Karl Denninger Proves He Has No Brain

Denninger, who believes Bernake and Paulson orchestrated the financial collapse and writes about various financial conspiracies has written a blog titled Jim Willie Proves He Has No Brain because Jim Wilie does not subscribe to the same conspiracy theory that Denninger does surrounding the events of 9/11:

3,000 Americans dead, two planes flown into the WTC towers (or was that "faked" too Jim?), the third building blown up (no, that huge chunk clearly shown missing after the tower collapses and hundreds of tons of debris rained from the sky didn't have anything to do with structural compromise), the Pentagon hit (or was that a missile Jim? Oh, where are the people who were in that plane if it didn't hit the Pentagon?) and finally the aircraft that we know for a fact was attempted to be retaken by the passengers (we know this because multiple people had cellular conversations with passengers just before they died) in a valiant fight with a bunch of nutcases that, unfortunately, was unsuccessful and led to their deaths in a field when the plane impacted the ground at somewhere close to 500mph.

That's right folks - there you have it. If you know someone who died on 9/11 this individual has made a clear statement of malice aforethought - not by extremists hellbent on the destruction of western capitalism but rather by those who reside just a few doors down and live in your midst.

Let me guess - we didn't really land on the moon either, right?