David Ray Griffin Interview, Deadline Live with Jack Blood, American Freedom Radio, Tuesday September 01 2009: His new book.


Yesterday David Ray Griffin appeared on Deadline Live with Jack Blood, on American Freedom Radio.

Topics discussed include Mr. Griffin's appearance on "9/11 Science and Conspiracy"

The next airing is on Saturday, September 5th, 2009.

Also discussed is Mr. Griffin's new book: "The Mysterious Collapse of World Trade Center 7: Why the Final Official Report about 9/11 is Unscientific and False"


The above mp3 link also includes an interview with constitutional scolar and teacher, as well as presidential and congressional candidate, Michael Badnarik.

‘9/11: Junk Science and Conspiracy – The Fairy tale narrative th

‘9/11: Junk Science and Conspiracy – The Fairy tale narrative that goes down like Soma

September 1, 2009 by JackBlood

September 1, 2009
By Jack Blood

Well … I guess I can turn in my “truther” membership card now. Watching the half baked “scientific” experiments performed on the National Geographic Channel last night, embedded with the Cheshire like Matt Taibbi, I was left thinking… Where’s the beef.

Nope, this highly promoted documentary intended to be the final debunking of the crazy 911 truther movement, and the science that drives it….Completely collapsed into it’s own foot print, and went down like over cooked mac n cheese.

Not that anyone who has done a modicum of research into the so called official story of 911 didn’t know what was coming… personally I expected more. In the war for hearts and minds, the generals of 911 debunking came at us with a wet thud from their expert pea shooters. In other words, the “docuganda” piece was highly predictable, and toothless.

The two hour hit piece of crap began by setting up the credibility of their experts, IE: Random controlled demo guys, and several men in hard hats with official sounding titles.. These geniuses would then set up a series of “gotcha” conclusions for a panel of 911 luminaries such as David Ray Griffin (PhD, theologian, author of A New Pearl Harbor etc…), Richard Gage (An Architect with years of experience designing steel framed buildings, architects and engineers for 911Truth) Steven Jones (PhD, and “retired” er Defrocked professor / Physicist) and Dylan Avery (writer, director of the famed Loose Change series)


Experiment 1.1: See a REAL example of controlled demolition. A 10 story building being brought down by experts. (Rather sloppily I might add) This is backed up by a CD guy saying that if the WTC’s were brought down by explosives, there would be lots of wires in the mess. It would take too long, and be too hard to wire the 110 story WTCs.
(Of course throughout the show, 47 story WTC 7 was never once mentioned)
Back to our esteemed panel….

No one is claiming that commercial explosives were used to blow the towers. Professor Jones then gives an excellent lesson on SUPER THERMATE, or military grade Nano Thermate. He shows the physical evidence of this product recovered from ground zero, and discusses how this product admittedly exists at Lawrence Livermore Labs. This produce works without wires, and a big plunger. K?

The debunkers then go to Experiment 1.15…. A few bags of low grade Thermite, as they explain, the kind used to make the sparklers your children play with on the 4th of July.
Nope…. See it doesn’t cut steel. Really? Guess you got us… or not. The panel tries again in vain to establish the difference between military product and sparkler fuel. To no avail.

(About 90% of the panel’s answers to this nonsense was left on the cutting room floor!)

Experiment 1.2: A computer reenactment of what happened when the planes hit the north and south towers. Even after admitting that no one really knows what happened inside the Trades, this model is merely a guess. So much for evidence… The panel tries to keep from laughing… Of course any computer literacy in using a cad 3D program could guess differently.

Experiment 2.1: (and this one made me want to smash my TV, again) A couple of guys in the desert with a thin wood, or fiberglass? chicken coup representing the steel reinforced, concrete Pentagon…. And a 2 foot pipe as cruise missile. They launch the pipe at (they say) 500 Miles per hour proving, of course, that a plane hit the Pentagon. We should keep in mind at this point, that many long time 911 truthers do not use either CD, or No plane hitting the Pentagon…. This is mainly because they believe that there is so much other evidence that these two theories are potential straw men.

The projectile of course goes right through the chicken coup like a knife through butter.
Then, to over-emphasize the experiment… They blow up the coup to prove what MIGHT happen if a war head (or planted explosives) hit it. IE: No perfect hole… just a huge mess.

The panel is again challenged to explain the bunko experiment. The narrator says, “now let’s watch the denial though process of delusional truthers…. Or something to that effect.

