Premiere of "Zero - An Investigation into 9/11" on Austrian National Public TV

Good News for 9/11 Truth in the Austrian airwaves! Austrian national public broadcasting TV station ORF (the equvalent to BBC or german ARD) will be showing the premiere of the german version of "Zero - An Investigation into 9/11" by the Italian member of EU parliament Giulietto Chiesa.

CLICK HERE for the website of Austrian ORF, showing all the info.

Time and date: Sunday, 06.September 2009 - 22:50 CET - the station is ORF2.

This is indeed good news of a decent amount of courage by journalists working in a public broadcasting station. Unlike the BBC or german ARD the Austrians seem to have a bit more balls concerning that topic. I am not sure if they even financed the translation of the film, since it will be a german dubbed version - which will be a TV premiere. The german title: "9/11 - WAS STECKT WIRKLICH DAHINTER?" ("9/11 - What's really behind it?").

German speaking 9/11 truth activists should thank the journalists for their courage. yuo can do that by sending feedback here:

cheers from Arnie's hometown!
the truth will prevail!

German TV mag promotes 9/11 Mysteries with 4 page article

9/11 is officially the largest criminal case in history- but classified documents and witness account surface,
that speak against the official versions of the CIA and Pentagon

TV Hören und Sehen - 1 Million sold copies
9/11 Mysteries airs on VOX TV around 9/11


hab' schon drauf gewartet, dass ein fellow austrian 911 truther die info postet!
sonst hätt i des machen müssen!!
über unsern orf können wir uns schon ab und zu freuen!!
wien grüsst graz


Greetings from Hamburg nach Austria. Mal sehen, ob wir die VOX-Zuschauerrekordmarke brechen.

Truth will prevail, perpetrators go to jail!

Pentagon's Missile System

Zero is the only documentary on 9/11 that talks about the existence of the Pentagon's missile defense system, although it only provides an animation of the missile battery that was hidden on the ground. The documentary doesn't mention the five batteries hidden on the roof.

Dean Jackson/Editor-in-Chief
Washington, DC