The deep state does not respond to FOIA requests: profile of Aidan Monaghan

Flight 77 image of file properties from flight data recorder

Published in the September, 2009, Rock Creek Free Press

In an attempt to get to the bottom of what really happened on 9/11, citizen investigator Aidan Monaghan has filed dozens of Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests with federal agencies such as the FBI, SEC, Department of the Navy, and the Port Authority of New York & New Jersey. Agency after agency has refused to comply with his requests, instead claiming that the information cannot be found, does not exist, was never properly filed, or even, from the FAA, that it was simply “not in a position to release said records at this time.”

The Freedom of Information Act was signed into law by President Johnson in 1966. It mandates that information held by federal agencies must be made available to any citizen requesting it, unless that information is exempt. The Act specifies nine reasons why any given piece of information could be exempt, such as invasion of personal privacy, trade secrets, anything related to the supervision or regulation of financial institutions, and anything that could compromise either law enforcement or national security. In addition, the FBI has put an exemption on all of their 9/11 information and will release information only if compelled to do so by a lawsuit, of which Monaghan has filed two.

Despite the persistent stonewalling, Monaghan has turned up some interesting discrepancies. While it was widely reported in the media, such as by USA Today, that the flight data recorder (FDR) also known as the “black box,” for American Airlines flight 77 (the plane that allegedly hit the Pentagon on 9/11) was found at 4 am on September 14, 2001, the file containing the FDR data was dated over four hours earlier. In other words, we are asked to believe that the data from the FDR was downloaded prior to the FDR being found.

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Not in our earthly system...more on the FDR from AA77?

Just reporting what I contributed in my affidavit on behalf of April Gallop...regarding some RADES radar analysis...

911blogger still refuses to present my affidavit...

This analysis came about because of Mark Gaffney reaching out to me to look at and analyze radar data provided by RADES regarding all the reported "airvehicles" flitting about WDC on the morning of 9/11/2001 as re[orted, and confirmed by multiple eyewitnesses and TV news camera people. For a damn good look at these events, I suggest that you buy Gaffney's book: "The 9/11 Mystery Plane:..." Truthers might as well get caught up on some "radar stuff" and it dovetails into the PEOC and Peter Dale Scott's concerns about COG...continuity of governement. We are just beginning to uncover and tell these stories.

The foillowing is information that may be quite technical, and interestingly, is at the behest of a very, very bright researcher named John farmer [I think that he is not the John farmer that we all know from the 9/11 Commission. To me, Farmer was quite odd...and to others he's working on the inside.

No matter to me...I'm just playing the hand that's dealt me...and I have some intersting cards regarding the FDR allegedly associated with AA77.

I have serious doubts about the authenticity of the FDR that reportedly belonged to AA77 on 9/11/2001. This thread supports this concern.

My discrediting of the FDR in question comes about from appreciating that the Air Traffic Controllers at ZID...Indianapolis ARTCC [Air Routre Traffic Control Center]...AND...the FAA's radar and RDP [Radar Data Processing] computer program recorded data saw and displayed respectively, that AA77 had begun a descent just before it was lost to positive radar contact over eastern Ohio...[and NEVER re-identified by anyone, anywhere and at anytime after that loss of radar spite of the wording in the link to this post].

This is HUGE...because the FDR [and of course the Disney animation that accompanied it] did not show the initiation of such a descent...and a functioning FDR would DEFINITELY show this descent.

Consequently, I doubt any and ALL data that has been retrieved from this FDR that was "allegedly" associated with AA77. Well, it wasn't! Its a fake...or it has compromised data.

I fone looks very closely at the NTSB's report "The Flight Path Analysis..." of the four flights, and one focuses upon AA77..and one looks very, very closely at an attachemnt associated with it, you will find the confirmation that indeed AA77 had begun a descent as I have noted.


In anylizing the RADES radar data along with Farmer, a very, very interesting set of circumstances or data came into focus.

