911truth.org Statement To The Press

911truth.org Statement to the Press


September 4, 2009

Numerous media outlets have contacted 911truth.org, asking us to "make sense" of Van Jones' "strange" behavior. We have issued the following statement:

As the eighth anniversary of 9/11 approaches, what doesn't make sense to us is that media outlets choose to impugn the character of the signatories rather than carry out your responsibility as watchdogs to call attention to the as yet unanswered questions raised in the 2004 statement. Five years later, we challenge you to finally print those same unanswered questions and pursue their answers with the same vigor with which you pursue the signatories.

We are overwhelmed by all the messages of support that we have received in the last 24 hours. We apologize that we can not possibly respond to each individual message, but please know we do read each one and are grateful for your support. For those of you asking what you can do to help, we encourage you to use the questions of this 2004 Statement as talking points for calls to your local media outlets and national call-in programs, and letters to the editors. Perhaps with your help, we can finally get answers to these lingering questions. Thank you.

For readers' convenience, following is the actual Truth Statement signed onto by Van Jones in 2004, currently being discussed in the media.

The Statement

We Want Real Answers About 9/11

On August 31, 2004, Zogby International, the official North American political polling agency for Reuters, released a poll that found nearly half (49.3%) of New York City residents and 41% of those in New York state believe US leaders had foreknowledge of impending 9/11 attacks and "consciously failed" to act. Of the New York City residents, 66% called for a new probe of unanswered questions by Congress or the New York Attorney General.

In connection with this news, we have assembled 100 notable Americans and 40 family members of those who died to sign this 9/11 Statement, which calls for immediate public attention to unanswered questions that suggest that people within the current administration may indeed have deliberately allowed 9/11 to happen, perhaps as a pretext for war.

We want truthful answers to questions such as:

  1. Why were standard operating procedures for dealing with hijacked airliners not followed that day?
  2. Why were the extensive missile batteries and air defenses reportedly deployed around the Pentagon not activated during the attack?
  3. Why did the Secret Service allow Bush to complete his elementary school visit, apparently unconcerned about his safety or that of the schoolchildren?
  4. Why hasn't a single person been fired, penalized, or reprimanded for the gross incompetence we witnessed that day?
  5. Why haven't authorities in the U.S. and abroad published the results of multiple investigations into trading that strongly suggested foreknowledge of specific details of the 9/11 attacks, resulting in tens of millions of dollars of traceable gains?
  6. Why has Sibel Edmonds, a former FBI translator who claims to have knowledge of advance warnings, been publicly silenced with a gag order requested by Attorney General Ashcroft and granted by a Bush-appointed judge?
  7. How could Flight 77, which reportedly hit the Pentagon, have flown back towards Washington D.C. for 40 minutes without being detected by the FAA's radar or the even superior radar possessed by the US military?
  8. How were the FBI and CIA able to release the names and photos of the alleged hijackers within hours, as well as to visit houses, restaurants, and flight schools they were known to frequent?
  9. What happened to the over 20 documented warnings given our government by 14 foreign intelligence agencies or heads of state?
  10. Why did the Bush administration cover up the fact that the head of the Pakistani intelligence agency was in Washington the week of 9/11 and reportedly had $100,000 wired to Mohamed Atta, considered the ringleader of the hijackers?
  11. Why did the 911 Commission fail to address most of the questions posed by the families of the victims, in addition to almost all of the questions posed here?
  12. Why was Philip Zelikow chosen to be the Executive Director of the ostensibly independent 911 Commission although he had co-authored a book with Condoleezza Rice?

Those who are demanding deeper inquiry now number in the hundreds of thousands, including a former member of the first Bush administration, a retired Air Force colonel, a European parliamentarian, families of the victims, highly respected authors, investigative journalists, peace and justice leaders, former Pentagon staff, and the National Green Party.

As Americans of conscience, we ask for four things:

  1. An immediate investigation by New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer
  2. Immediate investigation in Congressional Hearings.
  3. Media attention to scrutinize and investigate the evidence.
  4. The formation of a truly independent citizens-based inquiry.

