We Are Change R.I./ Boston Obama Vacation News Infiltration

This edit keeps the language clean; many threats were made against us, and it is all on tape. We would like it to be known that strong emotional responses to the issues we raise should always be treated with compassion, sympathy, empathy, and love. Protect yourselves with the camera and your heart first.


Nice Work We Are Change.

Getting 9/11 Truth on the Evening News one way or another...



Ballsy and respectful considering the extreme sensitivity of actually meeting someone who had lost a family member and bought into the whole official story.

It's a shame

It's really too bad that people think asking questions and demanding the truth about mass murder is disrespectful to the victims. I think that touches on one of if not the most powerful aspect of this whole thing - People feel victimized and want to exact revenge, even 8 years after the fact. Too bad people don't realize that we are trying to stand up for the victims and for the general public. Good job keeping it civil, guys.

The love that you withhold is the pain that you carry

Too much to bear

It's hard enough for people to bear the thought of their loved ones murdered out of the blue like that. To combine that with the painful reality that their own government -- the very same government they've entrusted to protect themselves from attack -- was the actual force behind those murders is way to much for many people to willingly accept. It makes them snap.

Which, of course, was central to the strategy underlying 9/11. The perpetrators knew that most people will choose not to consider something which would weigh so heavily on the burdens they already feel. It's very sad for them, and a reminder of how breathtakingly vicious and cruel are the monsters who run the government and its "assets" in the established media.


:: a personal thought ::

Clearly, the default has to ALWAYS be the assumption that those who mention family members, friends, co-workers, etc. and 911 are being 100% truthful. That beng said, I don't necessarily believe that in every case they are.

There are many reasons today why people may make that claim falsely or exaggerate their connections to those who died.

:: a side note ::

I couldn't help laughing at the guy with the sign behind the news anchor. There was something so funny about that; I laughed right out loud. ...not so much so about the grabbing and shoving.