Farmer was/is on a hunt to prove that there indeed was no real break in the nation's radar site's capacilties [including military radar antennae] to "see" the target of AA77 as it "allegedly" completed a left turn returning to the WDC area.

The last POSITIVELY confirmed heading for AA77 was towards the southwest which is WHY the ZID ATC began the SAR [Search and Rescue] efforts towards the southwest. This is expected behavior.

Its only the highly spun public and shallower non-thinking 9/11 Truthers who have bought the story that AA77 was the target that Danielle O'Brien saw near Dulles Airport. [as amply displayed by Mockingbird affiliate ABC...] However, it may turn out to be AA77...but NOBODY has ever proven this as noted above.

The interesting element of joining Farmer in this radar analysis was that he overlayed GEOGRAPHICALLY and IN REAL TIME the FDR time and location data for AA77 and the radar time and location data from the Bedford, VA long range radr [LRR] site which was about 100 miles away from where the FDR showed AA77 to be on its "eastbound" trek towards WDC.

These two GEOGRAPHICAL locations IN TIME were approximately 400 feet apart.

Now, this probably means very little to the's the deal.

Long range radar is simply NOT that accurate at the distances involved. Primary radar works by the radar antennae transmitting powerful radaio bursts that then bounce off the sides of aircraft and returning back to the radar antennae that is now "listening" for such returns. All of this happens as the radar antennae spins around a 360 degree arc every 12 seconds. [Terminal radar makes this sweep in about five seconds.]

LRR's range is approximately 200NM [usually] and the WIDTH of the radar BEAM out at 200NM is very, very wide indeed...and its very wide at about 100NM also.

A mathemetician can provide the width of every degree of "sweep" at the 200NM and 100NM distances...and they are WAY wider than 400 feet. I know this because I have used long range radar for years and years.

So, what does this mean?

It means that it is virtually IMPOSSIBLE that BOTH the FDR geographical location in time and the Bedford radar data geographical location in time can possibly be as close to 400 feet...2000 feet, its best...but 400 feet? No way in our known universe.

So, what does THAT mean?

To me, it means that ONE of the sets of data was copied from the other set of data. In other words...the FDR GEOGRAPHIC LOCATION IN TIME was copied from the radar data provided by the Bedford radar antennae site...OR...

...the Bedford radar data was adjusted to the GEOGRAPHIC LOCATION IN TIME as established by the FDR.

I cannot tell which is which...only that ONE of these sets of data was copied and thusly, is a fabrication.

My personal feelings [that cannot be supported by facts] is that the FDR data was manufactured from the Bedford radar data.

There are several reasons for this that are quite complex...but are explained a bit more understandibly in my affidavit.

FYI...the drift to the above is the INTERSTING coincidence that the floor of the PLA [The Plains] radar antennae site [which was used to show the eastbound primary target that O'Brien made note of...way too CONVENIENTLY BTW] between 7000 and 9000 feet ASL [above sea level] at the point that the primary radar target was first pickked up over central West Virginia...AND...the 7000 foot altitude that somehow we have come to understand was the altitude from which the "alleged" AA77 started its right descending turn into the Pentagon.

This means NOTHING to you all...but its way, way too coincidental for me. It has to do with supporting the possibility of a "swap scenario"...that somewhat explained in my affidavit in support of April Gallop.

More on that later...for now, it surely appears that the FDR for AA77? is a fraud. why the CIT eyewitnesses are so important. The animation and analysis of the FDR by Pilots is competent for sure, but they are talking about fabricated data.

BUT...what's NOT fabricated that has been exposed by the data, the flight characteristics and the airframe competence [or lack thereof] of a B757 descending and levelling out atop the Pentagon's lawn AFTER flying above the Naval Annex...then down to the light poles...and further on down to the lawn as seen in the FAB FIVE FRAMES. NYET!

This analysis alone is worth the entire Pilots efforts over the years...a B757 simply CANNOT accomplishh this...from what I and the Pilots understand!

