September 11th First Responders Testimony. Recorded 8/11/09.

If you wish to contact this brave man he requested that messages not be sent to him directly at this time. He has made a brave decision to tell me his side of the story. Please respect his wishes and if you must attempt to contact him please do so by first sending the messages to me at . My name is Mark. Or you can make comments on this youtube channel and he may or may not end up reading them.

eyewitness testimony

Well done! This testimony is very important in relation to WTC 7 collapse foreknowledge, molten metal at the WTC in the days after 9/11, and in other respects. A credible witness brave enough to speak out. We need more such people.

Another bombshell!

Great work.


Thank you

We should use it...

"If Seven is wrong, the whole thing is wrong."

That's a really great phrase, which captures the larger truth..

It's the "take home message" of "7 in 7."

Good Phrase

I always am apt to point out that not only is "7 in 7" true, but it was surrounded by 7 standing buildings as well.

In Their Own Words

Outstanding Phrase!

That stood out with me too-- great phrase. Also, it's a good idea to point out the jet fuel burned up in the first 10 minutes.........when speaking of the WTC 1 and 2 explosions...... So, It CAN'T be the source. (In other words I'm finding people who are 'waking up to the obvious explosions' but who in their denial are still trying to say it's jet fuel)

Black out his face.

This is great but for his own protection I would seriously think about somehow disguising him.
Barry Jennings was another very credible witness who spoke out fearlessly and look what happened to him.
This is not a game for some people and this witness is a threat to their whole world.
I hope it's not too late.

you could say the same for the anthrax attacks

the FBI's best suspect is a suicided US government bio-terror scientist.
this is textbook "inside job".

there's NO WAY bruce ivins -- or ANY agent/agency for that matter -- could have prepared and distributed an anthrax attack which targeted high-profile members of congress and the media INDEPENDENTLY of the 9/11 attacks with such synchronization.

there had to be coordination between these two ops in order for the timing to be so tight.

if the anthrax is an inside job, then so is 9/11.

Please don't get me wrong here

....... I admire this mans courage, and honesty. I know this will get voted down big time.
With all the information we truthers already have that shows we have been lied to about the events of 9/11, and with our corrupt, bought and paid for mainstream media. What makes any of you believe
that this will receive any coverage?
Dr. Jones has a peer reviewed paper. Have any of you heard this on the news?
I don't want to sound negative here, but let's face it.
We have amassed a lot of information since 9/11 , yet the lie continues.
We need coverage, and a new investigation ( A REAL ONE THIS TIME) Hopefully we can unite this year on 9/11/09 to show all Americans the truth.

For coverage, there's the

For coverage, there's the likes of Michael Woolsey, Bonnie Faulkner, Jack Blood... and US!

One candle can light a whole room.

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