President Obama: no hope and no change from the plutocracy – oligarchy

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Oligarchs and plutocrats remove government policy from the public good to the greatest extent possible without causing revolution. David Swanson paints the Obama Administration as Bush’s Third Term with accuracy. His new book, Daybreak: Undoing the Imperial Presidency and Forming a More Perfect Union, is number 1 in three categories on Amazon’s bestselling lists as I just looked. David makes many of the same points as I do about Wars of Aggression and related policies (see here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here). He was also kind enough to endorse my brief on current wars on his site.

Joe Kishore made the same points six months into the Obama administration in military policy, economic and social policy, and democratic rights. The following 8-minute video makes many of the factual claims I've documented with overwhelming evidence, such as the current wars are illegal Wars of Aggression, and some I am not prepared to factually document or endorse as accurate. It does give a useful perspective that I invite you to consider.

As always, share this article with all who claim to be responsible citizens. Thank you for all that you do for American principles of limited Constitutional government.

Not with a ten foot pole

I have communicated via email with David Swanson. While he works to end the wars and for prosecution of torturers, he won't touch 9/11 with a ten foot pole which, to me, is hypocrisy as he will not offer me a substantive argument for doing so. I won't buy his book or visit his site.

support people in their strengths

MechanicalEngineerPE (my dad is one of you): After my 9/11 lesson I posted 2 years ago or so, my wife demanded I drop that subject. What to do? As my wife is intuitively correct about everything 99% of the time, I agreed. I touch on the subject relevant to the false basis for current wars, but otherwise leave it to others. David's work is powerful. I suggest going with synergy to promote peoples' strengths and be tolerant of their blind spots that we all have.

I hear you but

Mr. Swanson showed no curiosity and instead simply foreclosed the discussion even when offered ample evidence. That is not a "blind spot," in my opinion nor is the fact that despite my repeated polite and erudite requests to justify his position he offered none.


Given the overwhelming evidence of the false flag operation, someone with Mr. Swanson's media platform (his website and now books) and readership should not be allowed to skirt the issue without taking a stance one way or the other. That is what I find disingenuous on his part, particularly one claiming to oppose the Adminstrations (plural intended) on the issues he does. 9/11 is the root of the current wars after all!

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