A military airvehicle?...well now, that may be another story.

The plot thickens and I hope that you can pick up some radar "stuff" will be very important down the road.

The HI PERPS give us what they want us to consider...and withold from us what they need to hide...its THAT simple.

Hence, this post.

love, peace and progress...

Robin Hordon
Kingston, WA

PS: please do yor own spellcheck...if you need to...rdh

Radar and FDR Common Arguments Addressed

Source (since i'm too busy to fix copy/pasted links below):

[b]2. Claim - The FDR Data stops/is missing 2-6 seconds of data west of the pentagon wall[/b]

FDR Recorders built to .5 sec lag maximum standard

Radar Altitude Confirms too high

NTSB plots aircraft 1 second away from pentagon wall.

American 77 Flight Recorder Position Data - DME Video


Putting Fdr "delay" Myth To Rest


[b]2a. Claim - The data file terminates at a point west of the Pentagon based on altitude correlation of the MC values recorded by the PLA and IAD radar facilities and the full set of DME data matched to the various VOR's used along the flight path. [/b]

FDR Positional/DME Data obtained from a file (RO2) which was decoded by software not intended for use with Aircraft Accident Investigation. Above claim ignores this point. Pilots For 9/11 Truth have not used RO2 for any official analysis published on our main site due to this point alone. Although, we have shown Radar Altitude from RO2 in conjunction with claims made still place the aircraft too high. See claim 3.

Above Radar data processed by a person with an extreme bias for the govt story, has made numerous math errors in the past regarding simple vector analysis and has been shown to be in error of their radar analysis. Above claimant does not know the difference between pressure and true altitude and has admitted a "large potential for human error" in his Radar plot/analysis. When invited for debate by a 3rd party moderator on above claim(s), P4T accepted, claimant refused.

"In general, the final AA77 data in the raw [radar] file differs materially from the processed file."

"aa77" Final Approach Ground Speed Determination From The 84rades Radar Data, 84Rades and FDR data mutually INCONSISTENT?

Altitude Correlation determined above based on primary RADES radar returns. NTSB states. "... [b]the altitude estimates from these returns are subject to potentially large errors[/b]" when attempting to correlate primary RADES altitude data for Egypt Air 990.

Points within the RADES Data have the alleged AA77 in excess of 50,000 feet.

RADES Altitude Data is not reliable for correlating position.

Altitude Data impossible to correlate due to inoperative Mode C.

Nav 1 DME recorded 1.5 NM off DCA VOR. The above claim ignores this point.
American 77 Flight Recorder Position Data - DME Video

DME Slant Range errors are ignored by above claim.

Repetitive DME returns in excess of regulation intervals in RO2 ignored by above claim.

INS Errors are ignored by above claim (AA77 RO2 positional data shows aircraft departing roughly 3,000 feet south of IAD Runway 30. Illustration - [url=""][/url])


See Claim 2 for more information on "missing seconds".

OK were cookin...

Welcome to the world of piloting and air traffic control...

...its a very complicated and fabricated story that the HI PERPS tell...

...and we have to pick it apart inch by inch...

...and we ARE...

...and we will continue to do so!

love, peace and progress...

Robin Hordon
Kingston, WA

April's lawsuit

I read your affidavit for April, and now I can't find the site. What is the latest on her lawsuit? Not only has the 9/11 blogger not reported on your info but this important lawsuit receives no play here either.

The mention of her name or

The mention of her name or her experience at the pentagon will get down votes. I'm glad you have brought this up.

Workin on it...

And it will be put up on Mark Gaffney's site pretty soon.

Its a real good book for anyone interested in the aviation based events surrounding WDC and the Pentagon on 9/11. There's alotta aviatioin action that is yet to be explained fully...

love, peace and progress...