Given the importance of the coming election, we feel it is imperative that these questions be addressed publicly, honestly, and rigorously so that Americans may exercise their democratic rights with full awareness.

In closing, we pray and hope for the strength to approach this subject with wisdom and compassion so that we may heal from the wounds inflicted on that terrible day.



(Original 2004 Truth Statement still posted here.)

It Doesn't Make Sense.

This frenzy against Van Jones for simply signing a petition for further inquiry into the unresolved questions of 9/11 doesn't make ANY SENSE. It is wholly appropriate for anyone with lingering questions to do so who isn't satisfied with the investigation. Instead Van Jones is being lambasted as a "9/11 Conspiracy Theorist" whack-job. And not just by Fox--

I just watched CNN's panel of David Corn, David Shrum and Susan Candiotti literally go berserk about how Jones believes "the government murdered 3,000 of its own people." Shrum went completely crazy with these attacks and how unfit this man is to serve ... Corn first promoted Jones' environmental qualifications but then responded to Shrum's shrieking ad hominems by boasting about how he (Corn) said that all this 9/11 stuff was bunk years ago and how he ordered all the liberal media to not give any coverage of it., etc.

And the entire focus is now on whether or not this "scandal" (someone wanting more investigation of the pivotal event in modern US history) is going to be a problem for Obama. That, and how Jones once called some Republicans "A-holes" for their obstruction of health care reform.

Ask me, and Crump and Corn & Co. are the A-HOLES!

Good job, Janice, on this statement. Thanks too, Jon.

Mockingbird redux


Wait a minute...

"ordered all the liberal media to not give any coverage of it"

Any Youtube links? This amounts to proof of deliberate censorship of 9/11 truth by the liberal media.

CNN report/debate link

Ok, so this is what he actually said.

"Listen, I wrote about the 9/11 movement years ago saying it was bunk and that liberals and progressives and anybody should stay away from it. I'm sorry he didn't take my advice."

Not very interesting, we knew this already.

not new but i just have to vent about that man's quote:

yeah! What's bunk is that they REFUSE to PROOVE to us we are wrong and the official theory is fact! I WISH they could provve us wrong! They can't and so they avoid any real debate and avoid even looking at the evidence. I read somewhere the other day someone wrote that a "paint chip" was not evidence! WTH? Soooo, a red bandana and some carefully placed ID's to evidence that 19 highjakers with boxcutters under the direction of a mastermind in cave did in our whole defense system in several times that day?! That is bunk! I wish these idiots with get their heads out of their asses long enough to examine what real evidence we have and compare it to the official theory. If they would not be so scared and so stubborn, we would have had the truth out years ago and the criminal---the real criminals would be paying right now insted of directing this attack on truth seekers.

Where was the media...

In 2004? And what number were you?

Edit: Some idiot said that 911Truth.org "claim(s) the petition as posted was the one Jones signed."

As posted according to Net Archive's Jan 05 copy.


No difference.

Edit: Blasphemy...

"...the fact that the president would not only allow but appoint a man who harbors these conspiratorial beliefs to serve the United States should provoke not only concern but outrage among all Americans." [Sean Hannity]

"This is a guy who actually thinks the U.S. government committed genocide against the country." [S.E. Cupp]

"nothing more than a gutless poseur and a moral exhibitionist, easily thrilled by the dubious frisson of risk-free coffeehouse radicalism. You are beneath contempt." [Kathy Shaidle]

"It must be a great comfort to the uniformed personnel serving in the White House that they are serving alongside a man who, before he arrived in the White House six months ago, was accusing them of murdering babies, calling them terrorists, and fancied himself part of the global struggle against them and their comrades." [Michael Goldfarb]

"The would-be czar, Van Jones, turns out to be a paranoid lunatic who believes in a disgusting conspiracy theory, which stands as an insult to the people murdered on 9/11, the heroes who died trying to save them, and the heroes who died avenging them." [Doctor Zero]

"That wasn't enough for Bond, the ranking Republican on the Senate subcommittee on Green Jobs and the New Economy. On Friday, he asked for a hearing "to reassure the American people that their government is safe from (Jones') divisive, incendiary and ultimately counterproductive sentiments." [Sen. Kit Bond]

I never knew Dick Cheney was a God.

