the government-run Abu Dhabi Media Company, invested $250 million each with Participant Media and Hyde Park Entertainment and $100 million with National Geographic Entertainment to finance feature films. Work on the first phase of Abu Dhabi’s own media production zone, one geared toward television, is under way.

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Apathy Supports the Status

Apathy Supports the Status Quo

This link also shows FOX and NBC have recently bought into the National Geographic Channel empire for primarily this purpose, I assume.

National Geographic Entertainment Produces Documentary

When the student is ready the teacher will come.

I know the title says "full feature films" but I found this on the National Geographic Entertainment website:
National Geographic Movies
National Geographic Entertainment produces and distributes all kinds of movies, from feature narrative and documentary to giant screen 3-D, to 4-D and full dome/planetarium. Great story telling and visuals are what you expect from Nat Geo, and that is exactly what you get with our films!

Great Story Telling And Visuals Are What You Expect From NG

When the student is ready the teacher will come.

I had to make a reply comment to my own post because i love the line they put in to promote NG about "great story telling and visuals are what you expect from Nat Geo, and that is exactly what you get with our films!"

Boy! did they nail it with that line when it came to their Purdue University graphics video and those experiments in the desert.

Texas Science Textbooks and National Geographic

I used to be in the retail-wholesale book business. For those who do not know, there are a handful of companies which control the bulk of the publishing industry.

For middle school science in Texas, McGraw Hill's Glencoe has the approved textbook. Woven throughout the textbooks are National Geographic one page features. Glencoe partners with National Geographic.

What I also found interesting was that subtle agendas (areas of focus) crop up not only in the texts, but also in the teacher assessment tests.
One example is "Global Warming". Throughout the texts and on the teacher assessment test, there were many implications which infer that Global Warming is manmade. However, ONE sentence in the text states that this issue is not proven one way or the other. [Please, no debate here on it being manmade or other aspects concerning the subject.]
Another example: "Vaccinations." There seemed to be a straining towards the concept of the importance of vaccinations. In fact, the 18 page teacher assessment of 90 questions had one entire page devoted to the subject.