Robin Hordon

Easy mistake

Unfortunately it's all too easy to create a file with the wrong timestamp. Here's a file I just created dated Sept. 7th, 2009. All you need to do to create an "old file" is set the clock on your computer to the wrong date, and create the file. So whoever created the .FDR file could just say that the clock was incorrectly set on the computer used to save the data from the FDR.

But hey, anyone who's familiar with the efforts of
knows that the official Pentagon story has no legs to stand on. It's just a matter of spreading the truth at the grassroots level.

The Association ReOpen911 France is a voluntary citizen initiative, independent from all political, philosophical and religious movements.

NTSB Doesn't Utilize Incorrect Clock Setting Defense

"Furthermore, however, although neither OMB guidance nor the Safety Board's Information Quality Guidelines require an explanation of Board reports, that may be helpful in this case. You state that the dates and times associated with the flight recorder files pre-date the actual recovery of the recorders. The Vehicle Recorder Division routinely establishes a recorder information project file as soon as an event occurs, which is typically before the recorder is received in the recorder laboratory. Consequently, the date associated with the file may precede the date of the actual recorder recovery. This does not represent an error or a discrepancy in the recorder information."

In any event, of more apparent significance is why the NTSB apparently didn't utilze FDR serial numbers contained in airline aircraft records in order to generate FDR data downloads. Was there a concern that a FDR memory configuration/FDR serial number mismatch might become apparent?

NTSB General Counsel Gary L. Halbert:

"You repeat that you have asserted that "DCA01MA064 and DCA01MA065 do not list FDR part and serial numbers required to facilitate the FDR the [sic] data readouts contained within each report," and state that '''FDR Part number and Serial Number' [are] required 'to facilitate data readout'." You argue that the "absence of [this information] demonstrates that information required to generate FDR downloads was not made available to the NTSB," and that you have "therefore determined that authentic FDR data downloads were not performed." As you were previously informed, however, in response to your public inquiry to the NTSB's Web Mailbox, FDR data read-out can be accomplished without part and serial numbers."

Within June 11 and June 16, 2008 NTSB Public Inquiry Web Mailbox replies are described the more complicated alternatives to using FDR part and serial number information contained within aircraft records that were apparently withheld from the NTSB by the FBI, the lead investigative agency of the September 11 attacks.

June 11:

"Each recorder does have a unique serial number that is assigned by the manufacturer at the time it is made. In addition to the unique serial number there is a part number that associates the unit with a particular family of recorders. Every recorder has a dataplate affixed to the outside of the unit stating the serial number, part number, date of manufacturer, TSO certification, power requirements and weight. The part number will stay the same even though subtle changes may be made during the manufacturing lifecycle of the recorder. The manufacturer may change some components within the unit as long as the functionality and interchangeability of the unit remain the same. This is where the serial number becomes important. If a recorder with the same part number comes in we need to know what parts were used to make it and that is tracked by individual serial numbers of the recorder. The Safety Board will include the manufacturer, the part number and the serial number of the recorder in its formal reports (if known)."

June 16:

"We usually work around the part numbers and or serial numbers. Most recorders have internal parts that are also serialized and the recorder manufacturer can trace a particular internal sub-part back to a finished unit. So we are usually able to reverse generate a part number and serial number for a recorder (if needed)."

IT questions

Did this file come from a zip-file? How were the other files dated? How do you know the creation & modification times weren't modified themselves? (Easy to do)

Did you take into account the time zone difference between Las Vegas and Washington? That seems to be about three hours, although that does not sufficiently account for the discrepancy.

Just some thoughts. If you have the original zip-file, you may want to examine that too.

Some links:

It would be extremely helpful to know what operating system and file system were used to import data from the FDR, and what subsequent actions were performed on the file on what operating system, and what file system.

Seeing that the file has no access time, it almost looks as if the file comes from a non-Windows system or a Windows system with access times disabled. Note that 'access' also includes writing.

Monaghan story was picked up by Chicago Sun Times outlet


The full story on the site of the "Beacon News" is here.