Do these people deserve to know how and why their loved ones were murdered? Do we deserve to know how and why 9/11 happened?

Thanks 4 the plug Glenn Beck

Thanks 4 the plug Glenn Beck lol! nice


Even Beck came up with a pretty good question!

Anyone with half a brain would have to realize that the questions from the Statement that Beck highlights, are excellent questions and America deserves good answers.

Even Beck came up with a pretty good question, (at about the 6 min mark):

"If you believe that about your government, forget about the green jobs, wouldn't you want to find out who in our government was trying to kill innocent Americans? 3000 innocent Americans.... Wouldn't that be a top priority?"


How did CNN and BBC have foreknowledge of the WTC7 collapse, yet eight years later, the government cannot adequately explain it?

Beck the actor

In this performance, Beck and his producers attempt to build on the emotional charge of unanswered questions about 9/11 and morph them into an accusation against Obama for hiring somebody who is skeptic about 9/11. He may be a sewer rat and a money whore, but Beck is also the Mozart of propaganda; an absolutely masterful disinformationist. Nobody can fake sincerity better, and get paid fifty million dollar for doing it. Maybe this does backfire and get us new recruits. Poetic justice.

All press is good press

Exposure to large audiences is our weakest link. And keeping the conversation front and center is one of our goals. So pieces like this or even the National Geographic documentary expose the controversy around 9/11, and that's good. Many people still don't know that there even is a controversy, so this helps get the word out.

We have truth on our side so we don't need to rely on propaganda. We also let people decide for themselves whether or not the OCT is believable. This is something that Beck and his ilk don't do -- rather they editorialize, draw up conclusions and ever so carefully try to ram their opinions down peoples' throats. In the end, people want to be given enough respect to decide for themselves and I strongly believe WE WIN in that environment. I know I am repeating myself, but I am still astonished how much mainstream airtime and ink 9/11 truth is receiving in '09. Just the statistical reality, alone, seeing a truther, marginal as he may be, as a potential presidential appointee is evidence that the message is penetrating all corners of society.

The momentum is with us for a change and our opponents are on the defensive, pretending to be on the offensive. I don't really see that changing. The thermite research and the ways we work tirelessly to get the word out are starting to show payoffs. And the feeble attempts by Popular Mechanics, National Geographic, Beck, the BBC, et. al. will just get weaker and weaker over time. Don't forget, "they" can't go too deep down the rabbit hole because they know they will lose and that it would be part and parcel of conducting a new investigation, which is what they are trying to avoid. So they are bound by their own agenda to keep the conversation limited, where we, on the other hand, have no boundaries on how deep we can go. Remember back when they didn't even want to admit that we existed at all? Boy, how things have changed. To use a boxing metaphor, "We've got them on the ropes."

As far as Beck goes, his insincerity is obvious to us. It's got to be obvious to others, as well. The OCT camp has got really lousy spokesmen, IMHO.

911Peacenik has the proper perspective here...

At this stage of the game, I do not think that, when considering the audience that Pscho Beck draws, I could have put together a TV piece that could do more FOR the 9/11TM than this piece that he has just aired.

In explaining fully our positions and using so many displayed sentences, words, statements and phrases, Beck has done a great deal of CI...Civil Informationing FOR the 9/11TM.

I make this claim because the average person in this country has great doubts about this government...they feel less and less cornered into the "If your not with us, your'e with the terrorists..." fearmongering actions of the Cheney-Bush Regime...and are beginning to reemerge into speaking and THINKING more outloud than in the last eight years. I find this happeneing more and more in the streets all the time.

My point is that many of the people watching Beck's work here will agree with the 9/11TM. Janice and the 911truth.org gang should be congratulated for their adept questionings and statement.

Our TRUTH does have them right where we want them...and Cheney is probably praying that he only gets rung up for his torture stuff...and in hopes of keeping 9/1 TRUTH from being exposed...as well as his murderous role within it.

Beck's broadcast indeed does support the TRUTH that we are still making steady and amazing progress...and 911Truth's calm, professional and unhysterical presentations serve to note that the best way to go is CILVILY...