Richard Gage seems at a loss. Maybe a bit too polite if you ask me, but this is why he is the leader… he keeps a cool head. Uh…. This experiment is off scale. Ya think? Maybe it’s possible that if a missile was used, it could’ve been calibrated to leave plane like results.

I mean these guys have ALL the highest technology currently available to mankind, and can pin point a strike into a crowded street killing in only a small circumference, and only a few innocent women and children. Just maybe they can hit the Pentagon with a little more precision that a 2 foot tube and some C4.

Apples and Oranges.

Experiment 3.1: The “experts” use a pool of burning jet fuel reaching 2000 degrees under a puny piece of steel. Or so we are told. The steel bends after 4 minutes of DIRECT EXPOSURE. This flies in the face of the show’s own admission earlier with the computer reenactment, where they themselves say that the fuel was “vaporized” upon impact. So I guess there were not “pools” of concentrated jet fuel evenly burning across the entire span of the WTC. Whatever…. Don’t confuse us with “facts”.

Of course the show ends with the usual arguments by debunkers. That is Matt Taibbi (His father is Mike Taibbi, an NBC television reporter.) laughing, and a few wanna be shrinks blathering on about conspiracy theorists wanting a fairy tale narrative for world events, so they can make sense of a world completely out of control. Also the old “too many people would have had to have been involved, and someone would tell on the masterminds to counter the government, mass media theory.

This is laughable considering some of the things now known about how good the Government et al are at keeping secrets! Like the Manhattan Experiment, The USS Liberty false flag, the Gulf of Tonkin false flag…. Etc…. But they are right. Even with an extensive compartmentalism program, where the players only know what they need to know, and no more…

Further more – people HAVE spoken out. 911 Hero Willie Rodriguez, Arabic translator Sibel Edmonds, DHS worker Mary Schnieder, David Shippers, Colleen Rowley, Transportation Secretary Norman Minetta, and Barry Jennings just to name a few. Maybe there didn’t have to be too many people “in on it” – of course if this TV show had discussed the 20 + drills like “Amalgam Virgo” maybe this point about need to know would have been self evident.
Of course that never enters the discussion.

Verb1.compartmentalize – separate into isolated compartments or categories;

In fact the result of the 911 commission was essentially a potent system which further condensed, and centralized our nation’s intelligence, and police under an “Intelligence Czar” (The first of which was war criminal and Iran Contra fiend John Dimity Negroponte! That says it all doesn’t it)

By the way… Mr Taibbi DOES agree with us regarding the “Economic 911″ which places blame on Goldman Sacks for IMPLODING the world economy! (Guess he does believe in some conspiracies after all… Just not the one’s that can get him fired!) The result of this newest staged event even was exactly the same. TOTAL CENTRALIZATION. As George Hegel puts it: Thesis + Antithesis = Synthesis! (Problem, Reaction, Solution) OR… Maaaaybe not. Taibbi’s Goldman Theory would just take too many people in the know to pull it off. Guess it never happened then Matt?

Now, thanks to the 911 whitewash… ALL active intel has to go right to one guy at the top to make sure that in the future, maybe for the next 911… there will be even fewer people in the loop. Nice huh. Trust us…. We have nothing to hide, that is why we tampered with the evidence from 911, why we tried to cover up the facts, and why shows like this are made. See no evil, hear no evil, and speak no evil. Cui Bono?

Say what you will, think what you may…. As for me…. I won’t get fooled again.

No Mention of WTC 7?

So they didn't even mention Building 7 and they made no distinction between ordinary thermite and nanothermite..... I haven't seen the Nat Geo piece yet but I get the gist of it listening to the DRG interview. Did they even mention the scientific paper? Was Gage allowed to give out his website and state the number of licensed architects and engineers, or was that edited out?

I was glad to hear of DRG's newest book in the works "The Mysterious Collapse of Building 7" (or WTC 7). We need to keep shining the spotlight on this little 47-story gem.

And we need to get others published aside from just DRG. I love you, but its' time for our library to grow.

I agree. No mention of Bldg 7. That is their Achilles heel.

National Geographic deliberately avoided Building 7. Here is what Dylan had to say: http://www.911blogger.com/node/21047#comment-215639

Solely from an entertainment standpoint, the National Geographic show was very dull and boring. They strained at trying to make their experiments and the show sensational, but the experiments and experts were flat. By comparison, many of our 9/11 Truth documentaries are dynamically captivating and full of passion.

Push David Ray Griffin's new book about Bldg 7.

Griffin makes a strong point towards the end of this interview that his new book is VERY convincing, even to the most skeptical, that the government (NIST) is blatantly covering up the truth about Building 7 and 9/11.