CI...Civil Informationing is open to anyone's styles, methods, creativities...and/or renaming. The calmer we are, the easier it is to get the general public to believe us.

THIS is why cointelpro has always infiltrated groups with folks that "seem OK", but in the end figure out a way to rouse things up and push the actions towards emotions and aggressive behaviors. So, if we don't allow that to happen, we essentially wipe out their effects.

Back to Cheney...

If one understands "compartmentalization" for security reasons...and one understands that War Games are a conglomeration of "compartmentalized" activities that require secrecy to "test" our nations defensive readiness [as well as new weapons and offensive-deffensive systems etc.], then one can understand why I have concluded that 9/11 was indeed a War Game, and have coined it: "The 9/11 Attacks War Game Scenario".

This scenario could easily have been assembled and cleverly put into place in the months prior to 9/11...and I suspect that Cheney WAS secretly meeting with the anti-terrorism task force [under the cover of the kurfleffel over the "secret energy meetings"...a classic distraction tactic...]...and with the exact opposite objectives in mind...IE: to CREATE terrorism in this country so as to control it!

Individul War games are known and overseen by the smallest number of people as is possible...again for secrecy. Additionally, most War Games use everyday standards and practices of all participants without them knowing that they may be part of any number of War Games...again, compartmentalization.

Each War Game has its "manager" per se...and indeed my money is on Cheney in the PEOC [or wherever he was] being the key "operator-manager-facilitator" of "The 9/11 Attacks War Game Scenario"...that could have been known by as few as three or four people. Bush ain't one of them...but Cheney, Rumsfeld [to some degree], and Meyers [to some degree...]...for sure.

Its the Cheney folks...and he is creating his own bracketts for limiting inquiries into his treacherous dealings...

Back to Beck...and the future...

I feel that our consistent and professional approach towards 9/11 Truth has earned this Beck broadcast and oddly enough, we deserve a pat on the back for a job partially well done. There will be more, many more such broadcasts...and when the dam breaks, we will be standing there with clear, consistent, cogent and powerful information and deeply demanding questions of our governement.

And they ALL know it...lets keep up the good work...

Love, Peace and Progress...

Robin Hordon

Pass the Pepto Bismol, Please!

Come on! This is journalism?????????

"Things keep breaking, and coming to our attention and we have to [big pained sigh] verify them and everything else."

Poor, poor Glenn. Didn't he read the job description for "Journalist". Oops, silly me. He didn't apply for a journalist job. His job app probably read something like "Job requires mouth, and ability to read. Fully operational brain, not required and not recommended. Theatrical performance experience welcome."

This guy turns my stomach and so does the idea that there are apparently viewers out there who think he's for real. You know, they are the ones who thought Professional Wrestling was real, too.

A good opportunity to sign the petition if you hadn't

Wouldn't it be ironic if mentioning this statement brought in more signatories? I hadn't seen the petition before so I just signed it. Let's add more names to make up for Van Jones wimping out on this?

(BTW I can't support Van Jones for this job. If he is so wimpy as to renege on his signing of this, he isn't qualified even for dog catcher.)

Challenge all media to debate with 911 truth

I say we challenge all this phonies who say they know what they're talking about to a debate. Any time any place they don't have the guts. Bring it on !

CNN report/debate link


Not address the questions in the statement, or the 50+ family members that endorsed it at the time, or why not cover the reasons why something as "newsworthy" as the statement was not covered by media at the time?

Do these people deserve to know how and why their loved ones were murdered? Do we deserve to know how and why 9/11 happened?

Very Puzzling....

Since the FSC was part of the 9/11 Commission, it would make sense for the media to seek THEM OUT and ask them what they thought of the investigation and of the final report. The media would then learn that these representatives of the victims families consider the whole thing to be a whitewash which ignored the majority of their questions.. Instead the media has gone out of its way to avoid the FSC ----and to crucify those who support their efforts.


That's crazy talk.

Do these people deserve to know how and why their loved ones were murdered? Do we deserve to know how and why 9/11 happened?



Do these people deserve to know how and why their loved ones were murdered? Do we deserve to know how and why 9/11 happened?